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Hey guys! Ever since I applied my joinUofT says both my applications for UTSC and UTM are pending review? I was wondering if anyone received acceptances yet and if the application status changes on joinUofT. I applied to: UTSC Life Science UTM Human Resources If any of you guys got accepted to any program could you please let me know!! Along with your average if you could do that I know what’s my chance of getting in. Also if any current UTSC students could tell me if you need to meet a certain grade for prerequisites ( I got a 70 in adv functions, will that mean I won’t get accepted? ) Thanks!!
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do i still have a chance at getting into university
hey ya'll, this year i"ve been really struggling with my grades and im scared i wont be accepted into any programs 
i have applied to 
york - kinesiology 
utsc - psychological and health science
uoit - health science
ryerson - nutrition and food and social work
my average currently is an 77%, however i plan to get it an 85 by semester 2 midterms
however my average last year (grade 11) was an 82.5. Do you think there is any chance i will be accepted into any of these programs because my average is pretty low 
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Join UofT Status
Hey my join uoft status has been saying "pending review" since I applied which is December. Does anyone else have this? Does anyone know when it will change?
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Join UofT / Uzone Applicant Status
My status for my UofT application says "pending review" , does anyone know when this will change? Also the same for my Uottawa application it says "under evaluation",  anyone know when that might change?
Uni Admissions
Hi I'm applying to 
Uoft - Computer Science & CCIT
York - Computer Science & Computer Security
Ryerson - Computer Science
Brock - Computer Science
I heard admissions are based on grade 11 and 12 so here are my top 6 including preq
Advance Functions (Grade 12) - 71%
English ( Grade 11 ) - 87%
English ( Grade 12 ) - 83%
Computer Science ( Grade 11 ) - 80%
Drama ( Grade 11 ) - 87%
Computer Applications ( Dual Credit course, so Its a college credit as well) - 78% 
What are my chances? Keep in mind for Brock and York I added them in recently (after Jan 16th)
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Psycholinguistics - UTSC
What can I expect in this program? There isn't much info online. 
- Is it heavily focused on essay writing and seminars?
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Tips on Statement of Interest
I am applying to University of Toronto's Kinesiology program by December break. I would like to know any tips you guys have for writing the Statement of Interest.
1. What should I include?
2. What will make my Statement of Interest stand out from others?
3. What are some major points they look for in the application?
4. How long is it supposed to be?
Thank you for replying!
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UTSC - Psychology co-op program
Hi my average for my top 6 courses is 90%, what are the chances that I will get accepted?
English 12: 89%
AP Psychology: 95 or 96% (I forgot)
Calculus: 86%
AP Statistics: 84%
AP Economics: 88%
Biology: 99%

Should I replace my Biology 12 mark with a 96% in AP Biology 12? 

Thanks for your help in advance!
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UTSC Co-op Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
Hi there,

I have just applied to university, with my top choice being Co-op Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics at UofT Scarb; my subject of interest of Statistics. They have it listed as high 80's for both co-op/non co-op. which is surprisingly higher than St. George who's asking for mid 80's. Despite this, I have done my research and found that people with as low as low 80's have gotten in. With this being said, how likely am I to get in with these marks?

Grade 11 Final marks:
ICS3U: 80
MCR3U: 93
HRT3M: 91 (I go to a Catholic HS)
HSP3U: 95
ENG3U: 91
BAF3M: 93
MHF4U: 96 (fast-tracked)

Grade 12 mid-terms (I still have time and am confident I can bring these up):
ICS4U: 68 (one class I have struggled with so far that I am getting worried about, but I believe I can still pull off anywhere from a 70-75)
MDM4U: 91
ENG4U: 85

Next semester:
MCV4U: 88-94 prediction
HRE4M: at least a 95
CIA4U: anywhere from 85-90

Thank you for reading through this. Have a good day and I look forward to hearing back from you,


Top 6 4U/M courses
Hi there,  
I just have a quick question regarding the so-called "top 6 4U/M courses" that universities use to calculate your average. I am in Grade 12 and I took one 4U course last year (MHF4U) and have 3 each semester this year, for a total of 7 4U/M courses. Here is my problem: I am currently struggling in one of my courses right now (ICS4U) which I am 100% positive will not be part of my top 6, since my second semester courses aren't too bad. But when universities start looking at marks this upcoming winter, more specifically, my Gr 11 marks (which were pretty good in my opinion, low 90's), MHF4U which I took last year and my three current courses (ICS4U, MDM4U and ENG4U), will they still look at my low ICS mark, which is about a 70? Or will they just look at my top 6 marks combined, from either Gr11/Gr 12 (which I'm hoping will happen)? I'm just curious because the fact that one class may jeopardize my admission is making me feel anxious. By the way, my top choice is UTSC for Statistics, which requires a high 80's average based on last year (they are asking for a higher average than UTSG, which is pretty surprising). Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read through this and I look forward for your response,   

