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So can you get into McMaster Nursing even if you didn't do to well on the Casper test? Is Casper a big role in your acceptance in McMaster nursing
So I found out that in McMaster's Nursing Program you would have to take sociology, anthropology, and psychology in your first year. So I don't know whether or not if I should take those classes next year (grade 12) just to help me out in those courses later or if I should just consider taking another course since I am going to end up learning that material in university.
So I am in grade 11 and currently trying to survive second semester and its that time of the year where we have to choose our courses for grade 12. So far I have chosen university English, Biology, Chemistry, accounting, advanced functions and a spare. I am considering taking physics since I did pretty good int hat class last semester (i got an 85) but I am still debating whether or not to take calculus. I don't know whether I should take it or need it for nursing or take data management or take something else. I also don't know what other classes I need to as well.