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High School Class of 2019 Offers of Admission
University applications are open!  I thought we could start a discussion so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied and their averages.

I found the 2018 discussion to be very helpful and informative, in that discussion they included the following information;

Program and post-secondary institution  
Date of application 
Date of offer 
Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications) 
Province you're applying from 
Any other information you'd like to add.
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McMaster iBiomed AMA (first year)
Ask me any questions you have about iBiomed,  res life, first year,  the culture/atmosphere at McMaster, or the admissions process for any of the following program that I applied to...

McMaster health sciences (I was rejected):
U of T life sci (deferred to Scarborough)

Accepted to
Western Medical science
Mac Life science
Western Health sci
Queens Science
Ottawa biomedical sciences
Ottawa health sciences
Carleton biomedical sciences
Waterloo life science

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I am currently in grade 11, and I always have wanted to become a doctor. But recently I don't think that's a possibility, I have an 85 in Biology, and I've been told that mark is not up to University standard, It was my midterm but everyone around me is getting 90s, and they get pretty upset about it. I've been told three times that I am not smart enough to get into any University or to become a doctor. Is it true that an 85 is too low? I am willing to work harder, and I want to become a doctor, but should I give up? Should I even bother applying to UofT or UW? I am so nervous and confused
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HI guys... So I am applying to these universities...:

Queens U Engineering
Western U Engineering
Ryerson U Chemical Engineering
UofT Mineral Engineering
McMaster Engineering

My Grade 11 final average is a 92.38%, and currently my midterm marks for Grade 12 are:

Advanced Functions: 98%
Health Science: 92%
Computer Technology Engineering: 95%
English: 83%

My questions are:

What are my chances of getting in to all of the Universities listed above? 

Is my English mark gonna drastically affect my chances of getting in (not really good at the subject so...)?

Is the McMaster supplementary application (video interview) hard? (really nervous for this)

When do they usually start to send out acceptances?

Thank you for your time! Please answer my questions if you can! :)
Nursing Hopefuls for 2019 :)
Hi prospective nursing students! Let's use this thread as a space to share information, questions, concerns, advice, and more with one another as the year progresses.

To get the discussion rolling, start off with your:
• programs of interest (both nursing and non-nursing);
• expected average; and
• career goals!

I'm thinking of applying to McMaster for nursing and health sciences as well as Western for nursing with a 95-96%. I'd like to be a nurse practitioner in the future, but do not have a particular speciality in mind yet.
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Another unemployed engineering grad...
Why is there so much hype among high school students for engineering programs when even U of T engineering graduates are unemployed/underemployed in the Canadian job market? Have these kids even done their research? 
















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Early Admissions Average
The programs I'm looking to apply to have the following admissions requirements:

English 12U
Adv Functions 12U
Calculus 12U
2 of Biology/Chemistry/Physics 12U
1 Additional 12 U/M course

I have Adv Functions, Chem, & Physics (and a spare) in 1st semester and the remainder in 2nd semester. If the programs I apply to make early admissions offers, what will they use as a stand in for Calculus since there is no grade 11 equivalent?
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?
5) Where have you been accepted? If you don't mind sharing, with what average?
6) Any questions you have about nursing! We're all here to help.

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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AMA: Applying to Top Canadian Business Schools from High School
Hey guys, I'm a freshman university student who was accepted to Western Ivey (AEO) and  Queen's Commerce – two great business programs in my opinion.

Willing to answer any questions about my experience or the application process.

Good luck to everyone who's applying!
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uOttawa Nursing VS Western Nursing
Okay so I'm a grade 12 student and I've applied to Ottawa and Western about a month ago. I received early acceptance from Ottawa already. My Grade 11 marks were ENG3U- 94, SBI3U- 96, FIF3U- 93, MCR3U- 94, ENG4U- 91, SCH- 98, and a 95 in my french presentations class and a 97 in my co-op class as a french teacher's assistant. uOttawa offered me the highest admission scholarship so my theory is that they took my top six grades or they rounded my av. of 94.75 up. This year, I have a 97 in data, 98 in advanced functions and a 98 in kin. If I get accepted to Western, which school do I choose.

I have also applied to Queens but I'm not as interested
Ivey AEO Chacnes
Hey, I was just wonderings what my chances are for Ivey AEO. Honestly, I've heard very mixed reviews on how competitive it is, so I want to know what you guys think.

Current grades:

English: 91%
Data Management: 91%
Kinesiology: 93%
Computer Science: 94%

Planning to take next sem:

Calculus, physics, and chemistry. Low 90s are projected for these courses.


Main Three
-  Founder of a not-for-profit Esports organization
- Local swim team captain
- Team leader at my school's HOSA chapter

- Volunteer for the York Regional Police
- Volunteer as an assistant swim instructor
- Assistant leader for Scouts Canada
- Part-time job as a swim instructor/lifeguard
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Health Science 2019
University health science applicants of 2019:

I have noticed that there have been many threads like this ran for nursing, business, and engineering. As I am hoping to enter health science, I thought it would be beneficial for myself and those who are like-minded to share a few things with one another:

School/programs you plan on applying to:
Expected average:
Grade 11 average:
Course load:
What you plan on doing with your degree in this field:

For myself- 

Expected average: 90%
Grade 11 average: 85%
Course load:  
1st semester-
Social justice

2nd semester-
Challenge & Change

What you plan on doing with your degree in this field: I hope to be a naturopath or chiropractor.

