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Difference in Averages- University Admission?

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So in grade 11, I had some tough personal family issues (and also just didnt realize grade 11 marks mattered for university lol) so my U/M level course average was a 74 (thanks chem and math!) Now in grade 12, my average is a 91. But, will universities like Queen's and Western see my grade 11 marks and not accept me anyways, despite the great improvement? Or will they just not grant me early acceptance, but in later months of the school year,  will they only look at grade 12 marks and then be more likely to accept me?
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The "My grade 11 marks weren't that great but I'm doing really well in grade 12. Is it going to affect my admission chances?" question gets asked over and over again. I literally answered this exact same question from another poster the other day and the answer is still the same. Admissions to Ontario universities is based on your grade 12 marks. While some schools/programs may give early admissions if you have high enough grade 11 marks, you will not be denied admissions due to low grade 11 marks. They will just defer making a decision until they have received your first semester final and second semester mid-term marks and reassess you then. Ultimately all that matters is grade 12. Everyone needs to stop obsessing about early admissions and also make an effort to research the admissions requirements of the programs they are interested in. It's readily available on each school's website. If you had bothered to do that you would see that they are only basing admissions on grade 12 marks.
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