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High School Class of 2019 Offers of Admission
University applications are open!  I thought we could start a discussion so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied and their averages.

I found the 2018 discussion to be very helpful and informative, in that discussion they included the following information;

Program and post-secondary institution  
Date of application 
Date of offer 
Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications) 
Province you're applying from 
Any other information you'd like to add.
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McGill Computer Science Early Acceptance
Hi! Has anyone gotten accepted into McGill CS? Or does anyone know if and when they would do early acceptance and approximately what average is required?
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Architecture in Ontario Programs
Asking anyone who has been accepted into undergraduate architectural programs in Ontario, or is completing/completed it. E.g., Waterloo Architecture, UofT Daniels, McGill, Ryerson Arch.. anything really, but please specify the name of the university. What courses did you take in high school that have allowed you to get accepted? Do they have a preference?
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How important is early appliance
Does everyone do it if theres nothing to lose? How many people get accepted from this?
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Shad 2019 Waitlist
Yep, waitlisted.  Does anyone know how many are on the waitlist, I saw someone say 600 and that is so scary if there are only 125 of that getting in. Ahhhh! Honestly, I just need people to talk to because I will go insane if I have to wait a whole month!
McGill Admissions 2019
Has anyone gotten an offer of admission from McGill yet? Who's waiting? Post your program and admission average.
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AMA First Year Queen's Nursing!
Hey! I know I was really nervous this time of year last year and had loads of questions so if any aspiring nurses have any questions about Queen's nursing or applying to other schools across Canada i'll do my best to answer!

Best of luck to you all!
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Schulich Leader Application
I was recently nominated to apply for this award and I have done research for the past two years. However they say they don't want students planning to go into medicine but the research I did was medical related. Should I include it or leave it out if it might decrease my chances of getting the award? I am unsure since some the past winners participated in HYRS or things like that but I just want to be sure that it including my research will not effect me negatively
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Horatio Alger Scholarship
I was just wondering if anyone was contacted about it? Did anybody win? It doesn't look like they updated their social media accounts or website yet.
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McGill Engineering Acceptances 2019
Hey guys!

Has anyone been accepted to engineering at McGill? Just curious! 

If so, what program and admission average?
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McGill University First Year Courses
Hey guys. I'm a bit confused about McGill's system. I'm an international student, so my English may not be perfect.

If a transfer student were to be admitted to McGill with not enough credits to start in U1 (24 apparently), but he had managed to transfer basic courses such as Calculus 1, Stats 1 or Microeconomics 1, would he have to start all over from first year even though he had the credits from the courses he would take in U1? Or are those the kind of courses he would take in his first year?

I would really appreciate if someone would take the time to help me. Thanks.
Scholarship Application :(
Hi!! I was recently completing my Loran Scholarship application and the portion that asks which university you want to attend says individuals chosen as Loran Scholars are expected to leave their home region???? I was planning to go to the university in my city but if I were to win this scholarship would I have to go somewhere else?? I understand there are different loran awards (some win $80000 and some win a couple thousand for being a finalist) so would I become ineligible to win any awards?
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Chances of getting into sciences (biology, biomedical, life or health sciences) in UBC, Calgary, McGill, McMaster and U of Alberta.
Hey guys so I want your opinions on my chance of getting into one of the universities mentioned above into the biology program (faculty of science). I got a 1210 in the SAT and did the SAT Subject Chemistry and Biology (M) and got a 720 and a 680. I got a 98 in the TOEFL. Also my overall grade 11 mark was a B+ and my overall grade 12 mark (first semester) was an A-. Courses I took in grade 12 and their marks (first semester) were:
 AP English : A-
 AP Calculus AB: B+
AP Statistics: B
 AP Biology: A-
 AP Chemistry: A
 AP Physics 1 and 2: A-
 I plan on doing the AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, and AP Chemistry with predicted marks 3 4 4.
 I also volunteered at a hospital for over 40 hours and attended several events in universities (Carnegie Mellon and Weill Cornell) and assisted in creating the chess club at our school. For UBC, I think I may have done well in the personal profile section but I accidently wrote "me" instead of "be" and submitted it. Will that really affect my application?
 Lemme know what you guys think about my marks and thank you in advance!
McGill Faculty of Arts Admission from Ontario
Do you guys think that I will get an acceptance or not? Thanks! 
[ 1 ] English Grade 12 = 87% 
[ 2 ] Comm Tech Grade 12 = 99% 
[ 3 ] Family Studies Grade 12 = 91% 
[ 4 ] Political Science Grade 12 = 90% 
[ 5 ] World Issues Grade 12 = 75%  
[ 6 ] Advanced Functions = (will take between feb-apr) 
-----> My average = 88.4%
-----> McGill 2018 minimum admission average = +87%(top 6 courses average [English grade 12 = +84%])
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mcgill 2019 acceptances
if you have been accepted to mcgill for fall 2019, what was your average? what program? what province are you from?
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Schulich Award
I was going to apply for the Schulich scholarship however I noticed that the eligibility says that students cannot be going into medicine or medical research. I am not sure what I will be going into after my science degree however I wanted to keep my options open. I read some articles about past winners and some of them said that they want to pursue medicine. If someone ended up pursuing medicine after would they revoke the award?
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Engineering Freshman 105
Since I've noticed some amazing people who were already accepted in the previous years are trying to help us newbies out, I'd like to ask a few questions. There may be more with the same doubts! I'll keep updating as I complete applications and receive responses.