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Apply to Ivey after 2nd year as non-AEO?
Hey guys, this is my first post so go easy on me I'm new to all this. Right now I am a grade 12 student and I plan on attending UWO next year so that I can stay home and such. Anyway recently a representative from Ivey came to our school to talk about the program and getting AEO, general things like that. This got me interested in the program because I never really looked at it before as I haven't taken a business course since like grade 10. So the only way in for me would be to apply after 2nd year. I understand that this is extremely competitive and there are limited spots. So obviously grades must be competitive, this brings me to my first question, would a mid-high 80's/90's student in high school be able to get a competitive average in programs like nursing or health science. Also the other huge portion of the application is EC's. Could anyone who got in by being non-AEO share what their EC's were and what kind of things can I do at the "university level" to strengthen my EC's? Thank you in advance.
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Does it matter which university is your first choice or which is your tenth choice in OUAC ?
the title speaks. Does it really matter? I want to submit my safety universities now and the main ones later. Do they care?
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Deciding My University Path
Hello, I am currently a grade 12 student is applying to universities. I have many questions about universities so please try to answer as many as you can.

For the Waterloo and Laurier DD students.
1) Which DD is better? BBA and BMath or BBA and BCS? Can I switch from One of the DD to the other in upper years if I choose to?
2) If I want to to specialize in accounting for my BBA will I need to take an extra semester? (I heard you have to, I don't know). Or can I take 6 courses per semester? Is that viable to even do? 
3) If I want to pursue the business side of my degree later (maybe accounting or finance) which school should I make my home school?
4) Does the DD actually give an advantage?

For Rotman Commerce Students:
1) How do the colleges that I have to rank affect me? I do not plan to live on residence if I go to Rotman so does the colleges impact me in any other way?
2) Can you specialize in both accounting and finance?
3) How does Rotman make up for no co-op?

For Schulich Students:
1) Is BBA or IBBA better objectively in the sense for future employment and general knowledge? 
2) Can you defer from one to other?
3) Does the program make up for no co-op somehow?

Western Ivey Students;
1) Can you provide a general experience and pros you believe Ivey provides you?
2) How does Ivey make up for no co-op

Other questions;
1) Rank , Schulich, Western Ivey , Rotman,, and the Waterloo DD which is better and why?
2) Who has the better name, Western Iver, Schulich or Rotman

Sorry for so many questions, please try to answer as many as possible. Thanks so much for your time
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I am applying to western med sci, health sci and science and I was just wondering what the difference was between the three?

Can they lead me to med or dental?

How competitive are each of them?
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Western Med Sci: Just finished 3rd year, cumulative 4.0, AMA
Basically what I said above. I just finished my third year at Western Med Sci! I know choosing a university is tough (I had a really tough time choosing) and trying to determine how you'll do at university is stressful, but let me know what questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them! 

Also, despite being in third year, I can definitely answer questions about first year and all other years. I've been pretty engaged with helping out first years, so I know a decent amount about all years (or at least I like to think I do haha).

Update: I just got into med school, so feel free to ask those questions as well.  
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My average (including the pre-reqs) will be 90% do you think I will get into Western health science? 
I am hoping to get into med or dental however I understand it is very hard to do this so I was wondering what are some options I have as backups with a science degree? 
Also if there is anyone who is currently in health science at Western what do you think about it?
How hard is it to get a good gpa for postgraduate schools?
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Western Scholars Electives Student- Ask me Anything!
Hi, I used this forum almost every day when I was applying to university, and wanted to provide some answers for all of you! I feel like there's a lot of confusion about what the scholars electives program really is, and many of the ideas that high school students have about university are incorrect. Feel free to ask anything about western, scholars electives, or uni life in general!
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UWO Software Engineering help
Hi there, I am currently doing my first year, general engineering at Western University. I am hoping to advanced into software engineering next year, and was wondering if western looks specifically at a course. Example, I was told that a guy got denied into software even though he had an average of 76, but programming was like an 80. I was also told that programming should be like at least 82+ In order to go into software , even though western website specifically says: “First choice considerations will be given to those who achieve at least a 60% in Calculus, Lin Alg, and programming”. 

 I don’t know what to believe, please help me out. 

 Thanks ,
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Difference in Averages- University Admission?
So in grade 11, I had some tough personal family issues (and also just didnt realize grade 11 marks mattered for university lol) so my U/M level course average was a 74 (thanks chem and math!) Now in grade 12, my average is a 91. But, will universities like Queen's and Western see my grade 11 marks and not accept me anyways, despite the great improvement? Or will they just not grant me early acceptance, but in later months of the school year,  will they only look at grade 12 marks and then be more likely to accept me?
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UWO 2019 Engineering Admissions
Just wondering the probability of getting accepted into the University of Western Ontario for engineering with these marks (First Sem)

ENG4U: 96
BOH4M: 99
MHF4U: 90
SCH4U: 87
Total Avg: 93.0%

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