UTSC Admission
Hi there,

I am a Grade 12 student who has just applied to university. My top choice is UTSC for Statistics, and that is where my question will stem from. I am in a bit of a tricky situation here, if you can help me clear it up that would be great. Last year I fast-tracked MHF 4U and got a 96, which is important since it's a pre-requisite for my program. This year I have 3 courses/semester, for a total of 7 4U/M courses. But so far this semester I am struggling in ICS 4U with a 72, due to my horrible teacher who literally doesn't teach and also due to the fact I am not good at programming. I cannot see myself getting over a 75, unfortunately. However, this class would be most beneficial to me for post-secondary and it's too late to switch out or anything like that, but anyways...

In Grade 11, I finished with a 91 average, and is something I can see replicating for my other 5 4U/M courses. When U of T starts sending out offers in Feb, will they look at my low ICS 4U mark? Even though for sure this class will not be part of my top 6 4U/M courses,  since I am certain all my 2nd semester marks will be above the 70's, will they still look at it just because it's first semester, so they can look at as many Grade 12 courses as possible? I have an easier 2nd semester that I am sure I can average at least a 90 in. Or will they look at my top 6 marks from either Grade 11 and 12 (what I'm praying for)? This could be like my 3 highest Gr 11 marks with my 96 in MHF, along with my other two courses this current semester. I emailed UofT and I haven't heard back yet, so I'm just wondering if you guys know. Thank you  for taking the time to read through this and I look forward to your response,

So I'm a Canadian student who is not currently residing in Canada but I intend to apply to Canada. I am taking full IB but my predicted grades just about the requirement on the websites for the universities I'm applying for (UofT, UBC). My predicted is a 28 and I want to go on to study Political Science. My predicted are what they are but I'm very active in my school. I have a part of the MUN team (and have won best delegate), I am the club leader for TED-ED, and I am Head Girl. Is it right for me to worry about not getting in? What other things (along with improving my grades) could make me a stronger applicant?
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Does anyone know about a Double degree in UofT Scarborough???
Hi eveyone! As a 12 grader, I found a program in UTSC really interesting. It is double degree focus on finance which you will get a BBA and BSC degree in 5 years with co-op. I would love to be work in finance field and also have some work experience. According to the describtion of this course they will focus heavily on finance and get you the knowledge needed to do finance on IT and math. DO you guys think it is a good program or a experiment UofT is doing on student? (since they just started the program last year, we have no idea about their outcome--employment)

I'm also really into the Laurier and Waterloo DD, do you guys think the double degree from UTSC would be better than Laurier DD?  
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Waterloo or UofT for Physics and Astronomy program?
I would prefer to stay here and just go to UofT because its closer to home. However, would it be worth going to Waterloo for the Physics and Astronomy co-op and research opportunities? Or would it be alright to take Physics and Astronomy at UofT?  I'm planning on going to grad school as well btw. Thanks.
Regret over chosing Ryerson?
Im a few weeks away from starting first year in September. I chose Ryerson's BTM program because of the great job prospects and the hype everyone was telling me about. However once I got an acceptance into UTSC Management, my hearts been wanting me to go there because of the prestige and because I put in hard work to get in. 

However one thing that held me back from choosing UTSC was because I got into the non-co op program and was scared of the risk of switching into Co-op in second year, when I knew getting the 3.0 gpa in first year would be hard, and calculus is not my strength.

Now I lowkey feel regret/sad because my ego wants UTSC and I chose Ryerson despite all the positives about it including a higher GPA (I want to do Grad at UofT) and they have co op too.

Ryerson also has the IT part which I want to do, and i heard Uoft's IT is extremely difficult. 

Any advice or comments would be nice, thankyou :)
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Applying to UofT with repeated grades?
I'm repeating MHF4U and ENG4U. Should I even bother applying to UTSC? I don't feel like dropping hundreds of dollars to apply just for them to "give preference to those whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course."
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Hi there, 

With the new school year just getting started, I am already looking ahead to uni apps in the winter. I am looking to apply to U of T Scarborough for Statistics. Many people have told me that they mainly look at Gr 12 marks, but I'll just throw it out there that I had a flat 91% average last year in Grade 11. I also have fast-tracked Advanced Functions where I got a 96. Do you think that a 90+ average is good enough to get into UTSC? I'm really stressing although it's still early , but I'd still like to know. I also have a strong volunteer background and am on two sports teams. Much thanks!

