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High School Class of 2019 Offers of Admission
University applications are open!  I thought we could start a discussion so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied and their averages.

I found the 2018 discussion to be very helpful and informative, in that discussion they included the following information;

Program and post-secondary institution  
Date of application 
Date of offer 
Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications) 
Province you're applying from 
Any other information you'd like to add.
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Schulich Award
I was going to apply for the Schulich scholarship however I noticed that the eligibility says that students cannot be going into medicine or medical research. I am not sure what I will be going into after my science degree however I wanted to keep my options open. I read some articles about past winners and some of them said that they want to pursue medicine. If someone ended up pursuing medicine after would they revoke the award?
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Scholarship Application :(
Hi!! I was recently completing my Loran Scholarship application and the portion that asks which university you want to attend says individuals chosen as Loran Scholars are expected to leave their home region???? I was planning to go to the university in my city but if I were to win this scholarship would I have to go somewhere else?? I understand there are different loran awards (some win $80000 and some win a couple thousand for being a finalist) so would I become ineligible to win any awards?
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Another unemployed engineering grad...
Why is there so much hype among high school students for engineering programs when even U of T engineering graduates are unemployed/underemployed in the Canadian job market? Have these kids even done their research? 
















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Can I Get a McGill Scholarship?
Hi everybody, I am interested in the Biological, Biomedical, Life Sciences field at McGill, which I saw last year, cutoffs were 93.8%. I was wondering if any of you can give me any sort of guidance as to whether or not I have the chance of getting accepted and a scholarship? 

 My grade 11 marks are: 
Chemistry: 88 
Physics: 85 
Pre-Calculus 11: 97 
English: 95 
Social Studies: 92 
Religion: 94 
French: 90 
Planning: 94 
Average: 91.8%

 My grade 12 marks are: 
Pre-calculus 12: 100 
Calculus: 93 
Chemistry: 96 
English: 94 
AP Psychology: 98 
Religion: 99 
Physical Education: 100 
Biology: 91 
Average: 96.3 
My top 5 academics are Chem, Pre-Calc, English, AP Psychology and Biology, giving me an average of 95.8. 

 For extracurriculars, ive been on my school’s general student council for two years, and now am in the executive student council for my final year of high school. I also take part in various clubs and volunteer at a hospital regulary, along with other organizations. 

 Is the likelihood of me getting accepted into that field, let alone McGill, knowing how competitive it is, likely? Along with receiving a scholarship even though my grade 11 marks arent as high? Also, despite biology being my lowest mark, would that affect my acceptance into that field of study? I’m going to be writing another test soon, so hopefully I do well on that to boost up my mark prior to my application. I’ve been stressing out about this for the longest time, so any source of guidance will help out greatly! 

 Thank you!
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Grade 12 Physics Resources
Hey guys! 

I am in Grade 12 physics right now and was wondering if anyone had any websites/books that they use which help them study and get practice tests (other than the obvious khan and https://www.physicsclassroom.com/). 

If you had tips and tricks that you wanted to post on here about how you study or any comprehension tricks that would probably help everyone!

Thanks :)
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Hey guys! I’m from BC and I’m applying to SHAD 2019 this year. I’m wondering about how different the experience is at each university? Is there a best university? Also, most of my friends (myself included) have Waterloo and McGill as their top choices. Can any SHAD alumni from these schools describe their experience there? 
I have a 93% average, I’m an executive member of student council, me to we and green team, volunteer frequently, play 2 sports on a weekly basis, play 2 instruments (one at RCM level), and I was the school champion in the Pascal math contest last year (124/150). What are my chances of getting into SHAD?
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AMA First Year Queen's Nursing!
Hey! I know I was really nervous this time of year last year and had loads of questions so if any aspiring nurses have any questions about Queen's nursing or applying to other schools across Canada i'll do my best to answer!

Best of luck to you all!
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Dating: Long Distance
PLEASE READ! Long distance relationships are not what they are portrayed to be. They are not as hard, emotionally draining, or as impossible as people assume. Right now, I am living 3 hours away from my boyfriend (who plays a varsity sport). We see each other once or twice a month. We are both happy, both with room to live our own lives but always being able to catch up at the end of the night. We still love each other, nobody has been unfaithful, and it is relatively easy. The time we spend together is always quality time, and I do not regret staying with him.If you love someone and think you they could be the person for you, go for it. The worst that could happen is that it doesn't work out and you part ways. It is entirely possible, do not give up just because of what you THINK might happen.

