Is influencer marketing effective with Millennial and GenZ Canadians?

New research from yconic shows just how influencers affect purchase decisions of GenZ Canadians., 4/10/2017 – Wondering just how effective influencer marketing is on Canadian GenZ and Millennials?

In September 2016, yconic surveyed 1,285 young adults aged 15 to 34 to determine the impact of social media influencers on their lives and purchase behavior. We asked them about everyone they follow, from celebrities and athletes, to niche content creators, to friends and family, to better understand the roles these influencers play in the lives of Gen Z and Millennials.

YouTube is a defining source of differentiation between Millennials, for whom it is popular and GenZ for whom it is essential. 61% of GenZ Canadians say they follow, like or receive updates from YouTubers.

82% of the youth surveyed say they are aware that at least some of the messages created by influencers they follow are paid promotions. Those that think all messages are paid (about 23%) are less likely to make purchases as a result of the content.

30% of GenZ surveyed have stopped following an influencer based on a product that was endorsed.

Who are the top followed celebs, YouTubers and brands with GenZ and Millennial Canadians? That would be Kylie Jenner, Philip DeFranco and Nike respectively.

This whitepaper examines the future of influence from the view of the influenced. It’s not a guide on the technicalities of how to start influencer marketing, but a deeper understanding of the end customers and their perceptions and actions with the content creators they follow, like and interact with.

About yconic: For those who seek to understand and build meaningful relationships with Canadian students and young adults, you need look no further than yconic. Our various platforms attract 1.4 million youth annually, offering a variety of services that drive student success. Previously operating as yconic has been helping brands build meaningful relationships with Canadian youth since 1998.


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