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Night school midterm
Hi I screwed up a course which makes my avg about 92 right now. If I retake the course second semester night school, would the night school midterm show on my OUAC? (My applied unis do not carr about repeated courses). Just worried if it might not show up and stuff
Western Health Sciences
Hi, I am really worried because I want to get into western health sciences but I don't know if I can:( it would mean so much if you can answer a few of my questions!
1. What was the health science cut off in 2018 
2. The admission average says high 80s, what mark do you think I would be guaranteed to get In at?
3. these are my expected marks for grade 12, do I have a good chance? 
business leadership-92
communication tech-92

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i feel i won’t get into my uni choices
so i’m in grade 12 right now and i applied to the following:
Western U: Nursing and Health Science 
Trent: Health Science (specializing in bio)
UOIT:Nursing and Health Science

i’m not going to lie my marks aren’t so great right now my mid terms were a 74% average in bio,english and kinesiology 

my teachers are very bad at giving us updated marks and i’m not entirely sure where i stand but i’m gonna assume i’ll have the following final marks

Western is my top school like i really wanna get in so bad 

next semester i have :
med tech
data management 

should i add another easy course to bring my average up. do i have any chance of getting into any of the schools i want to. 

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HI guys... So I am applying to these universities...:

Queens U Engineering
Western U Engineering
Ryerson U Chemical Engineering
UofT Mineral Engineering
McMaster Engineering

My Grade 11 final average is a 92.38%, and currently my midterm marks for Grade 12 are:

Advanced Functions: 98%
Health Science: 92%
Computer Technology Engineering: 95%
English: 83%

My questions are:

What are my chances of getting in to all of the Universities listed above? 

Is my English mark gonna drastically affect my chances of getting in (not really good at the subject so...)?

Is the McMaster supplementary application (video interview) hard? (really nervous for this)

When do they usually start to send out acceptances?

Thank you for your time! Please answer my questions if you can! :)
Can't decide between psych, health sci, and kin for UNDERGRAD
I'm in grade 12 right now and hopefully planning to go into grad school for either Speech, Physio, or Occupational therapy.

The top 3 undergrad options I'm trying to decided between are:
1. Health science
2. Kinesiology
3. Psychology(maybe with a health sci minor?) at Brescia

My main priorities are:
- Maintaining a high GPA so I can get into grad school
- Have enough time to volunteer 15-ish hours a week so I can get my hours requirement for it

Health sci has a data requirement which I don't have and I'm worried because i've tried to take it in summer school but my mark was in the mid 80 mark so I dropped it. So, I might have to go give data another try if health sci is the one. I'm better at multiple choice style compared to essays- so that's to keep in mind.

I'm a mid 80-s student in bio/chem and I thoroughly don't believe I would enjoy studying stuff like microbiology, I'm not the best at it no matter how hard I try. So with that said, which of these undergrads do you believe is a good choice to help me get into grad school? ALSO what about the actual grad programs, I can't decide between SLP, PT and OT. I tried looking into the job market for each and they all seem to have a an equal set of advantage-disadvantage ratio. I want to actually be able to find a job- so no going into an over saturated field.

Any advice from Mustangs or ANYONE that is in/has heard of these programs? THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Grade 12 Physics Resources
Hey guys! 

I am in Grade 12 physics right now and was wondering if anyone had any websites/books that they use which help them study and get practice tests (other than the obvious khan and https://www.physicsclassroom.com/). 

If you had tips and tricks that you wanted to post on here about how you study or any comprehension tricks that would probably help everyone!

Thanks :)
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Western University Medical Sci
Hi! Just wondering if anyone has gotten into medical sci at western without grade 12 physics and how the physics course was in first year? I have taken grade 11 physics and wondering if I should take grade 12. 
Also wondering if it's better to take health sci or medical sci. My guidance counsellor told me health sci, but now looking into it I'm leaning towards medical sci because I want to go into medicine. (doctor) If anyone knows anything lemme know !!
Can I get in to Western?
Hi, I’m currently a grade 12 student scheduled to graduate in 2019. I want to get into western for life sciences, either the general or medical science program. Im really anxious about whether or not I can get in. These are my marks so far in grade 11, and the ones I expect for grade 12:

Grade 12

English: 80
Biology: 93
Chemistry: 94
Advanced functions: 92

Grade 11

English: 69
Biology: 89
Chemistry: 89
Fitness: 93
Physics: 91
Functions: 93

By second semester mid terms I expect to have an average of about 90-92.

My extra curriculars are 4 clubs (stage crew, key club, gaming club, and robotics club) and about 50 hours.

As you can see, my extra curriculars aren't anything special, and my English mark will bring down my average quite a bit. This has me worried, so I would appreciate any information you guys could give me regarding my chances to get in.
I'm going to be applying as a 101 applicant mid November.