Pros of a long distance relationship...
1. The time you spend together is really exciting and precious
2. You have the freedom to be yourself and make friends on your own terms
3. You always have lots to talk about with your S/O because you're apart during the day
4. It tests whether the relationship is really worth it
5. Meeting their new friends means more friends for you!
6. Sex/physical intimacy is so much better when you've been waiting for it
7. It will show you how much your partner really values you
8. You don't need to pick between your friends and partner during the week
9. It helps keep you focused

I hope that this helped anyone that needed to hear it.
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Requirements to become a Doctor
Hi, I am a Canadian high school student apiring to become a doctor. My average is over 90+ and I have volunteered a lot for my community. But, I was wondering to become a doctor, do you need to win multiple awards and be required to receive the top mark in your school?
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McGill ArtSci
Any students who have been accepted into McGill artsci, what was your average like? What were your top six marks?
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The Best Undergraduate Degrees
I'm asking due to my curiosity; which undergrad programs are the best. Which ones have the strongest pool of students, the tightest knit community, the most school pride, etc.
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Chance of McGill Acceptance
I just applied to McGill for BSc - Biology, Biomed, and Life Sciences and I am wondering what my chances are of getting in. I am taking a 5th year in high school because I miss a lot of school due to ski racing, so I spaced my courses out and took 3 extra spares. My average for grade 11 was 88% and I took 5 grade 12 courses last year with an average of 87%. Here are my marks:

Grade 11
Functions: 86%
Biology: 85%
Chemistry: 82%
English: 93%
French: 90%
Physics: 90%

Grade 12
Advanced Functions: 81%
English: 88%
Chemistry: 81%
French: 94%
Health Science: 91%
Kinesiology: Currently Enrolled
Calculus & Vectors: Projected
Biology: Projected

This year I am taking Kinesiology, Calculus & Vectors and Biology. I am hoping to boost my grade 12 average a bit. Will I get into McGill?
Queen's GPA?
I'm considering applying to Queens for the health sciences program with the goal of pursuing a post-graduate program. How is Queen's in terms of achieving a high/competitive GPA? Is it similar to schools like UofT, McMaster, McGill etc. that are notoriously known for making it difficult to achieve a high GPA/having a great amount of work?
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Is McGill's international tuition likely to change a lot this year?
I saw that tuition for all McGill faculties have been deregulated this year (https://www.mcgill.ca/provost/article/changes-quebec-tuition-policy-respect-international-undergraduate-students), meaning that McGill will be able to set its international tuition rate for the Faculty of Arts, etc.
Previously, only international tuition rates at Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, etc were deregulated. That was why Arts had much lower international tuition per year (about CA$16,000) compared to Science (about CA$45,000). 
Is it likely that since the tuition for Faculty of Arts, etc have been deregulated, its tuition will be raised drastically to about $45,000 as well for new international students next year?
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The Best Undergraduate Business in Canada
I am wondering what the best undergraduate business programs are in Canada. It is extremely difficult to figure out what program is the best as every list or ranking is based off of the graduate programs or the entire university as a whole. I am familiar with the likes of Queen's, Western Ivey, York, McGill, UBC and others but I am curious about which is the best, and why.
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McGill Sciences
I just submitted my application for McGill for the first year biomed/life sciences, and was wondering the odds of me being accepted into this program.

Grade 11
AP Eng- 91
Bio- 96
Chem- 89
Physics- 96
Math 11 Pre-calc- 93
French IMM 11- 94
Socials IMM- 89

Grade 12 current marks
Eng 12- 99
Math 12 Precalc- 97
Chem- 94
French IMM 12- 94
Bio- 95
AP calculus- 96
Physics- semester 2
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Help!! Should I transfer to another university?
Hello. I’m an international student currently in my first year of Economics at Brock. Since I arrived here I’ve heard from many people that Brock isn’t as prestigious as many other Canadian universities.
For this reason I’ve been considering about transferring to McGill, McMaster or Western. My high school GPA is around 3.5 and Brock so far has been extremely easy for me, so I’m confident that by the end of my first year I’ll have a GPA of at least 3.8.
With that being said, could you give me your opinion on Brock? Should I really try to transfer? And if I do, which of the mentioned universities would be the best for my program? Would I have a decent chance of being accepted?
Horatio Alger Scholarship
Does anyone know what is on the horatio alger support form? Its to be completed by someone over the age of 21 and it says that this person should verify your adversity. I was wondering what else is on it such as reference or questions about who I am as a person? I was thinking of getting my assostant principal to do it for me since I have talked to her about my circumstances however if it contains any other questions about what i am like, my involvement, and my character, she might not be the best to fill it out for me because she does not know all of it.
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How many universities did you/are you applying to?
I’m just curious as to how many others think is reasonable. I’m going into my grade 12 year and as of right now I think I’ll apply to 4. It’s not that I’m not confident that I won’t get in, (90% average) I just want to have options.
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Grade 12 Marks?
Hi, I’m currently a grade 12 student and my top 4 schools at the moment are: Queen’s, Ottawa U, Carleton and Mcgill.

My grade 11 average was an 87 and I’m planning on applying for a political science degree or an undergrad law degree. I’ve been pretty stressed about how high my grade 12 marks will need to be in order for almost guaranteed acceptance (especially for queens and mcgill)

Any advice would be appreciated! 
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