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High School Class of 2019 Offers of Admission
University applications are open!  I thought we could start a discussion so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied and their averages.

I found the 2018 discussion to be very helpful and informative, in that discussion they included the following information;

Program and post-secondary institution  
Date of application 
Date of offer 
Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications) 
Province you're applying from 
Any other information you'd like to add.
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2019 :)
Hi prospective nursing students! Let's use this thread as a space to share information, questions, concerns, advice, and more with one another as the year progresses.

To get the discussion rolling, start off with your:
• programs of interest (both nursing and non-nursing);
• expected average; and
• career goals!

I'm thinking of applying to McMaster for nursing and health sciences as well as Western for nursing with a 95-96%. I'd like to be a nurse practitioner in the future, but do not have a particular speciality in mind yet.
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Laurier BBA vs Ryerson Commerce?
I got accepted to both. Which would be a better choice and why? Pros/cons for each? And is the gap between Laurier BBA and QComm/Ivey significant?
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Western and Queens Nursing Acceptances 2019
Now that it's February, Western and Queens are giving out more offers to prospective nursing students based on Gr 11 and Gr 12 first semester marks. So I would love if you guys could provide the following info to help each other out. Thanks everyone!

My info:
Gr 11 average: 92.5%
Gr 12 first semester average: 91.75%
Expected top 6 average: 93-94% (I have a pretty easy second semester)
Date of application: November 25
When did you submit your PSE (for Queens): First week Feb, I think
Date of acceptance: Patiently waiting...
When did OUAC send in your first semester marks? Feb 14. (I thought this would be nice to add because some schools submit marks earlier than others, which affects when they receive offers)

Also, does anyone know what the cut-off was for Western last year?? 
Can I get into UBC or SFU science with an 86% average??
I'm currently in grade 11, and my term 1 average was about 86% with all subjects (except French which I am taking online, which will probably lower it).

- Pre-Calculus 11: 77% (horrible, I know)
- English 11: 88%
- Chemistry 11: 84%
- Physics 11: 81%
- Law 12: 86%

I'm improving in physics and math, but I've down 4% in chemistry.
I'm aiming for an 88-90% average in term 2... do you think I have any chance at getting into the sciences at UBC or SFU? Or eastern universities like Western or Waterloo?
I know I'm definitely not the smartest person out there, and UBC is like 93% minimum for science. Also feeling pretty self-conscious of wanting to go into the sciences and not even getting an A in either of my science courses. LOL

Thanks :)
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What should I do? Western BMOS??
I got accepted into the BMOS at UWO (Not Ivey AEO) and since I have enough credits, I am able to be admitted straight into 2nd year of the program.
Should I do it??

I also have been accepted to these schools:
Laurier BBA
Ryerson Management
McMasters Business 1
and my grades should allow me to get into Queen's Commerce and UTSC Management Co-op.

My eventual goal is to get an MBA (I'm not too sure which area of business I want to work in yet). What do you think I should do?
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university of western med sci
So i applied to western for medical science (pharmacology) back in November. With my marks, do you expect that I can get in, and when will they most likely send an offer? 

ENG4U: 93%
ENG3U: 85%
SBI3U: 91%
SBI4U: 89%
MHF3U: 94%
MHF4U: 94 %
HZT4U: 92%
SCH3U: 91%

this semester i am taking calculus, 4U chem and french. The only way french would count in my admission average is if I get higher than the HZT4U course of 92% (philosophy).

I also took grade 11 physics and got 85% bc I didn’t really try but I am not continuing with grade 12 physics.

I have already gotten into Uottawa for biopharmaceutical science but it is my 2nd choice. Really hoping to get into Western!!
Trent U vs Western U
Hey i got accepted to Trent University (Peterborough Campus) and Western University both for health science. Western has been my dream school for a while but ive heard many people say education wise its not worth how expencive it is and i have heard the Health sci program is not the best. I heard people say trent is really good but they do say its not really nice. At this point i dont mind either school i just wanted to know which is best or atleast some pros and cons for each.
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Best Pre-Med Options
I understand that there is no perfect pre-med in Canada. However, I am hoping to get into medical school after my undergrad (yes, I am aware that I might not want to do this after my undergrad or might not have the marks to do this). I know that everyone says to do a degree that won’t be useless if I don’t get into med school but I don’t care about that I just want to do a science degree. I have heard that McMaster Health Science is one of the best options. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LIST THE BEST UNDERGRADS WITH SCHOOLS FOR INDIVIDUALS PLANNING ON GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL? If you could list like 10 that would be awesome! Thanks (:
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So my grade 12 semester 1 marks were just submitted to OUAC, I have a 91% average. Do you think that’ll be good enough to be accepted to queens arts (health studies intended major) and western health sci? My grade 11 average was less than favourable (74%) so I’m not sure...are they still looking at grade 11 marks now that they have grade 12? Do you think I’ll have to wait until they get grade 12 semester 2 midterm marks?
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Computer Science Acceptances 2019
Hey, I wanted to start a thread on the computer science program acceptances for the 2019 school year.  Please post:

1. School/Program(s) Applied to
2.  Date Applied 
3. Grade 11/12 average (which ever was used in consideration for your offer) 
4. Program(s) accepted to 
5. Date of acceptance 

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Western Health Science - ACCEPTANCES
Hey Guys! Has anyone heard back from western health science? If so what was your grade 11 average and your first semester grade 12 marks? 
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AMA First Year Queen's Nursing!
Hey! I know I was really nervous this time of year last year and had loads of questions so if any aspiring nurses have any questions about Queen's nursing or applying to other schools across Canada i'll do my best to answer!

Best of luck to you all!
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When do you think I will receive acceptances?
I've applied to offer 10 programs at this point due to my indecisiveness and still learning where I want to be, I know due to me having so many schools some schools will deny me which is what I have heard.


Ryerson - Business Management
Ryerson - Political Science
Ryerson - Public Administration
UofT - Arts
Laurier - Arts
Queens - Arts
Mcmaster - Arts
Western - Arts
UOttawa - Arts
UOIT - Commerce
York- Sociology 
York- Law and Society
Waterloo - Arts

I know! A lot, but I didn't want to regret not applying somewhere as everyday I am changing my mind. In Grade 11 I didn't do so good sadly I had a 68% average, my Semester 1 Finals are a 86%. I am hoping my marks for Semester 2 can get me to 89-92%. When do you think I will most likely receive acceptances? I know my grade 11 marks may slow this process down.
Western Ivey Reference
One of my references has been contacted to verify one of my main activities. I thought this was really early for Ivey to do this. Is this a good sign for my application?
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Continuing Admission Scholarship
Is everyone with a 95%+ admission average automatically guaranteed this entrance scholarship, or does it only enable you to get considered for it?
UWO 2019 Engineering Admissions
Just wondering the probability of getting accepted into the University of Western Ontario for engineering with these marks (First Sem)

ENG4U: 96
BOH4M: 99
MHF4U: 90
SCH4U: 87
Total Avg: 93.0%

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