Current Grade 12 marks:
Waterloo vs Western Honours Science?
Hi guys. As uni applications are starting soon, I am wondering which program is better to apply to. Can anyone tell me which is better as to the structure of the program and like what path it can lead me to?
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Help! Medical Undergrad, MCAT Scores, and Applications
I am seeking help on how applying to university undergrad programs really work. Firstly, I am currently in Grade 11 in the IB program. The admissions for say Dalhousie say that a 3.00 is mandatory, and an MCAT, among other things. Is an MCAT a requirement to apply? And, when do I take it? I have read that if I take it in High School I will be at a disadvantage because I haven't taken the courses yet, but it's listed on the applications pages of many medical undergrad programs. Secondly, how do I find my GPA from an IB score? Do I use my converted Ontario mark to then convert to GPA? Thirdly, how does an Undergrad and general Uni apps work? My current perception is that you apply early grade 12, using predicted IB scores, and the ones already resulting from the exam (in my case Chemistry and Business) in Grade 11. Then, you submit a CASPer or a Personality Evaluation, and an MCAT? I'm really looking for a view on how the process works. So, MCAT or no, GPA from IB, and how to apply. Thanks so much for reading, I know that this blob of text is probably an eyesore to look at!
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Hi I am a grade 12 student who wishes to go to Queens University, Waterloo, Mac, UofT, Ottawa or Western. I was wondering what average do these universities require, do they require their pre-requistes average, total average of the entire high school year or just the average of your 6 highest courses. Any info is useful and don't judge me.
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Engineering for Western 2018
I am thinking of applying to western for engineering this year and was wondering what average I should aim for. I think I can maintain an average of 88-89% by the end of the year, will I have a good chance? If you were accepted last year what average did you apply with?
Health sci, life sci or kin?
I dont know what I want to do after my undergrad so I wanted to keep my options open for vet, physiotherapist, nurse, or other medical jobs. I also recently added malpractice attorney to that list.... (which would mean getting into law school)

I'm very interested in Kin but I don't think i can get into vet/nurse from that

Not sure what to major since i'd like to keep a decent GPA in case I decide to try to get into law school, but also still be able to keep my options open for other careers

Advice/opinions on this?
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Health sci, life sci or kin?
I dont know what I want to do after my undergrad so I wanted to keep my options open for vet, physiotherapist, nurse, or other medical jobs. I also recently added malpractice attorney to that list.... (which would mean getting into law school)

I'm very interested in Kin but I don't think i can get into vet/nurse from that

Not sure what to major since i'd like to keep a decent GPA in case I decide to try to get into law school, but also still be able to keep my options open for other careers

Advice/opinions on this?
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Ontario Transfer Student
Hey all,

I would appreciate any help on this matter. In all honesty, when I applied to unis this year, I did not consider co-op opportunities, learning style but considered the courses that I will be taken and what's closer to where I live, because I recently moved here, I really did not know much about undergrad opportunities as in my country, people get direct entry from high school to business school, engineering or medical school. 

 In my senior years, I took the IBD program and managed high grades (90s) in most courses. I will be attending york for biomedical science but would like to transfer to McMaster's life sciences or health sciences program as well as western med sci. I chose these programs because I'm genuinely interested in the learning style and the research opportunities they bring with them. 

 I would just like to know if when I apply to my desired program, would the admission committee of mcmaster or western discriminate against transfer students owing to what university they come from?

Thank you for your feedback!

Grade 12 Help !!
I have basically all sciences second semester of grade 12 and Im planning to go into engineering. If I have all sciences second semester and only have AF this semester, how will the universities accept? Will they use some grade 11 marks, I.e. Grade 11 Chem mark because grade 12 Chem is second semester 

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CASPer and OMSAS FB Live Q&A
MD Consultants is hosting a free FB live Q&A for CASPer prep and OMSAS applications on Sunday, September 9th from 11 am - 12 pm EST on their FB page
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UWO Early Admission HELP
Im currently a grade 12 student interested in applying to Western for Health Science this November and had a few questions for those who have knowledge about the application process:

1. What was the approximate admission average that you got accepted with?
2. What month did you apply and what month did you get an offer?
3. What was the approximate conditional percentage that you had to maintain after given an offer?
4. Did you also have to submit a supplementary application?

Health Science/ Life Science Hopefuls
Those of you going into grade 12 this September and want to go into life/health sciences,  which universities are you going to apply to and why? what's your career goal? 
I'd love to hear your responses!

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Medical School Hopeful (Currently in Grade 12) - What schools & programs should I apply to?
Hello! I'm currently (or will be in about a week) a grade twelve student in Southern Ontario. 
I really want to get into McMaster's bHsc program, but I understand it's nearly impossible to get into. So, I don't want to pin all my hopes on a program that accepts only 200 students.

 So, what other programs should I be looking to apply to that will give me the best opportunity to get into med school? I'm very interested in health & biology sciences, and I've heard that Guelph has some good programs. I've also heard Western has a pretty good Bmsc program, but it seems unnecessarily hard to me, and it's quite far from home.

 Now, I know some of you will say that by choosing easy programs that I'm not trying, but I don't see the point in going for a program that's just unnecessarily hard when I can get better results with an easier program, and higher chances at getting into med school.

Looking forward to hearing your answers! Ideally, I would like to apply to McMaster bHsc and two others.

Also, I've been told by my guidance that because I took summer school for grade eleven physics (new credit, not a make-up or anything), that it will hurt my chances and I should write them about it. She said I should explain how I had to take it, because I was severely ill and in the hospital I missed an entire grade ten semester. I had to take a few grade ten classes in grade eleven, and one summer school class last month, but I'm all up to date now and only taking grade twelve classes. Regardless, is it true that it will hurt my chances? 
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How do you repair an iPod Touch that underwent water damage
Hello there, I know this discussion is not related to anything about school or scholarships, but I really need some advice on how to fix an iPod that has water damage. 

The iPod is still fully functional, except that the water evaporated behind the backlit screen and I believe some LED lights burned out. Should I continue charging the iPod on a daily basis or would that be dangerous (considering short circuits and stuff alike)?

Also, does soaking the iPod in uncooked white rice overnight help?