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UFT sciences
Hey guys I was just wondering is it true that when your accepted to uft your not admitted to the program you chose but have to do a general first year and then re apply based on your marks 

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Hey guys :)
I got my acceptance from york kin (BSc)  and york life sciences on Friday with a grade 11 average of 91% and so far in grade 12 is a 89%, just waiting on UTM now. But I was just wondering if I get acceptance from UTM should I go to UTM I'm kinda freaked out after hearing all the horror stories of undergraduate science programs at UofT campuses. My bio teacher really freaked me out she went to UTM and absolutely hated it because of the bell curve. 
My end goal is dentistry and would science at UTM be really hard and are the bell curves really that bad. People make it seem as if york marks super easy and science is much easier at york than it is at UTM. I'm not able to go to any other university because of commuting purposes and won't be able to move out because of financial reasons, so realistically speaking I only have these two options. It would be great if someone could provide further insight into whether this is true or not. TYY!

And also if I go to york should I go to york kin (BSc) or york life sciences?
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I need help with my application!!!
I am applying to universities in Ontario as a grade 12 high school student. I had applied last year but did not meet the prerequisites then.The OUAC application asks if I have applied before, so should I say or will it affect my application?
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Life sciences utm and biomedical sciences
People who are in utm life science or ryerson or Guelph biomed science program, what were ur averages? And how hard is it to maintain ur gpa?
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Tips on Statement of Interest
I am applying to University of Toronto's Kinesiology program by December break. I would like to know any tips you guys have for writing the Statement of Interest.
1. What should I include?
2. What will make my Statement of Interest stand out from others?
3. What are some major points they look for in the application?
4. How long is it supposed to be?
Thank you for replying!
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Prospective Computer Science Applicant Averages
Would i have a decent chance at early admission(now-feb) with a gr.11 top 6 of ~87? My current gr.12 average is an 82.
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Optometry prerequisites at UTM
What are first year English courses like at UTM?  What type of assignments should I expect to be doing in the course and what grade should I expect if my grade 12 high school English mark was an 85.
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Questions for a recently admitted Nursing Student At MCMASTER
Hi there. I was in the same boat as you guys like 8 months ago lol. I applied to many nursing programs and got into every single one of them. I ended up at Mcmaster main! But I applied to Western main, Western Fanshawe, Ryerson main, Ottawa,  York, and Brock. Ask away on any admissions for any of these schools. 

I also applied to other programs other than nursing. (Waterloo life sci, Mcmaster Med Rad Sci, Mcmaster life sci, UTM life sci). I know this may seem like a lot of programs and a waste of money but I had no idea what I wanted to do. And I wasn't the smartest so I was scared I wasn't going to get in. 
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Will Retaking Chem 12 Affect My Chance To Get Into UoT?
I'm currently in grade 11 and fast-tracking by taking Chem 12 (1st semester) and Sociology 12 (2nd semester). I did okay in Chem 11, getting 87%. However, Chem 12 proves to be more challenging and I don't know if I can acquire my desired grades. If not, should I retake Chem 12 next year? I want to get into McGill or UoT for biochem, human biology, or something such as those.

Thank you!
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Programs in Post Secondary for Policing
I just want to know what program is appropriate for becoming a police officer in Canada.
People have suggested that Police foundations is not really worth it and have recommended to take Criminal justice or criminology. Is Criminal justice and Criminology similar or are they both slightly different? Also what universities should i go to for either programs in Ontario?
What do universities look at in early acceptance?
Last year I didn't do as well as I'd hoped but I still got fairly decent marks in most subjects
83% in english
84% in anthro
81% in math 
86% in bio
80% in chemistry
but I also got
66% in art
60% in com sci
and 73% in travel and tourism
I get com sci but would universities really look at my marks in art and travel?
UTM vs Waterloo vs Guelph
Hi, I was wondering what university out of UTM, Waterloo or Guelph would be the best for a computer science degree. Also, which one is more likely to help me get a job after graduation... Thanks for your help.
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Computer Science at UTM
I was wondering what average I would possibly need to get into Computer science at UTM and Ryerson. UTM is Low to Mid 80s and Ryerson is 82-88. I have English, Advanced functions, Calculus, Computer Science, International Business and Physics. My projected mark is an 85-87 average, is this good enough? If theres anything youd like to share about this please do, any past averages that you have got into either programs or anything related.
Best School For Forensic Psychology
What has the best program, UOIT forensic psychology, UTM Forensic psychology, or Trent joint honours in Forensics and Psychology?
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I just got an 80 on my MHF4U quiz. Is it still possible to go to UTM, UofT, or Waterloo for cs or math? If yes what average should I aim for aprox,to be safe from cutoff?
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UTM acceptances
I was wondering if UTM is still accepting applicants for the Fall 2018 term. I am trying to withdraw from my current university and go to UTM for the BComm. program. Does anyone know if they are still accepting?
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Can I get into these business program 2019? Really worry about my mark?
I am going to be graduated next year, and i wished I could get in to rotman commerce, queens commerce, or the managment program in toronto's other compus. But I am quite worried about my mark for now. I have done about 60 hours community work, and did have a intership in a "bitcoin" Company which is a block chain company for 2 months, has been  school soccer captain for 3 years, also a member of school student council. And here is my estimate average based on grade 11 mark:

(btw, I am a IB student)

Buseinss and Mangement:97
MHF4U:First attempt 79, but I retake, so is about 89
Music: 96

Average around 89-92

Can i get in to some good business program in some quality univeristy?If not what kind of univeristy/program can I get into, Thanks!
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Forensic Anthropology UTM
Hi, I am a senior in high school really interested in the forensic anthropology program at UTM. I heard it is really hard to get in and I was wondering if anyone had any information about the program and what the admissions are like? thanks!
entrance scholarship
ok so first question, when i was offered admission in February, my marks weren't in the range to receive an entrance scholarship, but my final average is, so will I receive it?

second question, how and when will the entrance scholarship be deducted from my tuition fees?  
UTM course selection help
Any recommendations for good courses to take at UTM or any school, that are interesting and not too difficult? I need to choose a bunch of electives am not sure which to choose.
UTM Political Science Students
Hi, are any of you guys going to major in political science? If so, which courses are you taking for the two terms?
Can anyone tell me how long it takes ilc to process your ossd?
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