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College Transfer
I'm a college student looking to transfer into Political science at York U, My average at the moment is a 72, will I get in?
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PLEASE HELP!! I really desperately want to go to Queen's University. I am interested in the PPE program, economics program, sociology program, or psychology program. I want to go to law school after my undergrad (which has been my plan for years) so I'm not too concerned with which program I get into... literally anything. I'm an Ontario student, and I will be applying right out of high school. My average so far this year is 90, and I am feeling comfortable with my marks in all of my classes. The issue is that last year during second semester I went through a really hard time personally, and my marks for those courses were 72,73,74,78. Are those marks going to screw me over for getting into any of those programs? If I maintain an 87-93 average for my 6 grade 12 courses will they still deny my application because of those marks? What do you think my chances of admission are!
Mcgill General arts
Hello, I was wondering how I stand up for acceptance at McGill, I've got French- 97, psychology - 94, theology - 96 , Law- 92, and this semester I am taking English and sociology as well as families in Canada I know I will get over 90 in sociology in families in Canada but English concerns me. I know for political science ( or general arts) the cut-off was 83 and I got an 81 last year so I don't know how I will do this year. Also I was confused because the admissions outline said 83 in either French or English and I got 98 in French so I want to know whether I am safe even if I default in English. Please help!! thank you so much.
Best option for social science and law school pursuit
Hello, everyone.

Currently, I have been accepted to:
Queens Arts, Political Studies
Waterloo Honours Arts and Business, Legal Studies + co-op
Carleton, Public Affairs and Policy Management + co-op
Ottawa, Political Science/History + co-op

I am still waiting to hear from, but am sure I will get an acceptance from:
University of Toronto Social Science, Ethics Society and Law
McMaster Social Science, Political Science
Western Social Science, International Relations

I am looking for some input on what the best route might be for me to go to law school. I know that there is no easy way to just go to law school, but for example, I've heard that it is harder to get a higher GPA at a school like UofT compared to a school like Ottawa. Right now the choices that intrigue me the most are western+queens, but Waterloo's co-op is also very enticing (although I have heard it's not the best for arts/social science) and UofT's reputation/campus is also intriguing. 

Anyway, I'm just looking for some advice/firsthand experience. Anything is welcome!


Hi, I am interested in both law and life sciences. Overall, I would like to get into a Medical school with an undergrad BA degree (from criminology, or political science). To do so, would I have to take science electives, which specific electives are they? I am trying to get into UTSC, Mac, Western, or York. If there is anything else you think I should know, feel free to comment any suggestions!
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UofT, McMaster, Waterloo or Lauier for political science
I'm between Waterloo Co-op, UTSG and McMaster for political science and I intend to do post graduate studies or law school after my bachlor's so  I was wondering what program would be the best for that path
Huron university college, trent university OR glendon college for political science?????
which of these universities would give the best rounded political science education?
what are the pros and cons of each uni? considering stuff like co-op/internship opportunities, scholarship money and overall curriculum
Political Science
How is political science taught differently in Canada compared to the US? Is it based on Canadian or American politics?
Help me with undergrad major and life, please
Help I'm a confused teen who has difficulty making decisions. I want to major in either Economics, Political science, or International relations. I don't know which schools to go to either for the best education, so far I'm thinking University of Toronto, Western, or Waterloo but I don't know much about which schools are best for my programs. 

My family is poor and I am the first child to go to university. I want to work hard and give myself the best opportunity to succeed to support my family. I don't really know which jobs will give me a lot of money except for the stereotypes ex. doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Which jobs from those 3 majors would give me the most money over time? Give a list please.

