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Canadian Student applying to US for Undergrad
Currently, I am in sophomore year in high school in hopes of attending a post-secondary institution in the US. However, with the social and political environment in the US, I am questioning my decision on whether I should prepare for the US or not. I intend to major in Business/Economics and have a variety of extracurriculars I am involved in (that I actually enjoy)  Don't get me wrong, I will still aim for Canadian universities (Western, Queen's, UofT etc.), but the US seems like a more suitable opportunity for my personal goals of studying abroad. 

I understand US universities look at grades from 9-12, but I wouldn't say they were exceptional (average is in the high 80s-low 90s from grade 9 to now). At the same time, financial aid would be necessary for me to pay tuition. 

Some schools I'm interested in: Wharton (UPenn), Cornell, Columbia, Yale-NUS (Singapore), USC, UC Berkeley 

Is it worth going to the US in your opinion along with spending time doing standardized tests like SAT/ACT and self-studying AP courses? For my junior year, I don't plan on taking any "laboratory sciences" they recommend on Ivy Leagues and top universities. Should I just take one in case?  

If there's anyone that is attending college in the US or know anybody studying abroad, feel free to comment on this post! I would like to hear advice and personal experiences of the decision-making process and the difference of low-acceptance rate university. Thank you!

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Will I get into Harvard with my 62 average?
So recently, Ive been having dreams on going to Harvard. I think Harvard is a very cool school because its filled with great minded people. I also heard there are some chicks there too. So I was wondering if I can get into Harvard with my 62 average. 
Advanced Functions - 56%
English - 55%
Food and Nutrition - 150%
Calculus - 20%
Biology - 39%
Chemistry - 54%
I know I'm not the greatest mind, but Steve Jobs went to Harvard and dropped out to make Facebook. Look at him now. He's a billionaire. He wasn't the most brilliant minded but he still went to Harvard but dropped out to make Facebook. So guys, do think I can make it to Harvard with my Grade 12 marks? I feel like I can because Steve Jobs did it. Please don't post mean comments because it will hurt me and make me cry.

Harvard has rejected me. :( Its honestly sad. I had so much goals that I wanted to accomplish at Harvard. On the bright side, I GOT ACCEPTED TO UCLA IN LOS ANGELOS, CALIFORNIA!!!  I got accepted for Women Studies program. Who needs Harvard, when you can get accepted to UCLA for Woman Studies!!! Thanks for all your support and prayers for me trying to get into Harvard!! 
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Will I get into Uottawa
Hi I'm an U.S student currently studying my first year of College. I have a 3.9 GPA in my last year in highschool and 3.7 GPA in my current school year. Will I get into uOttawa computer science ?
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WIll I get in Carleton, York or Victoria?
The universities I have successfully applied for an undergraduate admittance  are :-
1.York University ( Criminology and Law and Society)  
2.Carleton University  ( Criminology and BA law)  
3.University of Victoria( BA political science)   

My academic credentials are:-   

7.6 GPA in grade 10th 
 86% in grade 11th finals  
88% in grade 11th mid term 
91% 12th predicted(based on my 12th grade mid terms) 
  7.5 score in IELTS  
Im expecting to score 80-85 in my 12th finals  
 I’m an Indian student.
How likely am I to get in the mentioned universities and courses?
UK Universities (Business/Economics) LSE,Oxford,UCL,Warwick,Cambridge
Currently, I am in sophomore year in high school in hopes of attending university abroad because of my own personal preference along with wanting to become more independent and explore outside of my comfort zone. I am intending to major in Business/Economics, and the UK seems to attract me based on its geographic location. (LSE, UCL, Oxford, Warwick etc.)

Don't worry, Canadian universities will still be on the top of my list (Ivey, Queen's, Rotman, Schulich) 

Does anyone here know about the uni life in the UK or is currently experiencing undergrad at a UK university? If you are Canadian, what were your steps to being admitted (marks, extracurriculars etc.)? Any financial aid or scholarships for international/Canadian students in the UK?  Please share your experiences and/or your peers' thoughts as well! 
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Lester-B-Pearson scholarship U of T
Hi, I have been fortunate enough to be nominated by my school for the Pearson scholarship, which is a full scholarship for international students.
Among 2000+ nominees, only 37 will eventually be selected. I was wondering if anyone has been a nominee in the past or is one of this year, would you be willing to share your experience: how out-standing do you have to be to be a recipient

U of T is my first choice of university, however, the cost of tuition is pretty high for an international student, so if I could not get the scholarship I might choose otherwise. This scholarship means a lot to me since my family is only a working middle-class in China, they have truly sacrificed a lot of comfort in life to support my studying abroad in Canada, I wish to ease their burden in the future through this scholarship.

