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Half of the time when I go into yconic or click on a tab, I get service 503 error. Very inconvenient and so I cannot access things on here a lot of the time. Anyone else get this issue?
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AMA First Year Queen's Nursing!
Hey! I know I was really nervous this time of year last year and had loads of questions so if any aspiring nurses have any questions about Queen's nursing or applying to other schools across Canada i'll do my best to answer!

Best of luck to you all!
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Schulich Leader Application
I was recently nominated to apply for this award and I have done research for the past two years. However they say they don't want students planning to go into medicine but the research I did was medical related. Should I include it or leave it out if it might decrease my chances of getting the award? I am unsure since some the past winners participated in HYRS or things like that but I just want to be sure that it including my research will not effect me negatively
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I Want To Be A Nurse, But Grades Are Too Low
Hi all. I'd love to be a nurse because I enjoy helping others and I'm also very interested in the medical field. However, my math and science marks are dragging me down and I realistically doubt that I can get into a nursing program in Canada. I am an Albertan student. 
English: 89%
Pre-Calc: 61%
Bio: 79%
Chem: 68%
Can anyone recommend a good undergraduate program to take to take that could help me in the future while trying to re-apply to nursing, or a program that would be easier for me to get into? Can someone also suggest a program to enter into with the goal of transferring to nursing?
Thank you so much for the help.
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Can i get into SFU with these marks?
I was wondering as to what the marks cut off was for Sciences at SFU? my grades so far...
Biology 12 - 76
Chemistry 12 - 85
Pre-Calculus 12 - 79  
English 12 - 90  
French 12 - 95  
Geography 12 - 94
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Scholarship Application :(
Hi!! I was recently completing my Loran Scholarship application and the portion that asks which university you want to attend says individuals chosen as Loran Scholars are expected to leave their home region???? I was planning to go to the university in my city but if I were to win this scholarship would I have to go somewhere else?? I understand there are different loran awards (some win $80000 and some win a couple thousand for being a finalist) so would I become ineligible to win any awards?
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Chances of getting into sciences (biology, biomedical, life or health sciences) in UBC, Calgary, McGill, McMaster and U of Alberta.
Hey guys so I want your opinions on my chance of getting into one of the universities mentioned above into the biology program (faculty of science). I got a 1210 in the SAT and did the SAT Subject Chemistry and Biology (M) and got a 720 and a 680. I got a 98 in the TOEFL. Also my overall grade 11 mark was a B+ and my overall grade 12 mark (first semester) was an A-. Courses I took in grade 12 and their marks (first semester) were:
 AP English : A-
 AP Calculus AB: B+
AP Statistics: B
 AP Biology: A-
 AP Chemistry: A
 AP Physics 1 and 2: A-
 I plan on doing the AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, and AP Chemistry with predicted marks 3 4 4.
 I also volunteered at a hospital for over 40 hours and attended several events in universities (Carnegie Mellon and Weill Cornell) and assisted in creating the chess club at our school. For UBC, I think I may have done well in the personal profile section but I accidently wrote "me" instead of "be" and submitted it. Will that really affect my application?
 Lemme know what you guys think about my marks and thank you in advance!
Schulich Award
I was going to apply for the Schulich scholarship however I noticed that the eligibility says that students cannot be going into medicine or medical research. I am not sure what I will be going into after my science degree however I wanted to keep my options open. I read some articles about past winners and some of them said that they want to pursue medicine. If someone ended up pursuing medicine after would they revoke the award?
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Is med school worth it?
I love biology and chem, I'm very interested in becoming a family doctor. I mostly got the high 80s in all my classes in high school. I don't think it of myself as a genius and just hearing how difficult it is to get into med school makes me really hesitant about wanting to pursue a career in that area. Should I take the chance or choose a different career path instead of wasting my time in something I prob won't get into!!
How hard is it to get your specialization in UAlberta (Engineering)?
Hi! I applied for engineering at UAlberta and I want to do CompEng with Software Option Coop but I'm concerned about not getting into the specialization. Anyone that knows if it is hard to get into it? What about UCalgary?  

Thank you in advance!
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UoC Engineering Application: Concerned about Maintaining Early Admission
Hi everyone! I recently got accepted into U of C in Engineering through early admission.

At the end of Grade 11, these marks were used:
- Math 30-1: 94%
- Chemistry 30: 89%
- Physics 30: 95%
- English 20-1: 84%
- Overall: 90.5%

However, I'm concerned if I can still get in with a 85-90% overall average.
- Math 31: 93-96% (About to finish this course; currently rewriting tests to raise it, but it's minimum 93%)

I suck at English and there is a moderate chance I may get 75-80% in 30-1 after the diploma (I am surviving at an 80% currently).

Will my chances be nullified if I perform this badly in English?

Thanks a lot! :D

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UofA vs UofC vs SFU Soft/Comp. Eng.?
Hi! I applied to UofA (Computer Eng), UofC (Software Eng) and SFU (Eng Sci - Comp Eng)  

-Which one would you recommend and why?  
-I know about the rankings and prestige of these three, but rankings are subjective, could you give me your own perspective of these universities if you've been to them?  

I also applied to UBC but I might not be able to afford it.  

GPA: 97% -Got accepted to UofC
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Advice for a furture neuroscience undergrad?? What did you think of Neuroscience?
Hello! I'm in grade 12 and I've been accepted into Neuroscience at the UofLethbridge and I've just applied to UofCalgary and UofAlberta for Neuroscience as well. One of the main reasons I'm interested in this program is because I'm just generally intriged by the brain and nervous system, as it is so complex and impressive, and we apparently still don't know much about it. 

