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Failing grade 11
Alright, let's lay out the backstory first.
    I was a high honours student all through grade 10, I'm talking a 94 average through almost the whole year, French immersion too. During the summer I moved to a much bigger school that was semesterized, unlike my old one and also had many more courses. In semester one I did worse than I really wanted to, coming out with a 78% average. I was taking English, French, world religions and career. I promised myself I'd step it up the next semester as I had what I thought would be courses I'd like more: advanced math, chemistry 3202, physics 2204 and drama.
    Literally nothing went as planned.
    I got so upset over the fact that everything was so damn fast and hard that I started skipping classes right left and center. Because I was skipping I was missing material that I had no idea how I was going to catch up on and I barely even tried. The more I missed the worse I felt about how little I knew, so I skipped more. You can see where I'm going. I now have a 46 in chemistry and a 23 in math with absolutely no hope at passing either course. Most of my courses next year are unnecessary, however I'm not fond of the idea of dropping any because 4 of them are English courses and that's what I want to pursue in university.
    My plan is to accept the failure as my average is still a 76 and I can pass the year. I want to do grade 12 as planned (however instead of grade 12 advanced math I'm doing grade 11 academic) and then take one semester after grade 12 to take a level three science and grade 12 academic math to graduate.
    Is this a good plan? Will it affect my ability to get into a university? If it helps my uni of choice is Memorial University of Newfoundland, and acceptance bottom line is usually 75 in core courses.
    TL;DR: I'm failing grade 11 math + lvl3 science, will it affect getting into a uni if I stay an extra semester after grade 12 to retake the courses?
East Coast Schools
Leave a reply if you've been accepted/plan on going to an east coast school!
(New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, etc) eg. StFX, UNB, MtA, Dal, Acadia, etc.
If you want, you can comment your:
Schools you've received offers from,
School you're planning on attending,
Where you're from!
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Pre Med Options??
Im currently sitting at approx. a 90% admissions average in 12th grade in Newfoundland. I completed grade 12 bio and physics in grade 11. this year I'm doing grade 12 advanced math/ pre calc and grade 12 English and many "other" easy credits (Band, Entrepreneurship, clothing, etc) . My ultimate goal is to become an orthopaedic surgeon and with this I have options. I am currently accepted to Dalhousie medical sciences, and am applied to McMaster Life science, Queens health science online, Queens life science, Waterloo Biomedical Science, western medical science, and memorial University music. Of these options, should I get accepted to everything, which would be the best all around with my goal of med school? What are the pros and cons of each of these options? Anyone else apply to any of these programs and waiting with me or accepted already? anybody know when I can expect to hear back from majority of these schools? Thanks!
McMaster vs Queens Vs Dalhousie Vs Memorial
I'm applying to McMaster life science, queens life science, Western Health science, Dalhousie medical science, and Memorial music. Should I get accepted to al these programs, as a premed, which would be the best choice/ give me the best medschool acceptance rate?? What are the pros and cons on each school/program?
what is it that makes SHAD so great? I'm not doubting anyone who says it's an amazing opportunity but every time someone talks about their time at SHAD they always seem to only say "SHAD was amazing, it was the best experience of my life you should totally do it !!!!" so I was just wondering, what is it exactly that makes shad so great? what do you do at SHAD? is there some contract stopping alumni from speaking about it?? lol anyways if any alumni see this, I'd actually love to know what the program really is, what you do, and how it has benefited you. :) thanks in advance

*posting this separate to the shad 2018 thread because I don't think alumni are reading that anymore*
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LORAN vs TD Scholarship
Hey guys,

I realize this is going to make me sound quite pretentious, but I have a genuine question.

I was lucky enough to be selected as a 2017 Loran Scholar this year, and accepted the scholarship. Then, yesterday, I was informed that I have also been chosen as a TD Scholarship finalist. 

Since it is only possible to accept one of those two scholarships, which one would you recommend? I know both provide great networks/employment opportunities so I really have no clue. Please help!
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School Supplies/Organization in University (science major)
So in high school I know a lot of people purchase/ do different things. My personal preference for organization is to use regular lined paper to take notes and put it in a binder. I also will complete any assigned homework on lined paper then put it in my binder. I hate the idea of using notebooks to have all of my notes for a subject, but i do use notebooks and pads of lined paper for repeating previously completed assigned homework/ practice problems in math, chem, and physics. In terms of using binders I know that I probably will not be getting a lot of hand outs compared to the amount of hand outs you would get in high school. So my question is, what is the most effective way of organizing myself as a first year student in life sciences? what supplies should I buy? And, if I decide to just buy a binder for each class how big should it be? i'm assuming i wouldn't be getting a lot of handouts and it would just be a binder full of my own notes.

ps; idk if having full year courses and half year courses would make a difference in what i should buy for each course but here is what I am taking... (UTM)

Biology: BIO152H5 F, BIO153H5 S (0.5 credit each)

Chemistry: CHM110H5 F, CHM120H5 S (0.5 credit each)

Physics: PHY136H5 F, PHY137H5 S (0.5 credit each)

Calculus: MAT135Y5 Y (1 credit, full year course)

Psychology: PSY100Y5 Y (1 credit, full year course)

So as you can see I am taking 3 half year courses (two 0.5 credits to get the full credit in the subject) and 2 full year courses. In terms of sizes of binders to get and organization... What should I buy!!?!?!?!??!!