So first a little background.

OUAC 105 International Applicant
High School: CBSE

Applied to:

1)University of Toronto(Engineering Science+Mechanical Engineering)
2)University of Waterloo(Mechanical Engineering+Mechatronics Engineering/both CO-OP)

*Should I apply to McMaster, McGill, and UBC?
Are their engineering courses academically on par with the ones above? More importantly, do they have any CO-OP/Internships opportunities like the ones above? Please keep in mind international applicants have to pay almost double, so financial aspects are even more pronounced. And no, my family is into a third-world farming, but we aren't millionaires either.

*I know Engineering Science must be one of the hardest programs to get into in the entire country, and being an international applicant makes it even worse. Still, if you know anyone who got in, do you know their resume?

Standardized Tests:

1) SAT: 1510 (800M+710RW)
2)SAT Subject Tests: (Chemistry, MathL2, Physics) 2300+ (750+in each)
3)IELTS: 8.0

High School Academics:

1)Grade 11(finals)
English: 87
Math: 91
Physcs: 97
Chemistry: 96

2)Grade 12(midterms)
English: 89
Math: 98
Physics: 97
Chemistry: 96

3)Grade 12(finals predicted)
English: 97 (if this appears as a very big bump, it's because CBSE schools are very picky with their internal exam's english grading. the highest in our batch was a 90. they do this so that "everyone gets better marks by studying harder in the finals." I call BS but meh. but yes an above average student should have no problem getting 95+ in English in boards)
Math: 100
Physics: 100
Chemistry: 100


*I'll update this soon

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Another unemployed engineering grad...
Why is there so much hype among high school students for engineering programs when even U of T engineering graduates are unemployed/underemployed in the Canadian job market? Have these kids even done their research? 
















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Can I Get a McGill Scholarship?
Hi everybody, I am interested in the Biological, Biomedical, Life Sciences field at McGill, which I saw last year, cutoffs were 93.8%. I was wondering if any of you can give me any sort of guidance as to whether or not I have the chance of getting accepted and a scholarship? 

 My grade 11 marks are: 
Chemistry: 88 
Physics: 85 
Pre-Calculus 11: 97 
English: 95 
Social Studies: 92 
Religion: 94 
French: 90 
Planning: 94 
Average: 91.8%

 My grade 12 marks are: 
Pre-calculus 12: 100 
Calculus: 93 
Chemistry: 96 
English: 94 
AP Psychology: 98 
Religion: 99 
Physical Education: 100 
Biology: 91 
Average: 96.3 
My top 5 academics are Chem, Pre-Calc, English, AP Psychology and Biology, giving me an average of 95.8. 

 For extracurriculars, ive been on my school’s general student council for two years, and now am in the executive student council for my final year of high school. I also take part in various clubs and volunteer at a hospital regulary, along with other organizations. 

 Is the likelihood of me getting accepted into that field, let alone McGill, knowing how competitive it is, likely? Along with receiving a scholarship even though my grade 11 marks arent as high? Also, despite biology being my lowest mark, would that affect my acceptance into that field of study? I’m going to be writing another test soon, so hopefully I do well on that to boost up my mark prior to my application. I’ve been stressing out about this for the longest time, so any source of guidance will help out greatly! 

 Thank you!
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Grade 12 Physics Resources
Hey guys! 

I am in Grade 12 physics right now and was wondering if anyone had any websites/books that they use which help them study and get practice tests (other than the obvious khan and https://www.physicsclassroom.com/). 

If you had tips and tricks that you wanted to post on here about how you study or any comprehension tricks that would probably help everyone!

Thanks :)
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