Understanding what motivates students and how they want to be engaged with is at the core of our y/Q and y/Research product bundles. We focus on market research solutions that help understand brand reputation and your brands position in the market.


With more than 375,000 registered student panelists, we build and deploy custom surveys that ask the burning brand questions you have. We offer custom surveys, brand health studies and brand monitoring to help you build stronger marketing messages and a more comprehensive understanding of your brand strengths with Canadian students.


Brand Health Market: Research studies, end-to-end support with survey design, hosting, and in-depth analysis.
Panels and Message Testing: Using our registered student panelists.
Omni Surveys: Understand brand perception.
Programmatic Media Buying:
Social Advertising: Reach a wider range of students.
Brand Monitoring: Monthly student surveys allowing you to track impact and performance over a longer period.


We offer two great ways to engage with our panel to help understand how students view your brand. y/Q as part of a sponsorship package and y/Research lets you ask your questions directly to our Canadian student panel.