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Applying to uni
If I don't want to apply to uni for early acceptance, do I still apply to uni right now?
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Grade 9 Geo, Math, English
What are some tips for succeeding in these subjects? I know I have decently easy teachers in geo and math. I've heard that my English teacher isn't as good by upperclassmen. What are tips and bad habits to avoid to get an 87+? I just want to have some good habits

The agency that writes for the biography writing
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Grade 12 Physics Resources
Hey guys! 

I am in Grade 12 physics right now and was wondering if anyone had any websites/books that they use which help them study and get practice tests (other than the obvious khan and https://www.physicsclassroom.com/). 

If you had tips and tricks that you wanted to post on here about how you study or any comprehension tricks that would probably help everyone!

Thanks :)
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Going from 85 to 90 in calculus
Hi, I'm currently taking calculus right now and I'm at an 85 flat right now. My goal for the course is at least a 90, but honestly I'm not sure if I can make it. To anybody who has taken calculus before, what are some tips or advice that you recommend? I understand most of the concepts, but I always run out of time on the tests, especially for the thinking and the communication sections for the test. What can I do to improve?
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Dating: Long Distance
PLEASE READ! Long distance relationships are not what they are portrayed to be. They are not as hard, emotionally draining, or as impossible as people assume. Right now, I am living 3 hours away from my boyfriend (who plays a varsity sport). We see each other once or twice a month. We are both happy, both with room to live our own lives but always being able to catch up at the end of the night. We still love each other, nobody has been unfaithful, and it is relatively easy. The time we spend together is always quality time, and I do not regret staying with him.If you love someone and think you they could be the person for you, go for it. The worst that could happen is that it doesn't work out and you part ways. It is entirely possible, do not give up just because of what you THINK might happen.

Pros of a long distance relationship...
1. The time you spend together is really exciting and precious
2. You have the freedom to be yourself and make friends on your own terms
3. You always have lots to talk about with your S/O because you're apart during the day
4. It tests whether the relationship is really worth it
5. Meeting their new friends means more friends for you!
6. Sex/physical intimacy is so much better when you've been waiting for it
7. It will show you how much your partner really values you
8. You don't need to pick between your friends and partner during the week
9. It helps keep you focused

I hope that this helped anyone that needed to hear it.
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So how do y’all motivate yourselves to.. work
I know this sounds weird or like I’m trolling, I swear I’m not. I’m in grade 11 now and I’ve always been more or less a straight A student, with a 94% average grade 10. However I’ve never really had to study hard for my marks, and I’ve felt like they came pretty easily for me. BUT I’ve heard a lot of stuff on how grade 11 is really hard, and obviously it only gets harder from here. My English teacher even told my class that putting in the same amount of work and effort in our assignments this year as we did last year could result in an up to 10% decrease in marks. I obviously don’t want that, but at the same time I really don’t have great study habits or skills. Ive tried searching this up but I keep getting things like “focus more” or “organize yourself” which obviously I’m trying to do, but are there any specific tips that've worked on you or any skills I should focus more on? Thanks.
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AMA: Brock BAcc Graduate, Carleton MAcc Graduate, Big 4 Employee
My name is Neal, and I graduated from Brock's Bachelor of Accounting Co-op program in 2016 and Carleton's Master of Accounting program in 2017. I was a yconic Student Ambassador for 2016-17. Although I work full-time at PwC now, I'm still around answering questions about accounting as a career and universities. 

My co-op work experience includes:
-Corporate Accounting, Henkel (Germany)
-Assurance and Tax, Collins Barrow
-Risk Assurance, Ernst and Young

I currently work at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Assurance. . 

A snapshot of my time at Brock:  
-Served as an executive for several clubs  
-Participated in numerous internal/external case competitions and conferences  
-Served as a Tutorial Leader for Brock's first-year Macroeconomics course  
-Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma (the top 10% of Goodman get invited)  
-Did co-ops and internships with 3 different companies in corporate accounting, assurance, tax and risk assurance located in Germany and Canada  
-Participated in a short-term exchange to France  
-Volunteered for the business school's Career Services office, where I critiqued students' resumes  
-Lived in residence (first-year) and off campus

A snapshot of my time at Carleton:  
-President of the Sprott MAcc Society  

Feel free to ask me questions below! Or you can add me on LinkedIn if you'd like to send a private message (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nsengupta).
I want to get into optometry school
I am a high school student in grade 11.  I want to get into Waterloo's Optometry program. But I don't know what Western University science program to choose. I am considering Bio or Chem. Which Western University science programs is the right one for me? and does anyone know about time management and study tips for a high school student like me to get straight 90% marks in my classes like Calculus and Functions and Chem?
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Will I get into either Sauder BUCS program or U of T, Waterloo or UBC Comp sci?