Schulich BBA vs. Ryerson TRSM(Co-op) vs. UTSC Management(Co-op)
Hey fellow strangers on the internet! As of this upcoming school year I'll be a grade 11 student. I know I want to pursue in the accounting business field and obtain a CPA. I need help deciding which program is better between York University - Schulich BBA, Ryerson Ted Rogers Account & FInance (Co-op) and UTSC Management (Co-op).

I know that there are much better programs such as Waterloo AFM, Queen's, Ivey etc that will increase my chances with the Big 4, but my goal isn't that. I just want to be able to finish a degree and land a job that pays around 40-50k.

^I chose those 3 universities for various reasons, like funding(i know there's osap) commute etc.
I heard Schulich is really good though it is extremely hard finding internships. It also seems to be competitive for admissions. Curriculum and programs is very well explained thoroughly, good professors and small classes. They are expanding and building on more. Their MBA program is ranked #1 in Canada which says something I guess.  

Ryerson TRSM Accounting & Finance(Co-op) they seem to have a good program aswell and with co-op the program cost is still extremely cheap. I don't understand why there's a huge stigma around Ryerson. I feel like co-op was the selling point for me cause with most of my family members that are in co-op programs seem to be doing well. I can see the program growing in about 5 years and gaining alot of reputation. 

UTSC Mangement(Co-op) for the co-op program I know most would say this is better than ryerson, but it's more expensive and its a longer commute for me. I also heard that it was hard obtaining a high GPA cause the curriculum is harder than both ryerson and schulich. 

Also I didn't mention UFT Rotman because the program is extremely hard and a lot of students end up dropping their major or switching programs by year 2. I know personally someone that is struggling at UFT and they were a straight A student entering with a 95%+ average. 
I'm an A-B+ average student. I feel like my best bet to landing a job right after bachelor's would be going to Ryerson(co-op) since i would be getting more than 1 year of work experience, their curriculum is easier(higher chance of me obtaining a good GPA which employers look at), I can also complete my CPA Prep since they're cpa accredited school. The commute is short and for 4 years I'd be spending 45k max which can easily be payed of with co-op and osap. And for people that say Ryerson is not good I've looked around some profiles on linkedin and their website and people like Sonya Kawall come out of Ryerson successful. To become successful or not mainly depends on the person themselves as long as they are determined no matter if they go to a 'ivey league' school or a 'local cheap' school. Please add your suggestions and opinions as I want to hear what others say but don't bash me :P 
Thanks in advance! 
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Can I get into these business program 2019? Really worry about my mark?
I am going to be graduated next year, and i wished I could get in to rotman commerce, queens commerce, or the managment program in toronto's other compus. But I am quite worried about my mark for now. I have done about 60 hours community work, and did have a intership in a "bitcoin" Company which is a block chain company for 2 months, has been  school soccer captain for 3 years, also a member of school student council. And here is my estimate average based on grade 11 mark:

(btw, I am a IB student)

Buseinss and Mangement:97
MHF4U:First attempt 79, but I retake, so is about 89
Music: 96

Average around 89-92

Can i get in to some good business program in some quality univeristy?If not what kind of univeristy/program can I get into, Thanks!
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Choosing Uni Courses (pls help)
Hey guys. I've gotten accepted to the utsc coop Life Sciences - Neuroscience program (said that on the acceptance letter, but I know I have to apply for it later) and I have to choose my courses asap. I'm stuck because, due to a conflict in my timetable, I have to choose between taking Calculus 1 for the Physical Sciences 2nd sem, or cramming Calculus 1 for Life Sciences in first sem with physics, psychology, biology, and chemistry, which I would rather not deal with (especially in my first semester of uni, which I need time adjusting to!). 

My question is: is there a large difference between the Calculus 1 for physical sciences and Calculus 1 for life sciences courses, and if one is particularly more difficult than another (is the physical sci harder than the life sci?). Is there one that I should take (since im in life sci, should I try my best to stick with life sci)? Same with Physics 1, does it matter if I choose the life sci or physical sci course? Any input is appreciated, thanks.
Which School should I choose?
I have a 92% Average in my Grade 12 University courses( Bio, Chem, Advance Functions, Earth and Space Science etc..).
I love Science and I want to become a Research Scientist or any job that is related to science.
I have been reading a few discussions here saying that if you want to get a PhD, don't go to UofT undergrad. I plan on getting a PhD.

Should I go to UofT for Undergrad? Or should I go to easier universities like Ryerson or York for undergrad first, then move to UofT? 

Thank you for your time and have a good day!