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Do uni's look at your highschool or uni marks?

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If you are planning to transfer would universities look at your highschool marks or your uni marks? and also, would you need to have the prerequisites for that program?
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Every school's transfer policy is going to be different. You should check the requirements on their website or contact their admissions department. In general however, they will be looking at your university marks, not your high school one's. If by having the program prerequisites you mean high school then no, but you would need the appropriate first year university prerequisite courses to enter 2nd year of whichever program you are in. Each school will also differ in how they award transfer c.redits. Many now have transfer agreements where they will accept c.redits awarded at your current school on par so that you don't have to repeat them but that is going to depend on which school you are transferring from and what school you want to transfer to. They also often stipulate that a specific number of c.redits need to be completed at the their school in order for you to graduate (usually about 2 years worth so 20 out of 40 c.redits or 60 out of 120). If you've completed more than 2 years it may not make sense for you to transfer. You might want to start here:  

https://www.ontransfer.ca/index_en.php?page=university&slide_id=4 https://futurestudents.yorku.ca/transfer http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/futurestudents/admissions/transfer/
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Once you enrol into a university program, your grades on your high school transcript become moot. But nice try trying to salvage your old grades for transferring.
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