I want to be working as something respected by everyone. You know those people in business suits on Bay Street in Toronto? Those investment bankers and lawyers and other important people. How do I become someone important in this world? How do I make a lot of money? How do I do anything in life? I'm so confused

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York University or UTM?
I've been accepted into both universities in the undergrad program of political science, I just don't know which to choose. The crime in York is a turn off but the program I heard is good. whereas I read that UTM is a big GPA killer which wouldn't work well if I decide I wanted to go into law school.
Anyone who is in these university, can you give me your feedback on how the social life, program, residence, and campus is like? 
And do they offer an internship for political science in Yorku or UTM?
Also I am not sure if I should go into residence, because Yorku isn't really nice enough for the price but I am moving from montreal to toronto so I don't know what other ways I'd have in getting an opportunity to make friends, thats why the social life in rez and out of rez is important to me too because I'm moving to a place were I have basically no friends. And I haven't seen the residence in UTM.
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which school is the best for international relations ?
would like to get to maybe someday work for the foreign services after graduating from university and was wondering which school would you think is best for me to do this?
I was thinking of maybe applying to Simon Fraser and taking the international studies or maybe Uoft's international relations.

What is the average GPA of a graduating Queens Art's student?
I am thinking about attending law school after my undergraduate so it would be helpful to know what kind of GPA I would be obtaining from Queen's. Thanks
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ryerson business management 
u of t humanities 

i know ryerson is seen as a lower school but aren't i more likely to have more opportunities with a bcomm as oppose to a BA? but u of t is seen as the more prestigious school and is #1 for a reason so is that more important? is it WHAT you study that gets you places or WHERE you study??
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What is the average GPA of a graduating McMaster social sciences student?
What kind of GPA would the average student who studies political science at McMaster have once they graduate. Yes, I am aware that it is different for everyone depending on many different factors but I am just looking for the AVERAGE. Thanks
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UTM do i have a chance of getting in
my average is a 78 and i applied for political science at utm. do i have a chance of getting in?has anyone gotten any accepted in may for the social science program? please help
UTM social sciences
i applied for political science at utm my average is a 78 do i have a chance of getting in?
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Grade 11 marks?
Throughout my grade 11 year I didn't do so hot. At least not as well as knew I could. I was at a 60-70 average. However now I really wish to apply to the University of Ottawa. If I were to get my grade 12 grades to a mid 80 to 90 range would I be able to make it or should I give up hope now and apply somewhere with a lower acceptance average. How much do my grade 11 grades really count? 

I'm planning on studying political science. Due to some family issues staying back and upgrading isn't really an option for me. 

Also I'm from BC!
poli sci acceptance at UTM
hi, my marks are 
politics: 74, law:76, history: 75, english:73, philosophy:78, tech: 90. with this, my overall average is a 78. it says you need mid-70s to get in. do i have a good chance of getting into utm? im scared help
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UBC degree from Okanagan vs UBC degree from Vancouver
Is there a major difference between a UBCO and a UBCV degree? I heard that each certificate will mention which campus you've attended. Will that affect the decisions made by the grad schools or the big companies? 

Also, which would look/ sound better.
1) A degree from Bachelor of Arts: specialisation in International Relations from UBC.
2) A degree from Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management: specialisation in International studies from Carleton.

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Laurier Alternate Programs?
Hey guys, 

I know Laurier's policy is only one offer of admission for their school even if you've chosen two programs. Now my question is: 

What if I have BBA is my first choice and then Pol Sci as my fourth. I haven't been accepted to BBA yet but I think after mid-terms, I'll be at 87 and I have filled out the ABS. Now my question is, they won't just give me the fourth choice offer and ignore my BBA right? Or how late will they wait for BBA before giving me the Pol Sci, cause I have already surpassed Pol Sci requirements. I honestly don't wanna go to Laurier unless its for BBA but now I am just concerned that by putting the fourth option as Laurier Pol Sci, I may have ruined my acceptance procedure or something?

Any advice?

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Thinking about a gap Year
Hi ok so  I am graduating highschool in 2016, and so far I have gotten rejected and waitlisted from 2 universities of of 4. The thing is I am not upset at all really because I applied for Engineering and the fact of the matter is I don't want to pursue stem............... Is it really that bad an idea to take a gap year?

Oh and FYI  I really want to study either political science or public policy.