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Nursing Hopefuls for 2019 :)
Hi prospective nursing students! Let's use this thread as a space to share information, questions, concerns, advice, and more with one another as the year progresses.

To get the discussion rolling, start off with your:
• programs of interest (both nursing and non-nursing);
• expected average; and
• career goals!

I'm thinking of applying to McMaster for nursing and health sciences as well as Western for nursing with a 95-96%. I'd like to be a nurse practitioner in the future, but do not have a particular speciality in mind yet.
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Join UofT / Uzone Applicant Status
My status for my UofT application says "pending review" , does anyone know when this will change? Also the same for my Uottawa application it says "under evaluation",  anyone know when that might change?
Chances of me getting into university
I applied to 5 programs. They are the following as stated

1. Kinesiology at university of toronto 
2. Health Studies at university of waterloo
3. Human kinetics at university of ottawa 
4. Concurrent education with program interest in kinesiology and health sciences 
5. Biology at ryerson 

I just got my report card for my 1st semester final marks and I had the following 

1. 96 in kinesiology 
2. 92 in world issues 
3. 76 in advanced functions 
4. 84 in English 

I have an overall of 87% and I was wondering if I would be able to get a conditional offer for any of my programs this month in February ? My 2nd  semester consists of me having families in Canada a 4M course, spare, chemistry 4U and Biology 4U.

Any advice or feedback would be great, thanks 
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Can I still get into this Program?
I currently have a mid 80's average. I have a 88 in English, 90 in Physics, 90 in Biology but I have a 64 in Advanced Functions. I'm in Grade 12 and I was looking at UW and Ottawa for Life Science and Biomedical Science respectively. Both require the Advanced Functions course as a requirement and both require the mark to be above 70%. In second semester I am confident that I can get all 90's to boost my my average, but is it still possible for me to get into those programs? (P.S for both programs, the overall average must be low 80's).

Please let me know asap if anything is possible.
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Uozone “under evaluation”
Just curious, how long did it take for your status to change from “under evaluation” to something else?
Best Pre-Med Options
I understand that there is no perfect pre-med in Canada. However, I am hoping to get into medical school after my undergrad (yes, I am aware that I might not want to do this after my undergrad or might not have the marks to do this). I know that everyone says to do a degree that won’t be useless if I don’t get into med school but I don’t care about that I just want to do a science degree. I have heard that McMaster Health Science is one of the best options. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LIST THE BEST UNDERGRADS WITH SCHOOLS FOR INDIVIDUALS PLANNING ON GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL? If you could list like 10 that would be awesome! Thanks (:
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Computer Science Acceptances 2019
Hey, I wanted to start a thread on the computer science program acceptances for the 2019 school year.  Please post:

1. School/Program(s) Applied to
2.  Date Applied 
3. Grade 11/12 average (which ever was used in consideration for your offer) 
4. Program(s) accepted to 
5. Date of acceptance 

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Carleton vs uOttawa
Hello! I have gotten into Health Sci at both Carleton and uOttawa and now I just have to make a decision... I have seen both schools and I like them equally! I love Carleton’s brand-new Health Sci building and their tunnels, but I love uOttawa’s location and campus (with the affiliated hospital!). I would love to hear your opinions on the HEALTH SCIENCE PROGRAM at both of these schools and which one you would pick if you were in my position. Thank you so much!
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Conditional offer question
I just been accepted into University of Ottawa for computer science and I’m currently in my first year of Algonquin College. It says I must maintain an average of 78%. The description says “You must maintain a minimum final admission average of 78%”. Does this mean that I have the have atleast a 78% average in the winter semester? I got a 88% average during the fall semester. Is this asking for a 78% during this semester or does it include my fall semester? I emailed them today but still waiting for a response.
When do you think I will receive acceptances?
I've applied to offer 10 programs at this point due to my indecisiveness and still learning where I want to be, I know due to me having so many schools some schools will deny me which is what I have heard.


Ryerson - Business Management
Ryerson - Political Science
Ryerson - Public Administration
UofT - Arts
Laurier - Arts
Queens - Arts
Mcmaster - Arts
Western - Arts
UOttawa - Arts
UOIT - Commerce
York- Sociology 
York- Law and Society
Waterloo - Arts

I know! A lot, but I didn't want to regret not applying somewhere as everyday I am changing my mind. In Grade 11 I didn't do so good sadly I had a 68% average, my Semester 1 Finals are a 86%. I am hoping my marks for Semester 2 can get me to 89-92%. When do you think I will most likely receive acceptances? I know my grade 11 marks may slow this process down.
University Questions!!
I'm in grade 11 and I'm planning to go into law. I was wondering what some good undergrad programs are for someone who sucks at math. The social sciences interest me as well as English. 

Also, I was wondering what some recommended universities are. I just want as much information as possible. I'm not really a science or math person. 
Thank you all! I really appreciate it :) 
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Do you have to send Passport picture for proof ILC documents
Hi im currently trying to get a course done but like, it says i need to have a passport pic and it MAY be used to verify. However I dont have any of that stuff. Can I just skip it?
are scholarship offers based on your grade 11 average or grade 12? if it’s different depending on the programs or universities, does anyone know how they do it specifically at uottawa or queens? tried looking at their websites but nothing came up?
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Will a low grade 12 english mark hurt my chances of getting accepted to University of Ottawa comp sci?

