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Nursing Hopefuls for 2019 :)
Hi prospective nursing students! Let's use this thread as a space to share information, questions, concerns, advice, and more with one another as the year progresses.

To get the discussion rolling, start off with your:
• programs of interest (both nursing and non-nursing);
• expected average; and
• career goals!

I'm thinking of applying to McMaster for nursing and health sciences as well as Western for nursing with a 95-96%. I'd like to be a nurse practitioner in the future, but do not have a particular speciality in mind yet.
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Best Pre-Med Options
I understand that there is no perfect pre-med in Canada. However, I am hoping to get into medical school after my undergrad (yes, I am aware that I might not want to do this after my undergrad or might not have the marks to do this). I know that everyone says to do a degree that won’t be useless if I don’t get into med school but I don’t care about that I just want to do a science degree. I have heard that McMaster Health Science is one of the best options. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LIST THE BEST UNDERGRADS WITH SCHOOLS FOR INDIVIDUALS PLANNING ON GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL? If you could list like 10 that would be awesome! Thanks (:
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Applying to Nursing after a BSc
Is anyone else applying to nursing programs after finishing a different undergraduate degree? I finished my BSc at Western this June, and I'm applying to nursing programs for Fall 2019. I'm a bit concerned because my cGPA is really low (the last two years were much better - but still not sure its good enough for nursing)... I finished with a cGPA of 73.8% (2.92) and had a 78% (3.30) for the last two years.

I've applied to a ton of programs due to the low marks - Ryerson/Centennial, Ryerson/George Brown, Trent Compressed, Western/Fanshawe, UOttawa, Humber 2nd Entry, MoMac, CoMac, Laurentian/St.Lawrence.

Has anyone else applied to these programs after doing a university degree? Or know of people getting in out of uni with a lower average? 

My next step would be applying to a college Pre-Health program, but hoping this won't be necessary so I can avoid extra debt/an extra year of school.
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Nursing vs. midwifery right out of high school? Working as a midwife in the USA?
I'm a grade 12 student with a 94% average who is interested in a career in women's health (midwifery mostly). I currently co-op at a midwifery clinic and love it. I'm conflicted because I'm not sure whether to do nursing first or midwifery? Midwifery is hard to get into right from high school and even though at the OUF last weekend universities said usually 20% of the class is right from high school, I'm still conflicted. Other midwives have told me that I won't get the full university experience if I go right into midwifery because most of the class is older and you cannot party if you are on call. They also told me though that my average may be the highest it ever will be now and when I apply after another degree that they will look at my uni average (which may not be the best.) Any midwives right out of high school have any experiences they would like to share?

If I do nursing first then I can make more friends my age and have a better university experience, but my grades might fall if I apply to midwifery after. However, I also plan to work and live in the USA and it is called a nurse midwife there- which means you need your degree in nursing then work for 1 year, then do a degree in midwifery. If I do a midwifery degree in Canada is it the same as a nurse midwife in the USA as it is longer program? If it isn't then I'm guessing a nurse then a midwife is my best option.

If anyone has any experience with this problem, is/was taking a bachelor of health science in midwifery or is in the same boat share your experiences! Also let me know what school you went to or plan to go to (nursing and/or midwifery) and why!
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I will be entering grade 12 this upcoming school year. I had previously been dead-set on going into nutrition or health sciences. However, I have now grown to seriously consider nursing. I have, of course, researched the prereq's and averages to be considered for admission to nursing programs. I am already set to take all of the 4U courses I'd need (bio, chem, data) But, I just want to know how actually cut-throat it is to get into a nursing program. My grade 11 average was in the mid-high 80's (do keep in mind, this was without the fire under my a** that grade 12 will certainly bring to get impeccable marks) I just want to know what I'm up against and what exactly I'd need to achieve, (as I realize while a program may say, for example, you need an 85, competition causes you to actually have a 90 to be accepted) I'd obviously prefer to be at a university campus for all four years and not have to go too far up North lol.
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hey people. Applications are starting next year and I have started to narrow down what programs I want to apply to by going though einfo. I currently have around 27 programs (assuming not all programs at universities are listed on there). This is obviously a lot of programs. How can I narrow it down when I havent visited schools and am not sure if I will be able to before applying?
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DEADLINES for uni deposits
Hi, I’m a OUAC 101 applicant. Can anyone tell me what are the deadlines to pay deposits for tuition and residence??????
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Laurentian uni residence
EMERGENCY!!!!! Need help immediately.
Has anybody applied for first year residence in laurentian uni ?  If did,  when u opened the online application for residence , what did u click under the term applying for? Is it ‘sep 2018 - April 2019 ‘ OR ‘ sep 2018 - dec 2019 ‘ ????
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Architecture Acceptances 2018?
If you guys got accepted to any architecture / environmental design / urban planning programs, please include the following:

Date of Application: 
Date of Offer: 
Grade 11 Average: 
Grade 12 Average: 
Province You're Applying From:

I know most architecture programs don't give out acceptances till later, but U of T started rolling out some.
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What is Ryerson Architecture focused on compared to Laurentian?
I applied to Ryerson, Carleton, UofT and Laurentian 
I don't really know alot of what they are based on, they seem really good though and what I would like. 
I know Carelton is more art than most programs, and UofT is more theory which I don't know if I'd like, I didn't apply to Waterloo but how does Ryerson and Laurentian compare to those 3? 
Mostly I am curious about how the program is different, the kind of people that go there (art students vs science students kinda thing) and how much location matters.
If anybody currently goes to Laurentian as is from more Toronto area, how do you like being in Sudbury? Is the commute to downtown every day bad/tiring or is it okay?
If anybody goes to Ryerson, how is it living in downtown Toronto? I like the city but I don't go often, I think I would like living there though. Sudbury and Toronto are so different, I don't know what is better. 
Any advice helps, thanks!!
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Anyone here currently in or applied to a Forensic Science program?
The program is one of my primary choices, and I'd just like to get a perspective it from other people, whether you're interested, are currently enrolled, or have already graduated. I know that it's definitely not the most competitive or saturated of programs, so it's been difficult for me to connect and converse with others regarding this. If you're someone who's enrolled or graduated, the university would be nice to know.
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Established school vs New school
Hey all,

I've been accepted to Carleton university's program for architectural science and the same for Laurentian. 

I'm so torn between the two and which one to go to. Do you think it would be better to go to a school with an established program (co-op opportunity, so there's a chance of my not getting one during the undergrad) or a new program only in its infancy (but has two 13 week coop terms, but I'm scared I'll end up in coop positions not related to my field/ won't enjoy)? 

I'm really going back and forth between the schools. I like Laurentian because of the environment it's in and the conservation aspect of the program, but it's so far from home (I'm from Southern Ontario), and I have family in Ottawa. I like Carleton because of the good vibes permeating throughout the studio space when I toured and I want to study in a large school (30K student at Carleton vs 7-9k at Laurentian).
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Architecture Admission?
I have applied to Laurentian (Have received an offer of admission that is conditionless) Ryerson, Carleton, and Waterloo (rejected but I've expected such).

Anyone else hear back from the unis yet? I have my Ryerson portfolio evaluation on March the 10th. What should I be expecting?
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TrentU, AlgomaU, UTSG, UWindsor, Laurier, or LaurentianU?
i have an 81% average and have been accepted to all these schools but I do not know what one is better? I will be majoring in Criminology
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Architecture Applicants 2018
Hey guys! Since there aren't any major threads about architecture, I thought I'd start one! Where did you guys apply? If you've gotten accepted anywhere please list

1. the school you've been accepted to
2. when were you accepted
3. your grade 11 average
4. your current grade 12 average
5. an idea of what was included in your portfolio 

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Is Laurentian a good location?
Based on the location of Laurentian is it a good place? What kind of people do well in that type of place. I can't decide if I like downtown toronto or sudbury more. I like them both, but I don't know if i'd get sick of living in toronto after a while. 
What are some good things about living in sudbury and at Laurentian?
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Laurentian Eng.
What is it like? Specifically the mechanical/mechatronics program?
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Best school for undergraduate law
which school is the best for studying undergraduate law? Carleton, Laurier (at Brantford campus)  Laurentian or Waterloo?   
any advice for university in general? 

best law schools in Ontario?

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Checking offers
When universities make a decision on whether or not they want me, will they email me and tell me to go check my account etc. (notify me), or will I just have to keep on checking and keep the look out for any changes?
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What are my chances?
Hey everyone! I applied to Guelph, Queen's, UBC, McMaster, and have already been accepted to Trent for Economics (BA). Additionally, I applied to Laurentian for their Sports Admin. program. My grade 11 average is about 84%, but my midterm average for grade 12 is 87% (4U, including Kin. completed last year at 86%), and should increase after exams and moving into next semester as well. I have strong EC's and am also Chancellor's Nominee for Queen's. What are my chances for getting in, and when should I expect to hear back from these schools (Queen's and UBC in particular)? Thank you in advance!
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Portfolio for architecture?
I plan to apply to Carleton, Ryerson, Laurentian, possibly Waterloo for architecture, and maybe Carleton for industrial design. Does anyone any tips on what the school is looking for in a portfolio? They say they are looking for creativity, but I'm not sure what type medium(s) the pieces should be in a portfolio, like 2D vs 3D, digital vs traditional etc.
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Hi everybody,
For those that plan to apply to Architecture school, how are you managing your time between creating portfolios, and school work? Also, aside from portfolios, what competitive average would be considered high enough in order to guarantee acceptance (asides from the portfolio aspect)? 
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