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Ask me Anything: Ivey HBA Transfer 2018 from another university

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Not going to say my university of transfer.
It's from an Ontario university but it's not Toronto or Waterloo.

I've been in your position before. I really just want to help students make better decisions towards their careers so that they can one day contribute more effectively in their communities. 

I'm the  OP for this post linked below. I really encourage that you take a read on that one too! 

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Because you mentioned UofT and Loo did you transfer from engineering? How hard was it to transfer. Did you need to have a lot of ECs and high marks? Im going into my second year of an eng program and hoping to transfer my third year to Ivey. Did you apply inyour second or third year of uni?
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Q: Am I in engineering? 
A: I am in a STEM program but I do not want to say which one because there's only about 40 students that transfer each year from another university. I want to remain anonymous.

I think your eye skipped over a bit when you were reading by the way because I said I'm NOT from U of T or Waterloo. I bolded it in the first post now lol

Q: How hard was it to transfer?
A: A question that can't be quantified. So this is all subjective thinking. Anyone is entitled to disagree but of course, I've personally experienced this, and I'm expressing it in the way I see it so don't get mad people if you disagree.

I'll try to give you my best response. I think it is easier to get an HBA transfer from another university than it is to get AEO status in high school. It's one of those programs that are challenging but absolutely not impossible to get into.

It's not like trying to get into Waterloo engineering which boasts approximately 6-8% acceptance rate. The Ivey transfer felt more like a 20-30% acceptance rate where 1/5 or 1/4 or 1/3 people got in instead of Waterloo which lists on their website that there is 1 spot per 15 or so students that apply. Ivey doesn't release such information, it's just my guess.

Q: Do you need to have a lot of ECs? (ECs stands for extracurriculars)
A: You need to have 3 good ECs only because they want you to write 3 essay of a maximum of 500 words on 3 different EC's

They have a section on their application that allows you list all your other ECs. They have a section that allows you to list work experience if you did not use it as one of your essay ECs.

Q: Do you need high grades?
A: Admission average was 83.81% for those admitted in 2017 (HBA 2019 students).

I got this info during the admission info session presentation back when I went to it in January. Please remember that average means average. It means there were people lower than that grade and people higher than that grade that made it in and they all together formed that average. I got in with 83% average in 2018.

Q: Did you apply in second or third year of university?
A: Second year.
Note that the application was due on January 26 in second year. This means you have not much time in second year to develop extracurriculars if you haven't already.
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Hey thanks for answering the questions. Being someone who's thinking about transferring for next year, this really helped. When did you decide to transfer and for what reason? I have to say that the tuition is scaring me a bit, but there are a lot of opportunities an Ivey degree will give. When you transfer, what happens to your credits for your first two years? Is there a way to show employers what you did prior to transferring into Ivey?
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Q: When did you decide to transfer to Ivey
A: About 2 months into my first year of university studies is when I began to think that I wanted to transfer. 

I just wasn't as into the program that I was studying as I thought I would be when I was in high school. If you're trying, the earlier the better because you need time develop the experiences to write good essays 

Q: What happens to your credits when you transfer? 
A: You get a transfer of 10.0 UWO credits. Any extra you get nothing for in the transfer. 10.0 is full/standard course load for fall/winter for 2 years.  

Q: How can you show employers your work prior to transfer? 
A: I'm not there yet so I wouldn't know too well. When I've been looking at jobs, some employers ask for university transcripts. You could just send them both your Ivey transcripts and your transcripts before transfer.

The tuition is pretty expensive. Ivey has an exclusive bank student loan with lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits than the average student loan. I'm taking it.
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What were your EC's and how did your experiences help you in developing the qualities and characteristics that Ivey is looking for?
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Q: What were my extracurriculars?
A: Club executive, volunteering, summer internships, and student government. 

Q: How did my experiences help me in developing the qualities and characteristics that Ivey is looking for?
A:  I think the best way to answer this question is by saying exactly what Ivey wanted from me for admission in 2018. It's probably going to be the exact same in 2019.
"Select three activities that you feel demonstrate your leadership abilities best. Focus your description on elements that demonstrate: teamwork, initiative, achievement, commitment and breadth".

In simple terms, I basically have experiences that showed all those qualities that they are looking for. I can't have people rip off my stuff so I made up a story of what they're looking for in the paragraph below. This a prime example, all your stuff doesn't really have to be this good to get in but if they're all this good then you'll definitely get in if you have the grades as well.

You demonstrated teamwork, achievement, and commitment because you were originally a representative for the engineering club and because you kept showing up and helping out with events and other things when others wouldn't, you found enough favor from other members that they voted for you to become the first female president ever in that engineering club.

Note: They 100% reference check all your extracurriculars and work experiences you put, even the ones you list that aren't used for the essays. They read these essays all the time, if you lie about your experiences there will always be flaws in your essays that they can spot out and will catch you for it.
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What would you recommend others to do if they're interested in earning an executive position in a club?
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Q: What would you recommend others to do if they're interested in earning an executive position in a club?
A: In my opinion, there are two options you can follow. 

Option 1: Work hard to please your current executive team and other members by being that person that shows up to every single event and runs errands for the executive team. Talk to them and ask them how you can help out and get involved and choose something that you're genuinely interested in and care about. The earlier you the start, the more you have to write about. It's very difficult to get an executive position if you start trying second year because usually promotion occurs following the next year. But working as some sort of representative which isn't an executive is definitely a very good position still.

Option 2: Start a club. You need to go to your university's student union and apply to have a recognized student club. You are automatically the president in this case. You have to do lots of paperwork and then try to get members to join and then try to constantly keep them involved in the club. You can hire executives and be the boss of them. It's always better if you can start a club for something that has a niche or for something hasn't been done yet at your school.

Two important notes: 
Firstly, they have a section on the application that asks about how much time you spend per week/month/term/etc. and what type of commitment was it. It will ask whether it is once only/term long/school year/calendar year/summer/etc. Keep this in mind when you choose to join or create an inactive club that pretty much does nothing and is a pretend extracurricular. It would be very difficult to write anything meaningful for that in an essay anyways. 

Secondly, there is a section that asks if  each of your extracurricular positions are a supportive position or a leadership position. I was very grateful to be able to ask this one specific question to the HBA representative at the info session which I am sharing now. I told him that I didn't have 3 leadership positions. What should I do? He told me to demonstrate how I had leadership qualities in my supportive positions as they are still considered a good very illustration of my abilities. I did that with my volunteering position which is pretty much a normal ongoing volunteering on a weekly basis for 1.5 hours a week. Here I am now accepted to the program.
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What was your summer internship? Was it business related?
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You need to have Business 2257 or an equivalent to transfer, but Western also says that if it can't fit into your schedule, you can take it at Western during the Intersession period (May-June). Does that mean the May-June right before starting at Ivey, or the previous year? Are the chances of gaining admission to Ivey lowered if I take that course during that period, and when do admissions usually go out?
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I want to apply to the HBA program and I'm currently in my second year at another Ontario university in a commerce program. I notice that the Ivey website says that you need the equivalent of 10.0 Western courses, and when an applicant "meets these requirements" they can apply during their second year. My question is, I wouldn't meet these course requirements until the end of my second year (May 2019), but the application deadline is January 2019, so do I still apply on the contingency of finishing my required courses? It'd be great if you could provide any guidance on this, thanks!
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