They were thrilled by my nomination, which is only one per school, but we refrain from getting too hopeful because the percentage of recipients among nominees is really low.

Any sharing of information would be appreciated, thank you all in advance!
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Should i take 8 courses in grade 12?
I currently have taken 7 courses  for next year, i wonder if i take one more course like some bird course would it enhance the chance i get into university cuz i m in danger area now....
plz someone give me some advices.(i konw they look at the best six courses but my friend told me if i take 8 courses ,i would drop my average. i am so confused plz some one tell me the truth...
I talked with a friend of mine today and he told me that the Scholarship policies in most schools isn’t fair being that they hardly consider foreign students especially Africans with a student Visa. 
I doubt this information but I’m putting it out to you for your opinion.

Your response is highly solicited, please.
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Does one poor grade ruin your chance
Hey guys 

I'm british, so I'm doing A-Levels. I'm predicted an A*, A* and A for the final exams I'll sit this May. I got really really good GCSEs, which are the final exams you take before you go into your final two years (I got 8 A*s, 1 A and 1 B). However, last year I picked up Philosophy  to do an AS Level in it, which is an exam you do before the A Level, unfortunately I got a C in that exam. Will this ruin my changes at Toronto and at McGill. 

Lol that was so long. Summary: I've got good grades in almost everything but I got one C grade last year. Will this mean I won't get in to UofT/Mcgill for Arts and Sciences (humanities)

thanks xx
Canada Japan Co-op Program (CJCP) Student - AMA
Hey everyone! I'm currently living and working in Japan for an internship through the Canada-Japan Co-op Program. If you've wanted to do an international internship, travel to Japan, or know more about the program, feel free to ask me anything! A bit about me:

-3rd yr Mechanical Engineering at uOttawa
-I had no prior Japanese language experience
-I'm working for a high tech company called Dai Nippon Printing

Ask away :)
Has anyone gotten conditional offer from UBC as an international student?
I applied for the chemical engineering program at UBC. And I could not write the TOEFL and IELTS test for that. Do you think that they would accept me even though I do not have those scores?
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Hello everyone, 

I've been studying in Canada as an international student for almost 2 years now and this year I graduate high school. I have applied to universities as well. The tuition is crazy expensive for international and I was wondering if there is any good scholarship I can apply too.

Thank you  !
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Colleges in Toronto: Art Fundamentals programs
I'm a 24 years old female from Switzerland and I'm going to Toronto next year to do an university pathway program at a language school (April - August). After that, I'm planning to go to a college with something like an one year Art Fundamentals program, which covers many fields like graphic design, animation, photography etc. Because I don't know which subject I want to focus on yet. I've graduated with an vocational diploma in business and I've been working in this field ever since. So I don't really have any academic background in art.

But I've been able to be creative in the past at work, like designing Xmas cards, calendar and I also like drawing, photography, making firefox persona in my free time. I really like art so I want to change my career and I want to do that abroad, as I want to travel and widen my horizons.

I've been researching for a long time and found these colleges with basic art programs:

George Brown College: Art and Design Foundation Program (1 year)
Seneca College: Art Fundamentals (8 months)
Humber College: Art Foundation (1 year)
Centennial College: Art and Design Fundamentals (1 year)
Sheridan: Art Fundamentals (1 year)
OCAD: First-Year Art

Humber sounds good, so I'm planning to apply - but does anyone know more about the other colleges? I would choose based on their courses but an overall experience or opinion about the college itself would help me a lot to make a decision as well.
Tbh I can't finance the studies, but I will still apply and try to get scholarship/credit and work on the side to make it happen because I really want it.

Sorry for my long post D: but I would be very glad if you could share your opinion or tips etc. It's my first time going alone abroad. Thank you so much!
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Scholarship for International Student
Hi Everyone, 

I have been admitted to NSCC for Fall 2018 for Diploma in Health information management. I am an international student. Can you please help me with list of scholarships I can apply. 

