The Millennial Shopper

Millennials represent about one-third of the Canadian population and have tremendous consumer power. Yes, they carry more debt, but they are also making more money. Some of them still may be living under their parent’s roof, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t spending. In fact, the opposite is true. They are living and spending in the now – from luxurious shopping to food and travel, it is all about rich experiences.


Not only do Gen Y shoppers earn and spend more than previous generations, they are also the first generation to have grown up through the information age, and their shopping habits are reflective. The Millennial is a social and informed shopper, with an evolved purchase journey.


This guide will provide an overview of millennial shopping behavior. You will

  • How do Millennials learn about new products and services?
  • Why and where do they conduct research?
  •  What is influential in the decision-making process and what all of this means for your brand.

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