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Questions for a recently admitted Nursing Student At MCMASTER

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Hi there. I was in the same boat as you guys like 8 months ago lol. I applied to many nursing programs and got into every single one of them. I ended up at Mcmaster main! But I applied to Western main, Western Fanshawe, Ryerson main, Ottawa,  York, and Brock. Ask away on any admissions for any of these schools. 

I also applied to other programs other than nursing. (Waterloo life sci, Mcmaster Med Rad Sci, Mcmaster life sci, UTM life sci). I know this may seem like a lot of programs and a waste of money but I had no idea what I wanted to do. And I wasn't the smartest so I was scared I wasn't going to get in. 
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You, “weren’t the smartest” but got into western and McMaster main!??
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i got bad marks up to gr.11, but i really tried in gr.12 and my marks improved a lot
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What was your top 6 avg?
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semester 1 it was a 92%, midterm semester 2 it was a 93.5%
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How is problem based learning? I feel like I won't like it and may not apply just for this reason.
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Oh my. so far I dislike it. I don't hate it but it's not my favorite class. Just because the class is sooo long. 3hrs (sometimes 4) :/
The pros are: 
- that it is a nice refresher to do something easy
- the topics covered are easy to understand 
- you can get practice on note taking (because there are so many readings)

- 8:30 class in downtown Hamilton (you have to take the bus there)
- Very long class
- lots and lots of readings to do. it takes like 2-3 hrs to finish them
- can be very boring at times

so all in all the cons are just like annoying things, but i really do feel like PBL helps me. And it quite a simple course (if you do the readings). 
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Hi, thanks for answering our questions! I was wondering if you could share some insight for the Casper test. I’ve mostly only been told to type quickly. Do you have any other advice?
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No problem!!
so the capser test is just there to "test" your ethics and if you are fit for the nursing program. When i took me test i was so nervous. Like incredibly nervous. I took the first available test date so I couldn't talk to anyone I knew and tips about it. 

I am such a slow typer so that was my main concern when writing it. I suggest getting Grammarly because with that i can spend the last couple of seconds fixing my mistakes fast.

When taking the test I think I did not answer 1 box. and after the test I felt really bad about it. I felt like my answers were quite average and maybe didn't even make sense. that is why I was surprised when I got into the program. 

I prepared a lot for the test. and made like a "cheat sheet" for myself with good phrases I can use, and had it beside me while taking the test. I suggest doing the same.  I will copy and paste some of the things on the sheet below. 

I also do believe that they ask 1 or 2 personal questions so note down things like a time you failed, A time you worked with others unlike yourself, A time you navigated a personal crisis (yours or someone else’s), A time you received unfair treatment or criticism. 

Something I do stress is to show both sides of the story

CASPer Cheat Sheet
Answering the question
1. Address the main problem
2. consequences ... Ripple effect (think outside the setting)  
3. Gather more information about the situation  
4. Come up with a solution, using if statements

- Always say what you think you may have seen and not jump to any conclusions  
- Always say what the other person will say in the story  
- Focus on the big picture and do not focus on small details about the situation  
- If sometimes there is not enough information, use if statements.  
- Demonstrating a genuine understanding of the issue - ethical or otherwise - being examined - - Showing originality in your answer.

If statements
- If there seems to be a problem, then I would help the person by finding them the support they need.  
- If they are not offering to help because they just don't want to i would inform the professor/boss about this. As well as authorize an create a new set of rules and expectations for the rest of the group making sure the work is equally spread out.  
- If the person is not working right now i will give them the benefit of the doubt and think that they are having a busy week, and then after the business dies down they will be able to contribute more.

Think about ways you can approach the problem or address it


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So it’s okay to just use if statements? We don’t need to make a final, firm decision? Also what do you mean by gather more information about the situation? Thanks so much again!
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Hi there! I am currently a Grade 12 student, and I want to pursue nursing. During Grade 11 I didn't do my best, but I'm really making a comeback now in Grade 12. I was wondering, what was your average when you applied (a rough estimate is fine). I keep hearing people talk about 97% and 98% averages, and I am getting a little scared right now.
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Yes. I was in the exact same boat as you. So in grade 11, my average was around 86. You had to apply by mid-January so that is what all my school saw when I applied. but then like 3 weeks later my first semester grades were updated. my average was exactly a 92. the programs I got in to from that grade were...
- western Fanshawe nursing
- ryerson nursing (main)
- Ottawa nursing
- york nursing
- brock nursing
and then second semester midterms came and my average was 93.5%. then I got into the following
- McMaster NURSING!!
western nursing (MAIN)

my final mark in grade 12 was an 93%. 
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