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Best Commerce Programs...?
I am an Ontario student and I am most interested in Rotman and Queen's. I will probably have between a 90-92 average in my grade 12 year and I was just wondering if there are any other schools across Canada that I should be looking into. I am worried that I am not going to get into these two schools and just want other people's opinion on what schools have worthy commerce programs that I should look more into. Thanks!!
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McGill vs. Concordia
I want to pursue journalism as a graduate program but I'm wondering which school will be better? McGill has the Communications grad program which is broader plus they have a good rep but Concordia has a Journalism grad program and idk if specific is worse. Plus McGill has the masters and Concordia is only a GrDip.
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Concordia University in Montreal
Anyone going to Concordia or thinking of going ? 

What do you think of the school, especially of JMSB ? 
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Chances of being accepted?
I'm in senior year of High School and beginning to apply to post-secondary. I've already finished my applications for SFU and UVic. My other schools of interest are UBC (Vancouver campus) and Concordia University, however, my GPA from last year was only sitting around 3.67, which worries me a bit.

Teachers have not sent out any grades so far this year, but assuming I score a similar/slightly higher average, what are the chances that I could get into these schools? I've done some volunteer work, and intend on doing more throughout this year, but don't do any sports or fine arts.

Though I'm not set on what I want to study, some courses of interest include Behavioural Neuroscience, Chem & Biochem, Anthropology, Psychology, Criminology/Criminal Law, Languages (French & English) and Social Justice type courses. Any insight on this/opinion helps, thanks! :)
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High School Class of 2017 Offers of Admission
Hey guys! So I wanted to make an application thread to keep things organized. That way, it is easier for others to see when people are being accepted and in which programs. Hope this helps!

Please include in your post:
-Program and Post-Secondary Institution
-Date of Application
-Date of Offer
-Admission Average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications)
-Any other information that you deem is important 

Good luck guys!
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Admission for M.Engg In Mechanical graduate studies
Hey Guys I am from India, I ve applied to univ of ottawa and carleton for graduate program. What are my chances to get into the univ. My profile CGPA B.tech MECH 8.46 CGPA until 7th sem. IELTS score 6.5 and windmill research done. Completed Diploma in car designing and MAJOR project was done in Bio Diesel ( Research ). Is University ottawa and carleton good for mechanical ? Is it Co-op I heard placements are 99% so only thought of asking please do help me out :) thank you
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York kin
Did anyone got accepted by York Kinesiology (Either BA or Bsc) or Dal Kinesiology or Concordia Physics?
What's the best university in Canada for Journalism?
I've googled some schools and a couple showed up but I'm worried that that information might be quite outdated so I'd like to get thoughts from my fellow peers
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What are the chances of getting admission in Canada for M.Eng Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering?
Hello everyone, 

I'm an international student from India and have applied for the tagged and following Universities for Fall-2017 intake:

1. Carleton University- Aerospace Engineering
2. Ryerson University-Aerospace Engineering
3. Concordia University- Aerospace Engineering
4. University of Guelph-Mechanical Engineering.
5. University of Western Ontario-Mechanical Engineering

My scores are:

1. Undergrad- 8.3 GPA
2. 10+2- 94%
3. IELTS- 7.5

Kindly comment. Many of you might have studied or applied.
Are there any Universities into which I'd get admission with high chances?
I've been thinking of Queen's and University of Alberta.

The application fee is heavy, so any suggestions are valuable. 

Thank you.
current grade 12 students
Hi! I'm currently an ontario HS senior, and was wondering what everyone is applying to next fall! In your answer pls include;
-what school you applied for
-what program you applied for

good luck/congrats :)
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Concordia University at Montréal
Hi there,

I don't know if it exists, but does Concordia University at Montreal give out entrance scholarships (based on admission average and no application needed). I literally cannot find any information regarding this on their website.

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University Choices
I'm really having trouble deciding on Universities. I have 4 choices. I was just wondering, is everyone else having just as much trouble? What university do you want to go to?
Carleton University or Concordia University for Political Science (IR)?
Hi! I am an international student and I'd be transferring to a Canada university very soon. I am posting my questions on here hoping some Canadian might answer my queries on whether Carleton U or Concordia would be a better suite for me.

1. I would be majoring in Political Science (International Relations) and I want to take french up. The reason why I am considering Concordia is due to the factors that it is in a french area -Montreal thus giving me the opportunity to pick it up faster and practice it. But what about Carleton? Is the french program there any good? I have 0 knowledge in french. 

2. I did my research and was told that Concordia is in downtown thus being in the middle and accessible to everything with just a walk away. However for Carleton, it's more secluded and I can only rely on campus as public transportation sucks? if so, how far it is to downtown? 

3. I am also a very athletic person. I cycle, swim, muay thai, run and play netball on a weekly basis. I was told that Carleton has a big ass pool and that they are more physically inclined compared to Concordia and was told that Concordia lacks a lot in their facilities. Is that true?

4. My last question would be the clubs. I am a very active person and I am currently involved in many volunteering events in my area like UNHCR or other NGos. I didn't get much info on these two unis but do u reckon which is more likely to be more active? 

Overall, judging by my questions, do you think Carleton or Concordia would be a better suite for me? I was told that they both have good Pol Sci program so now it comes down to whether which suites me best! 
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University Decisions | Freshmen Class of 2016
Helloooo Yconic!

So we're getting pretty deep into the admission processes and people are starting to accept some offers! I think this thread will help a lot of people see where everyone is going and why. So I've got a question:

Have you decided?

University I have Chosen:
Universities I turned down:
Is grade 12 easier than grade 11?
Just curious, is grade 12 easier, or more difficult than grade 11? Or is it the same? Courses I'm taking next year are:
Computer Science

For these courses, will it be harder in grade 12 than it was in grade 11
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Mcgill Life science Vs Western Medical science Vs Mcmaster Life science
Which one of these programs would provide me with the best opportunity to get into med-school in regards to GPA, research opportunities, and overall experience? Also which one would provide me with a greater chance of acceptance in US med-schools?
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Does McGill differentiate between Day school and Summer school?
Does McGill differentiate between online courses, summer courses, and day school when considering an applicant?

Cause I was planning on taking my grade 12 English course online during the summer.

I'm an Ontario student by the way, and am considering McGill for engineering.
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Activities after high school completion?
Hello everyone,

I'm an international student and I applied to Concordia university and they asked for activities/work/studies after I completed high school. However I don't have any of what they asked for expect currently I'm doing ILETS preparation then doing the test afterward. Does this have huge impact rejecting me? 
Please help.
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