I am from BC and looking to do computer science in U of T, Waterloo, or UBC, or the Business and Computer Science at Sauder in UBC. Can I expect to get in with the following achievements and EC's?

English 11- 90% (Predicted 90% for English 12)
Pre Cal 12- 91%
Calc 12- 93%
AP Computer Science A- 98%
Physics 11- 99% (Doing Physics 12 right now predicted 95%+)
Chem 11- 100%
AP Chem 12- 94%
Social Studies 11- 98%

Played Div. 1 Soccer for 7 years, with multiple league championships and 1 provincial appearance. Also started on Junior and Senior teams at school

Alto Sax player for 6 years and currently lead saxophonist in school Senior Jazz band

Played Volleyball (2 years) and finished as district champions both years

Distinction awards in many math contests including AMC, Fermat, Fryer, etc.

Volunteered 70 hours in a filmmaking summer camp as a camp leader for kids aged 10-13

Also to get into Sauder, will it help if I take any Econ or business courses? I am taking AP Macroeconomics this year, will that be enough or should I self-study AP Micro as well?

Please be honest with my chances of getting into any of the listed institutions :)

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95% in Grade 12, but 78% in Grade 11. Will I receive an early admission for civil engineering?
I have 78% average in Grade 11, but I'm expecting to get 95%+ this semester due to preparing and improving the entire summer. Some of my extracurricular are:
- Learned numerous programming languages on my own
- Lead developer, graphic designer, and architect of a large Canadian financial firm's website
- Won first place in my school in a writing contest for avid readers

Looking to get into UofT, Waterloo, or such.
How much sleep do you smart guys get in High School, cause I believe that if you spend more time studying than sleeping than you will get a higher mark. I am thinking of getting 3-4 hours of sleep per night. Is this normal for students getting over a 90% average for grade 12.
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Cyber Security Training Programs
 I am a graduate. During my studies, I came to know about cyber security and now I have a keen interest to know a lot more about this topic. I found various online coaching but not sure about their services. Last day while browsing I noticed this site offering (  www.nci.ca/services )various cyber security solutions which include training programs. Does anyone here has approached them for a training? Please suggest your opinion
Grade 11 Chem
Hey hey,
I'm a grade 10 student and I've been so stressed about next year since it is approaching by so fast.
I just wanted to know any tips that you guys have for grade 11 chemistry? I have an 80 in science right now (which really isn't my best since I usually score in the low 90s for science) but it was the chemistry unit that drastically dropped my mark (With a 70 on the unit test :0)  I just want to achieve at least an 87 in it next year. Is it doable? And do you have any tips on how I can study for chemistry?

Thanks :)
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Grade 11 :(

I'm a grade 10 student going to grade 11 this year (2018-19)... Now I know that you're thinking that I shouldn't be on here worrying so much about the school year this early but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Sadly this passing year, I did not do so well (85% average) especially in science class as I really bombed the chemistry and biology unit tests (and passed with an 80). I also barely passed English with an 81...
I'm aiming for high 80s and low 90s in grade 11 and here's my schedule if it helps:
Sem 1:
HRT3MI (Religion)
SPH3UI (Physics)
FSF3UI (French)
MCR3UI (Functions+Relations)

Sem 2:
HSP3UI (Anthropology)
ENG3UI (English)
SCH3UI (Chemistry)
SBI3UI (Biology)

Are there any tips you guys could offer? I have gotten a head start by going through the physics and bio textbooks during my break and I have started reading Macbeth for English class. I've also gotten into contact with some tutors but I'm not sure if they will be able to help me through the year yet... All I need are some tips on how I can stay motivated and how not to procrastinate. I really want to get into Western MedSci (High hopes, I know...) but I don't have any motivation to study which really puts a strain on my grades... I just came on here to ask for any words of advice or any specific tips for any classes in particular. Thanks so much :)
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Grade 11 Schedule
What would be a good balanced schedule with these grade 11 university courses?
World Religions
Also, do you have any tips, tricks, or advice for grade 11? Whatever it may be, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Entering Grade 12
I am about to enter grade 12 and these are my courses
Semester 1: Math, Business 11, History, Spare
Semester 2: Chem, English, Business 12, Spare

I was wondering if you guys have a better plan for my courses and if some would go well with others as I want to get close to a 90% average in grade 12, so I dont want to put like chem and math together, If you guys have any better suggeestions plz tell me and if the spares will help me or not, Thanks!
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Grade 12
I am about to enter grade 12, this is what my course load is signed up to be:

Families in Canada


If I'm not the strongest at chem or math, should I maybe take only one spare, and replace the other with an easy M level course? Or would it be better to have the time on a spare to study for these courses? 
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MUST READ: Advice to High School Students
Hi Everyone,

I am a third year university student. I want to take this time to describe what high school students are getting into when they go to university. I hope that this is informative!

