Gen Z vs Millennials: Shopping in the Digital Age

There has never been a generation with more influence inside and outside of the family than Generation Z (born 1998 and on). In June 2016, yconic conducted research with 1192 of our research panel members across Canada between the ages 15 – 34 to determine the major factors influencing purchase decisions and shopping habits.


Your marketing has to be tailored to appeal to GenZ at every stage of the buyer journey. To help you appeal to GenZ customers, this whitepaper will guide you in how to build awareness, affect the consideration and ultimate purchase decisions of the next generation of consumers. You will learn:

  • The key characteristics that separate Gen Z from Millennials
  •  How they prefer to interact with brands
  • How they are introduced to new products
  • Why and how they conduct research while considering a purchase
  • The types of messages that influence the decision
  • Incorporating industry insights, case studies and quotes direct from our members for your reference

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