The Future of Influence: Marketing to GenZ and Millennials

There has never been a generation with more influence inside and outside of the family than Generation Z (born 1998 and on). In September of 2016, yconic conducted research with 1,285 members of our research panel, from across Canada and between 15 and 34 years old, to determine the impact of social media influencers on their lives and purchase behaviour.  We asked them about everyone they follow, from celebrities and athletes, to niche content creators, to friends and family, to better understand the roles these influencers play in the lives of Gen Z and Millennials.

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This eBook examines the future of influence from the view of the influenced.  It’s not a guide on the technicalities of how to start influencer marketing, but a deeper understanding of the end customers and their perceptions and actions with the content creators they follow, like and interact with.


You will learn:

  • Who influences Canadian Gen Z and Millennials
  •  Which content creators are most effective at driving purchase behaviour
  • What types of influencer content is most effective
  • Which channels of influence offer the best return
  • Incorporating industry insights, examples and information direct from our members for your reference

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