I didn't do well in grade 12 english and got a 66. I want to apply for computer science and they require a minimum average of 70% in MCV4U and MHF4U, here are my marks so far:  

ENG4U: 66%  
FSF4U (gr 12 french): 65%  
SPH4U (physics): 75%  
MCV4U: 90%  
MHF4U: 87%  
ICS4U (comp sci): 92%  

My average for all my courses is 79%, and my average for my 3 prerequisites (advanced func, calculus and english) is 81%. I meet the requirments, but I've been told that they wont accept any marks below 70% (ive got 60s in french and english), so what are my chances of getting accepted to uottawa comp sci?  

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University's Getting Semester 1 Marks
As semester 1 comes to an end, I'm just wondering when exactly universities will receive our final semester 1 marks for grade 12... my last exam was Friday and I know all of my final marks now, so I'm just anxiously awaiting for the schools to get them and for them to start sending out offers of admission based on them. So, does anyone know when exactly the universities will have this information/ act on it?
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Super Anxious Help Me! - Queen's Engineering
Please help, I'm really anxious about getting in to Queen's Engineering.
I have an 89% average for the 5 courses they consider and a 91 otherwise. 
I also have calculus, chemistry, and bio next semester.
My PSE is above average in my opinion.
What are my chances of getting in? Please help!!
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Health Science 2019
University health science applicants of 2019:

I have noticed that there have been many threads like this ran for nursing, business, and engineering. As I am hoping to enter health science, I thought it would be beneficial for myself and those who are like-minded to share a few things with one another:

School/programs you plan on applying to:
Expected average:
Grade 11 average:
Course load:
What you plan on doing with your degree in this field:

For myself- 

Expected average: 90%
Grade 11 average: 85%
Course load:  
1st semester-
Social justice

2nd semester-
Challenge & Change

What you plan on doing with your degree in this field: I hope to be a naturopath or chiropractor.

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Depressed about my marks (do I have a chance at uottawa?)
Hey guys,

Over the past month I've been stressing out over my marks,  I really don't know what to do at this point, it would devastate my parents if I don't get accepted to uottawa.

What are my chances of going into uOttawas joint honours in computer science/mathematics program with these marks:

ENG4U: 66 (second time taken, first was failed at summer school, I suck at english)
FSF4U: 65 (I suck at french too)
MCV4U: 85
MHF4U: 87
MDM4U: 80
ICS4U: 90

As you can see, I SUCK A** at english/french, am okay at math and computer science and its why I chose to pursue this field.

Will uOttawa only calculate my top 6 average which is 79, or will they look at that crappy english mark and not accept me? 

This will sound retarded LOL but is it possible to take a course (english) for a third time? What are my options guys?

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Just got accepted to Queens for health studies!!! Anyone else?
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McMaster vs. Queen's vs. Ottawa vs. Guelph vs. Others
Hello, I'm a high school senior living in the GTA. I'm looking to study somewhere in Ontario and I'm interested in studying physics and/or chemistry. As I am still undecided, I'm interested in possibly doing general science in first year. I have visited many universities in the last few months, and I felt the most comfortable at McMaster, Queen's, Ottawa and Guelph. But, I can't seem to decide between them. I have applied to all of these schools (Queen's-Science, McMaster-Chemical and Physical Sciences, Ottawa and Guelph-Physics Co-op). I have already been accepted to Queen's.
Which one has the best program? If anyone in the science programs at one of these school's has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Carleton vs uottawa ?
Hi, I am interested in Carleton's entrepreneurship program but I also like the sciences therefore, I would  minor in biology. Uottawa doesn't offer a minor with the honours marketing program, so I would major in bio and take the entrepreneurship minor. Basically its just flipped. The social life also plays an important part with my decisions. Im looking for advice.
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Gr. 12 courses for Psych (BA)?
So I am planning on applying to Psychology (BA) programs for universities next year (My number one school is University of Guelph btw). I am currently in grade 11 and have to soon choose my courses for next year, I am aware that the only courses for this program that are required are English and 5 other U/M courses. I am here to ask what other courses I should take that will help me when I do make it to university for Psych. I am thinking of taking Bio and a math, but I am not sure if I will really need it as it not a requirement. So will taking bio and math increase my chances of getting in? So if anyone could offer me some advice on what to take based off their own experience or what they've heard about Psych courses? That would be great! Thanks! (I posted this question before to but forgot to ask if it improves my chances of getting in if I take the recommended courses too instead of just the required)
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Choosing a school
Hi! I am a grade 12 student interested in studying Health Sciences at a university in Ontario. I want to get a high average while receiving a good education. I am interested in medical school in the future, so I would also like to choose a school/program that will give me a good chance at getting into medical school after my undergrad. I have applied to Health Sciences at Carleton (in the biomedical concentration), uOttawa, Laurier, and Queen’s. I have gotten early acceptance into Carleton, uOttawa, and Laurier (which are my top three) and now I am having difficultly choosing. Could someone please share their experiences studying Health Science at these schools? Also if you have any recommendations (e.g. about program choice, additional universities to consider, etc.) please comment! Thank you!
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