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Nursing Hopefuls for 2019 :)
Hi prospective nursing students! Let's use this thread as a space to share information, questions, concerns, advice, and more with one another as the year progresses.

To get the discussion rolling, start off with your:
• programs of interest (both nursing and non-nursing);
• expected average; and
• career goals!

I'm thinking of applying to McMaster for nursing and health sciences as well as Western for nursing with a 95-96%. I'd like to be a nurse practitioner in the future, but do not have a particular speciality in mind yet.
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Best Pre-Med Options
I understand that there is no perfect pre-med in Canada. However, I am hoping to get into medical school after my undergrad (yes, I am aware that I might not want to do this after my undergrad or might not have the marks to do this). I know that everyone says to do a degree that won’t be useless if I don’t get into med school but I don’t care about that I just want to do a science degree. I have heard that McMaster Health Science is one of the best options. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LIST THE BEST UNDERGRADS WITH SCHOOLS FOR INDIVIDUALS PLANNING ON GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL? If you could list like 10 that would be awesome! Thanks (:
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Why is nursing so competitive nowadays?
When my mom went through to become an RN (1989) , she only had to do 3 years at a college, and was granted acceptance to all of the schools she applied to even after failing math and nearly failing chem lol. Today, it seems as though you have to have the smarts that would have been needed only from a medical student back then! What has caused for such a discrepancy!?
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Are some universities more difficult than others?
I know some universities are more difficult to get into but are they also more difficult when considering workload and content difficulty? For example, would Brock actually be easier than Queen's or is it similar since they are both universities?
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I will be entering grade 12 this upcoming school year. I had previously been dead-set on going into nutrition or health sciences. However, I have now grown to seriously consider nursing. I have, of course, researched the prereq's and averages to be considered for admission to nursing programs. I am already set to take all of the 4U courses I'd need (bio, chem, data) But, I just want to know how actually cut-throat it is to get into a nursing program. My grade 11 average was in the mid-high 80's (do keep in mind, this was without the fire under my a** that grade 12 will certainly bring to get impeccable marks) I just want to know what I'm up against and what exactly I'd need to achieve, (as I realize while a program may say, for example, you need an 85, competition causes you to actually have a 90 to be accepted) I'd obviously prefer to be at a university campus for all four years and not have to go too far up North lol.
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2018 Concurrent Education Acceptances
Has anyone been accepted for a con ed program? If you have been accepted, state the name of the program and the university. Congratulations!

I have been accepted by:
University of Windsor: Concurrent General Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)/Bachelor of Education/Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Brock University: Education - Concurrent BA Child and Youth Studies (Honours)/BEd (Primary/Junior)
Nipissing University: Concurrent Bachelor of Science Honours/Bachelor of Education (BEd) - Primary/Junior

I have also applied to Queens but I have not been accepted yet, I also have not submitted my supplementary application yet.
Brock nursing vs Nipissing nursing?
I can’t decide which one to choose! Does anyone know anything about Brock or Nipissing’s nursing programs?
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Acceptance after Second Semester Finals?
This is probably a stupid question, but I wanted to know if it’s possible to get accepted to Ontario universities/colleges after second semester finals come out. 
I’ve searched on google for answers to this, but I haven’t found anything. If you know anything about this, please let me know.
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First Year Accounting and Financial Management Student (Waterloo AFM)
Hi everyone, I am a first year AFM student at Waterloo and last year I was in your position. I was trying to figure out which university programs to apply to and I heavily relied on this website to make my final decisions from first years in the respected programs. If any prospective students in high school are looking to pursue the AFM program at Waterloo I would love to answer any questions, and talk about my experiences so far! I was admitted with a 91% average with excellent EC's. 

Doctorate or Second Masters Degree?
I am a teacher and I have a Master's in Psychology. I am considering going back to school (online) and I am considering a Master's in Museum Studies from Harvard through their extension program. I am also considering a Doctorate in Education at a Canadian school. The masters programs and doctorates I am looking at will cost about the same. I hope to advance my career in education. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
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What are my chances?
So currently I am sitting on a 57%, but I have an incredible track record when it comes to volunteering in my community.  I am looking at applying to Nipissing, Algoma, and last but not least Mcgill.  Do I have a chance at getting in for Agriculture.  Here are a few references that have helped me strive in the agriculture department.
Kenny Stills - (416) 787-7350
Jesse James - (647) 667-5823
Vontaze Burfict - (416) 787-7350
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Calling on all Concurrent Ed Students!
Hello,  Deciding on the right school and program can be distressing, and to make my decision a bit easier, I'd like to hear from people who are taking a Con-Ed program in an Ontario university and are loving it.  Specifically, I'd like to hear about Con-Ed programming (content, student - professor ratio, graduate employment success rate, residence life) and school experiences from Nipissing, Brock and Queen's students. Thanks everyone.
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Data Management in Night School??
Hi! I'm in grade 12 and next semester I have calculus, biology, world issues, and a spare. I was thinking of taking data management because I've been told that in nursing programs, we are required to take a statistics course (please let me know if this is true or not), but there is no data management class in my school next semester, so I was thinking of taking it in night school. Would this be a wise choice, or would the workload of having two math subjects in one semester be too much? 
Some additional info: I'm taking advanced functions, chemistry, religion, and English(online) right now. 
Thanks in advance!
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Universities for Social Work - Carleton University vs others
Is anyone at Carleton University for the Social Work program? I'm thinking of applying and would like to know what you think of the program and Carleton U in general (residence, student life, etc.). Also anyone taking Social Work at other Universities what are your reviews? Looking at a Bachelor of Social Work.
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I am currently a grade 12 student. I applied to the BScN Program at McMaster, Western, UOttawa(main site), Nipissing, Trent, Windsor and Brock. My marks are as follows:

Math - 85 (midterm)
English - 85 (midterm)
Biology - 75 (midterm)
Chemistry - 80 (midterm)
French - 96 
ComTech - 83 
Overall average - 84

These are my top 6 marks, including my prerequisites. What are my chances of getting in? Also, if I have received an alternative offer from a school before midterms, does that mean I am not considered for my first choice? 

I was hoping for a 85-88% average this year but due to some family issues was not able to achieve that. It would completely shatter me if I did not get into Nursing anywhere by being just 1% away from an 85%, which is what Nursing usually asks for. 

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