Thanks in advance, 
IB Student -- How does it work for uni?
So I'm an IB student in Ontario.

How would it work to apply to Ontario universities? Would they look at my IB diploma or my Ontario transcript?

What about if I applied outside of Ontario? Quebec/BC?

Just wondering if it'd be possible for them to look at my Ontario transcript rather than my IB diploma.

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Dalhousie University - Commerce Program
Hi, I'm an international student and interested in applying to Dalhousie's Commerce program. According to the website, it says the school has mandatory coop but not much info can be found. I wonder the program is worth applying or should I apply to more well-known universities?
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Do you think co-op or going on an international exchange is beneficial?
Practical and experiential learning is very important to me as a student. 

Despite being a first-year, I started looking into co-op and international exchange opportunities.

If you're a post-secondary student or have graduated, I'd like to hear what you think.

Have you done co-op or gone on an international exchange? If so, what was it like? Was it beneficial?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alyssa Vidal
yconic Student Ambassador
AMA: Student Council President, Rowing Coxswain, High School Senior, UVic Applicant
Hi! I'm Chanel, one of the Yconic Student Ambassadors for 2017-2018. As a student in high school, I can easily relate to any questions you may have and am readily available to help you. So feel free to ask me anything and I answer back speedily! 

About me:
- Student Athlete: joined many sports from basketball to volleyball but transited onto the water for rowing 
- On Student Council for two years as Fine Arts Rep and School President 
- AP English Student with courses aimed towards the Sciences (Bio, Physics, Chem) 
- Arts Student in Visual Arts (published illustrator), Choir and Drama 
- Guide International Students from numerous countries like Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Spain, etc. 
- Volunteer at Women In Need, aiding women in transition homes
- Attended Private school and Catholic school
-  Applying at the University of Victoria in British Columbia in the Faculty of Science
How to take the SAT/ACT?
I want to do ACT/SAT but I don't know how I live in Canada, ON and I don't know if I'm supposed to tell my school or I have to sign up somewhere. I hope to apply to MIT and Caltech, for physics and neuro science. I have the highest marks across my school board, in addition to winning multiple science fairs across my city and Canada. I think I have a chance but I don't know the procedure. Thank you
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Urgent Scholarship needed, any advise?
Hey guys

I graduated from a University in Texas December 2016 and thinking to go to programming field in Niagara College (seems like everything is pointing to coding nowadays). Its tuition is way too much for. I was wandering if anyone can help in finding a scholarship.
Graduated with BA Management, Dec 2016
From Turkmenistan
Have an offer from Niagara College for Fall 2017

Will I get accepted??
Hi everyone!
I'm currently a grade 11 student looking to apply to UBC, McGill, UT, and maybe Oxbridge depending on how much I can boost my marks. Currently, marks are as follows:
Chem 11: 92%
Chem 12: 80%
Pre-Calc 12h: 70%
Biology: 88%
Physics 11/12: 80%
Spanish 11: 100%

I'm planning on retaking math during summer school for a better mark and I'm also taking the SAT for chem, bio, and math later this year.  I haven't taken English yet but usually I get around the 90% range. What are my chances of getting accepted to these schools? Is there anything I can do to improve my mark?? Thanks!
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Getting Accepted into UK Schools
Originally in my grade 10 year I was planning to apply to universities in the UK for biomedical science, Oxbridge in particular since my average wasn't so bad (94-96 ish). However, I joined an advanced math/science program for grade 11 and my marks have just tanked. I'm currently sitting at around 70-80% for chem 12, physics 12, and pre calc 12. Bio 12 is at 86%. Next year I'm going to be taking university-level chemistry, as well as ap calculus ab and ap physics. In summer school I'm retaking pre calc 12 in hopes of a better mark. Lastly, I'm going to take the SAT for bio, chem, and math later in the year to help boost my application, but what is the likelihood I would get accepted? Is there anything else I can do to help my application? Any words of advice?
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Best Guelph Residence?
I need to apply for residence soon since I already got my offer. Could anyone tell me which is the most social residence? Which is the most convenient? Which is the best at Guelph?

In addition, since I'm a commerce student which residence is the commerce cluster in? 

Any suggestions, opinions, and res life review of Guelph would be great! Plus tips for freshman and international students.