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Neill Wycik Co-op
I was wondering if anyone has ever lived in Neill Wycik on gerrard street. Does the studio room have a private bathroom or is it just bigger (the website isn't clear)? Anything else about what it's like living there would be helpful as well.
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?
5) Where have you been accepted? If you don't mind sharing, with what average?
6) Any questions you have about nursing! We're all here to help.

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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Seneca Nursing Winter 2019 Start
Hey guys! I recently got accepted for the Seneca BScN Jan 2019 start. I just want to ask if there’s already an fb group or something for us? I would love to meet all of you guys. Pls feel free to drop your ig or questions. Cheers!
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 So, i recently applied to the Seneca York collaborative nursing program for January 2019. My Midterm average is an 82% 
 On eINFO it says the average should be mid to high 80's and on the Seneca nursing website it says courses with a minimum of 70% and minimum average of 80%.. Can someone please give me advice on weather or not i have a chance of being accepted to this program 

 MHF4U (math)- 82 
SBI4U (biology) - 84 (MIDTERM MARK)
 ENG4U (English)- 77
 SCH4U (chemistry)- 87
 CHY4U (world history)- 85
 HHG4M (human development)- 81

 Thank You!
will i get accepted into college with a 65% average?
so i really want to apply for Seneca's creative advertisement program, but my grade 11 average was 65%. it would be nice to get early acceptance but i'm not sure I will get accepted with that average. right now in grade 12 i have an 89% average which I think i can maintain until the end of the semester. I'm not sure if I should apply now or wait until january, but if there is a decent chance of getting accepted with my grade 11 marks I would prefer to do that. Also, lets say I apply now and get rejected, would i be able to apply again to the same program in january or february with my grade 12 marks?
When the only requirement for a college program is grade 12 english, does that mean they only look at your english mark? (your overall average doesn’t matter)?
theres this program i want to get into and the only requiremnt is grade 12 english. does this mean they will only look at my english mark and they wont look at my overall average from the rest pf my grade 12 classes? i tried emailing them but i was cpnfused with the answer.
Do I have to mail my MFSAA form even though I've already completed it online? People are telling me different things and I'm super confuse
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Switching semesters in college?
I'll be starting school in fall 2018 (not what I intended in the first place) but I don't think I will be able to start at that time because of financial issues. I just wanted to see if I can start at a different semester (January 2019) so I can have some time to sort out my money issues and other problems.

Will colleges allow new students to basically take a semester off?

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First day of Art Fundamentals
I'm a future college freshman going into Art Fundamentals at Seneca College in Sept 2018. Seneca has resources on how to prepare for the first day, like getting my ID card, how to get involved in student life, etc. But no one has told me what I should bring on the first day of classes.

My first day will consist of two classes: Colour Studio I and Drawing I. They're both lectures. But do I need art supplies? Will the instructors tell us what to bring on the first day?

I will definitely be bringing notebooks and writing utensils. Anyone have any advice? It would be awesome if past Art Fundamentals students saw this and answered.

Also, there is a one-hour break between my two classes. What do I do during that time? Just hang out? I'll probably walk around campus to familiarize myself, but anyone have any suggestions?
I just got admitted to Seneca and york nursing. Is there any social media group that's for Seneca and york nursing?  Also why are they giving out this letter so late?
do colleges value university marks higher?
I have a teacher who said if colleges value university marks higher if you apply. Let's say you get a 66% in chemistry in the university level a college will look at that 66% as a 70% instead
...is that true?
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Can I get accepted to college with a university credit?
I'm taking university courses but I decided to go to college instead because my marks are not that good for the university. 

