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McGill University First Year Courses
Hey guys. I'm a bit confused about McGill's system. I'm an international student, so my English may not be perfect.

If a transfer student were to be admitted to McGill with not enough credits to start in U1 (24 apparently), but he had managed to transfer basic courses such as Calculus 1, Stats 1 or Microeconomics 1, would he have to start all over from first year even though he had the credits from the courses he would take in U1? Or are those the kind of courses he would take in his first year?

I would really appreciate if someone would take the time to help me. Thanks.
Help!! Should I transfer to another university?
Hello. I’m an international student currently in my first year of Economics at Brock. Since I arrived here I’ve heard from many people that Brock isn’t as prestigious as many other Canadian universities.
For this reason I’ve been considering about transferring to McGill, McMaster or Western. My high school GPA is around 3.5 and Brock so far has been extremely easy for me, so I’m confident that by the end of my first year I’ll have a GPA of at least 3.8.
With that being said, could you give me your opinion on Brock? Should I really try to transfer? And if I do, which of the mentioned universities would be the best for my program? Would I have a decent chance of being accepted?