ALSO, i have a scientific calculator form sharp that I use, for first year calc should I purchase a graphing calculator? Or is a scientific calculator fine?

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Premed 101: Yconic edition
Hi guys! 
So going through this forum, it seems like every other post is from someone who wants to get into medical school, and has a question about undergraduate things. Instead of making a new thread for all these smaller questions, which do sometimes get repetitive, maybe we can have a main thread where we can ask and answer questions. I also think it would be nice to have a place to talk about things going on in our lives related to going into medicine (and other health related fields). Like what schools we are going to, I am nervous about this exam, I am studying for the MCAT, I am starting university ect.
If this thread gets popular I will also make an index where FAQ is answered. Like what page number you can find them on.

So feel free to use this thread to talk about medicine related things!
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BSW program as transfer student
Comment here if you got accepted into a BSW program as a transfer student (previous college/ university courses or holder of a completed degree/diploma) and what your average was!
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University Decisions | Freshmen Class of 2016
Helloooo Yconic!

So we're getting pretty deep into the admission processes and people are starting to accept some offers! I think this thread will help a lot of people see where everyone is going and why. So I've got a question:

Have you decided?

University I have Chosen:
Universities I turned down:
Can't pick a university!!

I got offers from memorial university and Brock but I can't decide. Which one will be better for an international student in terms of making friends or in other words which will not suck for an international student in terms of socializing? I read O another forum that memorial sucks for international students, is this true???

Also which program is better if I want a job after graduating with s bachelors? 

1. Brock university- medical science
2. Memorial university - bachelors if science possible major I'll choose is either neuroscience or cell and molecular biology 

McGill Acceptances Thread - Class of 2016!
*This forum is now open to everyone who got an acceptance from McGill, regardless of their field of choice. All students admitted to arts, literature, kinesiology, etc... are also welcome to post their acceptance. Good luck to those waiting for an acceptance! Post away!

Hello everybody from McGill!

I've seen a lot of forums related to acceptances from the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto. So this forum is to give students that got an offer from McGill University for engineering and computer science to post their offer.  This to get an understanding of the students that are applying to McGill for the class of 2020 for an engineering, computer science or any science discipline.

Please include in your post:
   1. Grade 12 first semester average
   2. Field of engineering that you've been accepted to
   3. Other universities that you have applied to, and whether you got an offer from them.
   4. Province of residence
   5. Any scholarships offered
   6. Month of acceptance

This will give us all a general idea of the competition base for the applicants of 2016. Please feel free to add anything else you would like to (in addition to the specified things above).

Also, as the title gives away, if anyone has any questions regarding McGill Engineering or Computer Science, this is a good place to get them answered.

Also, all non-engineering and non computer science applicants who are applying to a science major in McGill are welcome to post their offers or ask any questions regarding their program of interest!

Post away everyone! And good luck to those who are still waiting for an offer from McGill ;-)
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Software Engineering - University Rankings
I've seen a lot of rankings of universities in general, so just wanted to know rankings of the top universities for software engineering. By the way,  already heard a lot about waterloo, so please add some other universities besides uwaterloo. Rankings can be based on teaching and admin quality, student life, how easy it is to get accepted into grad school (I know grades count too), and coop opportunities.All input is welcome. Thanks!
Just to throw in my ranking:
McGill = u of t = waterloo = UBC
Lakehead = uoit

This ranking need working on! Any suggestions?

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I had to repeat biology 12
So here's the issue. I have had an unfortunate run in with an illness that has severely damaged my academic life. Simply put, I have tension headaches everyday, and I am constantly fatigued, on good days I feel myself, on bad days my mental faculties are totally gone and the pain in my head makes it difficult to even stand up.

As a result of this, my attendance has been atrocious. I had 50% attendance last semester. I managed to pass all my courses:
Social studies 11: 76%
Global studies 11: 70%
English 11: 96% 
Biology 12: 67%

I have seen a neurologist and a psychiatrist and have been prescribed medication, and it seems to be working, the number of good days is increasing, and my quality of life is rapidly improving :). 

I retook bio 12 through online school and finished with 97%, does anyone know of any medical/health science programs that will accept repeated courses? I've wanted to be an Immunologist and/or pathologist scince I was 5 years old.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!
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Shad Valley 2016 wait list
Hey guys! I got my letter saying I've been waitlisted for shad 2016. I decided to make a post and see if we could all kinda talk and things until we all get our final fate ?
East Coast Universities
everyone here talks too much about ontario hhahaha
anyone here planning on going to/applying to the east coast for university? Where? For what? Let's talk east coast.
I might be going to King's, I'd love to get out of Ontario.
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