Will a college accept my university marks with the average between %60-70 average? ( didn't get my updated mark yet)

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York/Seneca Nursing
Hi all, I'm going to second year of the York/Seneca nursing program. I can help anyone and everyone who needs it! Send your questions my way and I'll be sure to answer them ASAP.
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I'm having trouble choosing a college pathway
I am facing a bit of a dilemma for choosing a post secondary option I wanted to become a doctor but I don’t like biology or science I wanted to become a Engineer but I don’t like math I wanted to become a computer programmer but I don’t like programming I wanted tojoin the trades but I don’t like getting my hands dirty I’m basically out of ideas for what to go to college for and I’ve tried everything!!!! Anyone have any ideas of how I can make a lot of money after graduation without having to do any of the hard math or science courses or physical labour Any suggestions would be appreciated becuase I don't want to work for minimum wage the rest of my life ad demand a high paying salary
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Is Sheridian College a good school for engineering?
I was thinking about applying for Mechanical  Engineering at Sheridian next year, and was wondering if anyone who has took this or another engineering program found at Sheridian found employment prospects other then slinging coffee after graduation? Also what you thought of the 1) City of Oakville as a city and expense wise and  2)were the teachers and guidance councillors helpful for helping find employment in your field? 3) The beauty of the female body
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Chossing College
Hi guys. I am just confused about choosing the college. Which one should I go for?
Seneca/York OR GB/Ryerson? More precisely I am more confused about going to York or Ryerson after two years at college. because everyone has their own opinion which makes my decision process more complicated and puts me at the crossroad.  So if any help from a current student would mean a lot. Thanks.

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Has anyone gotten into ryerson GB yet?
Possibly with an 88% average or below? Beacuse I see everyone here witht 90+ average and I'm scared I won't get into ryerson gb/centennial nor york Seneca with my 86.66% average 
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2017!
There was already a post for students hoping to become nurses in 2016 (as posted by Molly Perrigo). Now this new post is for those of us trying to become nursing students in 2017! 

So, please share: 
1. Which school(s) are you applying to? 
2. What other programs are you applying to as your back up?
3. What overall average are you aiming for in your final year? 

I have applied to Centennial, George Brown, as well as Seneca. 

My backup program is biomedical sciences at Ryerson. 

I'm aiming for an average of 90. 
Do i have to go to Seneca college if i wanna go to the Canadian air force?
I wanted to start my pilot career by joining the Canadian Airforce. But I also wanted to go to Rotman business school for a backup plan. Would I still receive paid education as an officer cadet? Or must I attend Seneca?
Sheridian College - Chemical Engineering Technology
Hi everyone, I currently have all of the prerequisites for this program in my planner.
I had a few questions and was wondering if anyone who has token a program in Chemical Engineering Technology at this or a similar college has had trouble finding employment after graduation.
Also if anyone knows what the difference is between this which is a 3 year program for an Advanced College Diploma rather than a bachelors at a University? 
I know that this program qualifies you as an Engineering TECHNICIAN and not an Engineer so does his also make a difference in hiring prospects for an employer??
This is the link to the program for more information.
Thanks for any help!!!!
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York admission letters (specifically nursing)?
Hey guys, i recently got admitted to the york nursing program (collab with seneca) and i was wondering how long it takes for york to send home offer admission letters. I check myfile on the york website and it says that if youre admitted i should receive a letter home. "Once a decision on your application has been made, you will receive an official offer letter from York University." I am wondering how long this will take. On OUAC it says they have accepted me since feb 12.
Thoughts regarding college degree programs?
Hello everybody! I'm approaching senior year High School and interested in applying to business/finance/accounting programs. What I have noticed here in southern Ontario, is that university cutoffs for these programs are very competitive, (85+ averages), whereas for college degree programs they are minimum 65%. Some of Seneca's programs are even CPA accredited and offer mandatory co-op. Say I want my CPA designation (which I'm looking into), my question is, what are the pros and cons of a college degree, and will opting for college degree programs be any better or worse than university degree programs in the long run?
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do grade 11 marks matter
ok so i just finished my first semester of grade 11 and mt marks were not good at all.

76% in health care 

68& in english 

70% in drama 

and 50% in chemistry 

I'm scared that these marks will affect my chances of getting into nursing, kinesiology or dental school just because of one semester of grade 11. i don't want to do early acceptance, so I'm not sure if these marks really matter. I've also heard that nursing at lakehead university  is very easy to get into  for nursing. can someone give me some advice.
105D Nursing Applicants!
I have a couple questions - 
Does your application only count after you have submitted your supplementary application? Do 105 application get lesser priority than 101? (Ryerson Nursing)
Has anybody been accepted yet? If so, what average and when did you apply? Thanks guys and good luck with all of your applications!