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Nursing Hopefuls for 2019 :)
Hi prospective nursing students! Let's use this thread as a space to share information, questions, concerns, advice, and more with one another as the year progresses.

To get the discussion rolling, start off with your:
• programs of interest (both nursing and non-nursing);
• expected average; and
• career goals!

I'm thinking of applying to McMaster for nursing and health sciences as well as Western for nursing with a 95-96%. I'd like to be a nurse practitioner in the future, but do not have a particular speciality in mind yet.
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comparison between u of t and uottawa for political science program
I am planning to study international relation in u of t st.George or political science in uottawa. i have heard that u of t has a higher academic reputation but uottawa has far better coop opportunities. Which one is more suitable if i want to get a Ph.D and become a professor? How essential is coop experience if i want to get into academia in the future? (i am VERY adaptable so the city's atmosphere is quite irrelevant in the comparison).
Another unemployed engineering grad...
Why is there so much hype among high school students for engineering programs when even U of T engineering graduates are unemployed/underemployed in the Canadian job market? Have these kids even done their research? 
















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Applying to Nursing after a BSc
Is anyone else applying to nursing programs after finishing a different undergraduate degree? I finished my BSc at Western this June, and I'm applying to nursing programs for Fall 2019. I'm a bit concerned because my cGPA is really low (the last two years were much better - but still not sure its good enough for nursing)... I finished with a cGPA of 73.8% (2.92) and had a 78% (3.30) for the last two years.

I've applied to a ton of programs due to the low marks - Ryerson/Centennial, Ryerson/George Brown, Trent Compressed, Western/Fanshawe, UOttawa, Humber 2nd Entry, MoMac, CoMac, Laurentian/St.Lawrence.

Has anyone else applied to these programs after doing a university degree? Or know of people getting in out of uni with a lower average? 

My next step would be applying to a college Pre-Health program, but hoping this won't be necessary so I can avoid extra debt/an extra year of school.
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uOttawa Nursing VS Western Nursing
Okay so I'm a grade 12 student and I've applied to Ottawa and Western about a month ago. I received early acceptance from Ottawa already. My Grade 11 marks were ENG3U- 94, SBI3U- 96, FIF3U- 93, MCR3U- 94, ENG4U- 91, SCH- 98, and a 95 in my french presentations class and a 97 in my co-op class as a french teacher's assistant. uOttawa offered me the highest admission scholarship so my theory is that they took my top six grades or they rounded my av. of 94.75 up. This year, I have a 97 in data, 98 in advanced functions and a 98 in kin. If I get accepted to Western, which school do I choose.

I have also applied to Queens but I'm not as interested
uOttawa early acceptance
Any idea when uOttawa starts sending out early acceptances?
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How useless is health science?
Science is a subject that I’ve always been really interested in and after taking a course called health care in grade 11 health science seems like something I wanna go into; however, I’ve heard and read over and over again to not go into health sciences as it’s a basically useless degree. Is that actually the case or a slight over exaggeration? Medicine is something I’ve been looking into but I realize that you don’t have to take science/ health science for that, and that’s it’s unbelievably hard to get into and I want to take something that will give me a good backup plan too. Health science is something I want to take because it genuinely interests me, not just so I can maybe be a doctor: the fact that it combines the aspects of science (bio, anatomy) with some social sciences (ethics in healthcare, etc) really seems interesting to me. However I don’t want to go into it if I’m gonna be jobless and in a pile of student debt after four years, but at the same time I don’t want to take a program I will hate. How hard is it to go into a masters degree program? Also, I’ve heard that you can go into and work at health Canada with a health science degree? That’s sounds of interesting, is it true? Also, before anyone mentions this, computer science, business and engineering are subjects that I HATE so I really do not want to go into those. I realize these kind of questions are annoying but I’ve tried doing research and not too much has come up. Any insight would be really helpful and appreciated!!
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Will a low grade 12 english mark hurt my chances of getting accepted to University of Ottawa comp sci?

I didn't do well in grade 12 english and got a 66. I want to apply for computer science and they require a minimum average of 70% in MCV4U and MHF4U, here are my marks so far:  

ENG4U: 66%  
FSF4U (gr 12 french): 65%  
SPH4U (physics): 75%  
MCV4U: 90%  
MHF4U: 87%  
ICS4U (comp sci): 92%  

My average for all my courses is 79%, and my average for my 3 prerequisites (advanced func, calculus and english) is 81%. I meet the requirments, but I've been told that they wont accept any marks below 70% (ive got 60s in french and english), so what are my chances of getting accepted to uottawa comp sci?  

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Health Science 2019
University health science applicants of 2019:

I have noticed that there have been many threads like this ran for nursing, business, and engineering. As I am hoping to enter health science, I thought it would be beneficial for myself and those who are like-minded to share a few things with one another:

School/programs you plan on applying to:
Expected average:
Grade 11 average:
Course load:
What you plan on doing with your degree in this field:

For myself- 

Expected average: 90%
Grade 11 average: 85%
Course load:  
1st semester-
Social justice

2nd semester-
Challenge & Change

What you plan on doing with your degree in this field: I hope to be a naturopath or chiropractor.

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uOttawa vs. uGuelph
So I am currently a high school student residing in Mississauga and am looking for universities to apply to. uGuelph and uOttawa are my top two unis to apply to at the moment after doing a ton of research and just need a little more help deciding which university to attend.

The two fields of study I am most interested in are commerce (particularly business administration/management/marketing) and social sciences (public administration and public policy + similar courses) so I was wondering what exactly would be the best university for me to attend to for either one of those programs. What is the residency there like? How good are the co-op programs? How is the campus like? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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Grade 12 Physics Resources
Hey guys! 

