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my semester one midterm average is adding up to a 65% and i KNOW i have to work so much harder to raise them because i would like to get into brocks medical sciences program and their average is mid 80’s. i’ve gotten the result due to my grandpa being sick. i couldn’t concentrate on school because i had to spend some nights at the hospital with him. Do you think i can raise my average up by the end of the semester? i’ve got about 7-8 weeks left and it’s scaring me. 

my midterm marks are: 

Data — 55
English — 62 
Visual arts — 69 
Families in Canada — 74 

any study tips or tips to raise my marks can help 

ALSO — do uni’s look at midterm marks ?
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Admissions will be based on 1st semester final marks and 2nd semester midterm marks. 
Program prerequisites include English, Bio, Chem, 1 Math (with Data recommended), +2 additional courses (Kinesiology recommended).

So in theory you still have a shot provided that you are taking Biology and Chemistry (and ideally Kin) next semester.  Assuming that you are then if you can do significantly better for the rest of this semester and in second semester you could be ok but:
a) You will need to raise your Data and English marks significantly. If you can get at least an 85% or better for the second half of the semester then your final mark in these courses will be at least 75%. I would talk to your teachers and see if they will give you some leniency for extraordinary circumstances (your grandfather's illness) and maybe give you some make up assignments.

b) Even if you can get your English and Data marks up to a 75% final, you will still need to get a minimum of 90% in 4 additional courses to be able to average out to 85% and offset the 75%'s in Data and English. You can not get your VA and Family marks up this high so at this point they are a write off. You need to be taking 4 courses in 2nd semester (Bio, Chem, Kin, + 1 more) and doing extremely well in them. 

So at this point I would forget about VA and Families and concentrate on English and Data and doing as well as you possibly can in them and then taking 4 courses in 2nd semester.

If you can do all of that then you still have a shot, but you should start considering that you might need to return next year to raise your marks further.
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Consider taking a victory lap, it may be the best choice for you.
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LOL. You're barely passing high school courses and you think you'll be able to attend a med sci program? HAHAHAHAHA
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What were your marks in grade 11?
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