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University cut-offs

I tried to post this before but I don't think it worked. When a university (I want to go to McMaster but any information is helpful) talks about cut-offs, do they mean all your grades have to be over this mark, or the average has to be over it? E.g. if you have a 70 and a 90 and the cut off is 80, will you get into the program you want?
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Average. But there may be specific course requirements too - i.e. cutoff of 85% with a minimum of a 70% in English and Math.

Western JD, Ivey HBA/BMSc
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Thanks! That makes more sense
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Also be aware that meeting the cutoff doesn't mean you will be accepted. That's the minimum grade to be considered. Competitive admissions averages will change every year depending on demand and the strength of the applicants. If you want to get a better idea of your chances look at the CUDO admissions information for your faculty (Section B3). It doesn't break it down by actual program but it can give you a rough idea of your chances based on the grades distributions of accepted students last year.


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Thank you!!
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