The definition of a good grade in university is different
90 avg, 9/10, 11/12, 3.9/4, etc. are all VERY HIGH grades in university. It's not like Canadian high school where some may think 80 avg or even 90 avg is not that high of a grade. I think there are about as many people with over those grades than there are people with 96% avg in Ontario high school (2018).

Also note this means you must be very smart to get into med school or pharmacy school because this is the grade you need for that.

University workload is huge compared to Canadian high school
The standard is to take 5 courses unless you want to take less and graduate slowly or take summer school and have it interfere with work opportunities. 

The terms are an entire month shorter than high school (about 12 weeks of classes). 

My first year introductory financial accounting course covered grade 11 and 12 accounting in about 4 weeks in university. This is a comparison I can make because I took both high school accounting and that accounting class. So technically, in one accounting class in university, I learn about what would be 6 high school classes of accounting. So yeah it's fast.

University is about working hard and working smart. Not about being lucky or meticulous.
We get it. You're doing grade 12 math, you added instead of subtracted in your math test and lost 2 marks. Now your test grade dropped 7% because of some silly mistake. 

In university, you can still make those mistakes but you're not punished as hard as in high school.

In university, it's all about keeping up. If you refer to my last point above about how fast university is, people's grades drop because they can't keep up. 

They will literally teach you as much as you learned in grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 math in 4 months. They're not gonna care if you screwed up adding as much because a quarter of the class probably don't know how to do most of the questions on the exam since the course is just so fast.

Main point: you need to study as hard as if someone told you that you needed to learn 2+ years of high school every university term (4 months)

Bell curving is real in university
You can go up or go down in grade depending on your actually grade relative to your class.

This doesn't usually happen much unless there's a huge grade discrepancy.

They can do this directly: you have an 80% grade so far in the course, but the class avg in course is 85%. The professor decides to shift the class avg to 76%. BAM you're 68% out of no where. 

They can do this indirectly (this is the fairest way they play by and most profs do it this way): class avg is 85%, let's assume the exam is worth 50% of your final grade. The Prof will try to make it so hard that the class avg will drop 10%. You write the exam, it's so damn hard that you got 56% on it and now your grade is 68%.

ADVICE: if you think the course is super easy, the exam is gonna kill you for sure because they don't let everyone have high grades.

I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL. I encourage other university students to post their opinions and other advice! Give this a post a +1 helpful so that more people can see it!

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Grade 12
Any advice, lessons, tips, or anything that would be useful to help me next year? 

my current average in grade 11 is 93% (I was aiming for higher :( ) I'm very stressed about next year because I am taking all the tough courses. My schedule for next year is; 

 -Semester 1: Bio, chem, advanced functions, English 
 -Semester 2: physics, calculus, business, and social justice. 

 On top of that, I will also be a part of student council as I will be a grade 12 rep. I am also a school senate and a prefect (which is another school leadership/representative thing).

I need some tips and advice on how to maintain a high average and being able to succeed as I am aiming to become a dentist in the future!

(you might've seen this on another thread, but people seemed to turn it into a "you can't read" and "go do some research" thread instead of giving some real advice.. so here I am trying again! I rlly need some good tips.
Grade 12 Preparation
So I'm going to be in grade 12 for the year of 2018-2019. 

Any advice, lessons, tips, or anything that would be useful to help me next year? (I'm horrified)

I am a hard working student, my current average in grade 11 is 93% (I was aiming for higher :( ) I'm very stressed about next year because I am taking all the tough courses. My schedule for next year is;  

   -Semester 1: Bio, chem, advanced functions, English 
   -Semester 2: physics, calculus, business, and social justice.  

On top of that, I will also be a part of student council as I will be a grade 12 rep. I am also a school senate and a perfect (which is another school leadership/representative thing). 

I got all my volunteer hours so thank god I don't have to worry about that. 

As for universities and careers, my goal is to be a dentist, for my bachelor's degree I really want to get into the health sciences program at Mcmaster. My other options include any bio, chem, or medical programs in western, McMaster, or U of T.  

So as you can tell I lowkey am a very ambitious person, I am aiming for mid to high 90s next year although I lowkey know it might be impossible due to the heavy workload and stress.

I would really appreciate some good tips from past experiences and maybe advice from people who got into these programs :)

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TDSB online or Virtual High school???
Any one have any experience with either one? Im looking to take grade 12 English and Physics in the summer and was wondering how they work. Can you work at your own pace with TDSB online (e learning) or is it a set schedule? Also, which one marks easier...my grades are currently pretty good but want to get into a good university program so even that extra percentage counts. First question on yconic : )
Grade 12
Any advice for someone going to grade 12 next year? 

I need any tips, advice, or anything i should know that would prepare me for grade 12. Thx!
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