My question is for all former or current neuroscience students: How did you know that Neuroscience was the perfect fit for you? 

Although I have a good feeling about this program, at this stage it's difficult for me to know if the program would be a good fit for me. Any advice would be much appreciated, whether it's from students at Albertan universities or not I would still love to hear it!
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Will I get into uofa with a 80% Average?
I applied at the faculty of arts and sciences in psychology a week ago almost. the competitive admission average for arts stated low 70s to low 80s but I still did not get accepted into arts with early admission. My friends have already received their offers. Also, does the admission average go down after early admission, is there a chance I can still get into arts or sciences in psychology?
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Loran Scholarship Application
Hi everyone. I'm applying to be a 2019 Loran scholar and on previous applications I have seen a question that says list 5 of your accomplishments. What do they mean by this question???
 Also there is a section for artist/musical pursuits and I dont have anything for that (I do photography but I would put that under school for yearbook) 

We also have to write short essays and I was wondering what would be the best way to write it in terms of format? Like, is a story type of essay good or a well structured formal essay?? 

All advice is greatly appreciated!
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Chances into engineering
Im going into my grade 12 year and I was just wondering my chances of getting into the engineering program at uofc and uofa. By the end of first semester my average should be 87-89. I really want to get in during the Feb-Mar period because I live in Calgary so if I were to go to uofa I would have the get a dorm. (hopefully the spots don't fill up by then)

Summary: 87-89% average, chances at uofc and uofa.  
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How to improve ELA/English mark?
Hi! My name is Paul and I'm a student in Alberta. Soon I'm heading into grade 12 of high school but I am extremely nervous and stressed because I'm scared I won't be able to get a good ELA mark to increase my chances to get into university. I have always been good with my sciences and math classes with biology, chemistry, and math all being low-mid 90's and physics high 80's but I have barely been achieving a 70 in my ELA class.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any tips and/or advice on how to improve my ELA mark, improve my reading/writing/comprehension skills, and overall how to go about taking an English class.

Thanks in advance!

University Application Questions (Engineering)
Hi I am a Alberta student hoping to get into the engineering program at UofA or UofC (obviously I will be applying to more schools just had these two at the top of my mind). I had some questions regarding my application to these universities. 

1. My grade 11 average is pretty bad (84%) so instead I was wondering if I could apply with half my grade 11 marks and half grade 12 marks (after the first semester of grade 12) OR do they use my first semester grade 12 marks and the other grade 12 marks are predicted. 

2. Do you think I can get into both universities with an 88-89% average. Also are there any other schools that you think I can get into with those marks. 

3. When I apply in the first semester of grade 12 I will not have completed Calculus (Math 31) and assuming the answer to question 1 was that I use half grade 11 and grade 12 marks, would my math 30 (grade 12 math) be double weighted or do they only use four courses (math, physics, English, and chem. Excluding calc).
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BHSC, Health and Society. Course of my dreams or nightmares?
Hello, I am currently in grade 12 living in Calgary, and I've been so stuck on what to take in university.

Until I discovered the BHSC  Health and Society course. A perfect mix of both biology and medicine, alongside political science and global issues. However after doing some digging, I've appeared to only find negative upon negative in regards to health sciences. 

So whats the scoop? I hear I must aparently have a 95 average in all my classes when in reality I'm in the low 90's range with physics trailing behind with an 85 (you don't even want to know my english mark).

I'll update this post after I go to the U of C open house, but until then, current or former students let me know what it was like. What did you study? Will I not get in if all my marks arent even in the 90's (my math 20-1 is a 89 as well oops).

Anyways I'm so stressed idk what to do guys.
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Textbook Advice
Hi! I am a first year Haskayne student looking for textbooks. I am negotiating with people in Facebook and I am considering buying it from Bound and Copied. Are the prices at Bound and Copied good? And the condition? Thanks
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How do you repair an iPod Touch that underwent water damage
Hello there, I know this discussion is not related to anything about school or scholarships, but I really need some advice on how to fix an iPod that has water damage. 

The iPod is still fully functional, except that the water evaporated behind the backlit screen and I believe some LED lights burned out. Should I continue charging the iPod on a daily basis or would that be dangerous (considering short circuits and stuff alike)?

Also, does soaking the iPod in uncooked white rice overnight help?
Transferring route!!
I'll be starting my first year in Natural Science at the University of Calgary next year. I have changed my mind and I want to go into nursing now, so I'm deciding if I should just only take the prerequisites for nursing instead of the courses required for my current degree. I'm scared that if I do this I may not get into nursing and then ill be very behind in my classes for Natural Science. Has anyone changed their programs? Is the difficulty of getting in the same as if you were applying when in high school?
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Hi Guys! I need advise from people that got to Haskayne. I am interested in both Accounting and Marketing but obviously I can't concentrate in both. I am thinking of doing general commerce. Do you guys recommend that?
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Best programs for ecology
Hi everyone,

I was wondering what universities have the best ecology programs? I am interested in the University of Guelph, University of British Columbia Okanagan, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Concordia University... and I'm not sure what else. Any information about these schools and others from personal experience would be great! Thanks!

Also, as a side note, I'm pretty sure I will get in to most of these schools because my grades are fairly decent (91-98% averages) but I would like someone to be honest with me about my chances. I go to school in the U.S. so I don't know what some of the expectations are.
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High School Class of 2018 Offers of Admission
Now that school's back in full force and university applications are open, I thought I'd make this application thread so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied, their averages, etc.

In your post, please include the following:
- Program and post-secondary institution
- Date of application
- Date of offer
- Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
- Province you're applying from
- Any other information you'd like to add

Good luck everyone!!
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