I am in Grade 12 physics right now and was wondering if anyone had any websites/books that they use which help them study and get practice tests (other than the obvious khan and https://www.physicsclassroom.com/). 

If you had tips and tricks that you wanted to post on here about how you study or any comprehension tricks that would probably help everyone!

Thanks :)
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cs/software eng universities
I have Waterloo, UofT and uOttawa as my top three, does anyone have any input on any other good schools for cs/softEng or even ECE other than the three I listed? Co-op available to the program would be preferred.
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Not the Best Grade 11 Marks...
Grade 11 was by far my worst year academically and that's due to laziness (i will admit) and some personal issues, but I want to apply for university and go away. I had a 60% average  in grade 11. 

My grades in grade 11 were:
World Religions • 63%  
English • 64%  
Functions • 9% (the class i couldn't drop and did nothing in)
American History • 70%   
Canadian Law • 77%  
Anthropology, Psych • 70%  
College Mathematics • 71% (the class i was told wasn't available despite the fact that there were 2 classes for this course with 15 people each...)
Hospitality and Tourism • 57%

My top schools (in order) are Carleton, U Ottawa, Laurier  and I was thinking of either going in undeclared or straight into either sociology or humanities, I want a BA. I don't have my midterms yet or even a progress report but I know I'm currently getting between low-70s to mid-80s (I'm taking Philosophy, English, Social Justice, and Indigenous Studies).

How important are my grade 11 marks? I'm honestly not looking for early acceptance, I literally just want to be accepted. The only reason I'm still considering these school and programs is because this website MyBlueprint is telling me I'm still currently qualified for them but I don't know how accurate it is :/. I have to start applying in like a month and I don't want to waste my parents $50 per school application if my chances of getting in are near impossible. 

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Carleton or UOttawa Political Science?
I’m a grade 12 student and currently considering applying to Carleton for political science or public policy and policy management. For UOttawa I’m considering political science only.

Both the political science programs in the two universities offer co-op, but I am just wondering if anyone with experience could tell me the pros and cons of each as the programs are so similar? I know Carleton holds a worse reputation for social sciences but does that hold up for a political science degree?  
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Questions for a recently admitted Nursing Student At MCMASTER
Hi there. I was in the same boat as you guys like 8 months ago lol. I applied to many nursing programs and got into every single one of them. I ended up at Mcmaster main! But I applied to Western main, Western Fanshawe, Ryerson main, Ottawa,  York, and Brock. Ask away on any admissions for any of these schools. 

I also applied to other programs other than nursing. (Waterloo life sci, Mcmaster Med Rad Sci, Mcmaster life sci, UTM life sci). I know this may seem like a lot of programs and a waste of money but I had no idea what I wanted to do. And I wasn't the smartest so I was scared I wasn't going to get in. 
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Requirements to become a Doctor
Hi, I am a Canadian high school student apiring to become a doctor. My average is over 90+ and I have volunteered a lot for my community. But, I was wondering to become a doctor, do you need to win multiple awards and be required to receive the top mark in your school?
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Telfer vs Queen's Commerce
I live in Ottawa and am interested in pursuing business. My parents are really pushing me to go to OttawaU since it is so much cheaper than Queen's and has a co-op program. If by some miracle I get into QC, what do you all think is better? Go to a school closer to home with co-op? Or my dream school although it may cost me a bit extra. Also, does the fact that Queen's is far more respected guarantee me a better, higher paying job after graduation? Thanks
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I was wondering what are some universities that are more career focused. What I mean by this is schools that are interested in helping you find a good job and they don't just focus on you having a good undergraduate experience. Some of the schools I am looking at are:
- University of Western
- University of Ottawa
- University of Guelph 
- York University 
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Best Undergrad to Prepare for Law School?
Hi I’m a grade 12 student and I’m currently considering which programs to apply for. I’m considering pursuing public policy, political science, business or global affairs. I’ve heard from multiple people that certain degrees prepare you better for the LSAT and law school in general.

Personally, I have an interest in all four so now it is just a matter of deciding.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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Hi I am a grade 12 student who wishes to go to Queens University, Waterloo, Mac, UofT, Ottawa or Western. I was wondering what average do these universities require, do they require their pre-requistes average, total average of the entire high school year or just the average of your 6 highest courses. Any info is useful and don't judge me.
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Engineering job experience programs
Are there any major differences between the internship program at queens (quip), the one at Toronto (PEY) and the coops at Waterloo and Ottawa?
I plan on going into chemical engineering
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Will universities only look at top 6?
Hi, I'm a grade 12 student who is interested in applying for nursing. This year I am taking bio, chem, data, english and earth science. In grade 11 I took two grade 12 courses- families in canada and challenge and change in society. I got a 97% and 100% in those 2 courses. I know chem, data, english and bio will be calculated in my average because they're required for nursing, and I assume families in canada and challenge and change in society will be my best two other courses that will also be calculated. I assume I won't get any better than a 97% in earth science.

My question is: I just got my first test back in earth science and I only got an 75%. Will universities still judge me and even decline my offer based on the fact that I did poorly in a course that isn't in my best top 6?
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Health Science Degree
Is there any career you can do with solely a health sci degree? I do plan on continuing school after undergrad as of now, but I also don't want to put myself into a position where I absolutely have no other choice if I do feel done w school after. My other option is nutrition, but there are health science programs avaliable at more schools, and the courses seem more interesting to me...
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