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comparison between u of t and uottawa for political science program
I am planning to study international relation in u of t st.George or political science in uottawa. i have heard that u of t has a higher academic reputation but uottawa has far better coop opportunities. Which one is more suitable if i want to get a Ph.D and become a professor? How essential is coop experience if i want to get into academia in the future? (i am VERY adaptable so the city's atmosphere is quite irrelevant in the comparison).
College transfer
I'm a Humber college student looking to transfer to york university political science, My average right now is a 73, what's the chance I get in?
Political science at Mcmaster
Hi guys. So I’m a first year philosophy student at ryerson right now, but ryerson has kinda disappointed me. It’s like a high school and is not like a university at all. I’m thinking about changing both my major and my university and thinking of applying to mcmaster and study political science. Do you know how mcmaster’s social science is? Is it a good choice or no?
How different are the 4th and 5th editions of a textbook?? Specifically, a polysci one? And does anyone know of any good sites to get used books from?????
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Search not working?
Hello. I tried searching up a few topics in the search bar, but nothing showed up at all aside from the bar with the scholarships/contests etc and everything above that. At first I thought there were simply no results, but I typed in a few more topics and was greeted the same way. Is anyone else having a similar experience?
5th Year Help
I'm going to take a fifth year next term (not because i want to, but because I have to) and i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what would be best to do during this time.

1. I could work 
2. I could look for apprenticeships or internships
3. I could update 2 of my credits (which are in the 70s the rest are in the 90s) 
4. I could do a mix of these

I also do wanted to explore a career path in the following fields: Architecture, political science, law, and business. But don't know what I could do to explore these possibilities. Anyone know anything? Let me know. 
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Reconsidering a BA
Hi everyone:

Background info: I'm in grade 11 with about a 94% average - plan to keep it after my exams this week! I do a lot of extra-curriculars and am an executive of an advocacy organization for this year. (Only saying that so you know changing courses would be difficult!)

I've my mind made for a long time as to what I would do for university and beyond. I hadn't figured out exactly what major I wanted, but I thought something within BA (like PoliSci, International Studies, or something else fairly interdisciplinary).
My excuse for these not leading to concrete jobs has always been that my passion is law, and I would go to school for it after.

However, recently I've been reconsidering. I know law schools appreciate diverse schooling backgrounds, and I have a passion for (particularly marine) biology. To apply to Arts & Science or Science though, I'd need to take totally different courses next year.  

My dilemma right now is whether to hustle and take advanced functions and add 4U bio to my course load for next year (would switch around my schedule and potentially do something online), or stick with the initial plan of arts. 
I KNOW I'll enjoy doing a BA and know I can get good marks. Biology? It's a bigger risk in terms of both enjoyment (which I think is important!) and also getting high enough marks to be successful when I apply to law school.

In summary: I am looking for advice as to whether I should take a chance on Bio, or stick with a BA before (planning to go to) law school in either scenario. Obviously, Bio would set me up if I decided against Law, but it's a bigger risk.

Thanks for your help. The decision is ultimately a personal one, but any insight or advice is appreciated!
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Ryerson vs. UofT political science

I'm currently deciding between pursuing poli sci at ryerson or u of t but am having trouble as I've heard mixed reviews on both. My goal after receiving my undergrad is law school, and so a high GPA is important for me, as is an active student life. If there is anyone who's taken poli sci at either school- how was it?
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Switching programs in the summer
Ok so i applied to york for bcom and poli sci, but im trying to get into bcom. I need adv functions for bcom which I don't have right now but im taking it in summer. My question basically is can i accept the poli sci offer now and finish adv functions in the summer and tell them to put me in bcom.
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poli sci/economics
hey ! just a grade 11 looking into uni's for next year !

i really want to double major in political sciences/economics, i've heard it'better to do that instead of international relations (my initial interest)

i really have my eyes set on UBC because i'm from BC, but which program is better for my interests ? i also want to take in account student life - if i were to move abroad i want to make sure i'll feel welcomed.
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McMaster vs UofT social science!!!
Hi, I need some advice please! I’m trying to decide between McMaster and UofT for political science. I know that Mac social sciences aren’t very good, but I like the environment and going there would allow me to go away from home (which is important to me). I’m worried I will be lonely and not like the competitive atmosphere at UofT, but the program is very good and my parents really want me to go there (I want to be able to make my own decision though). Any advice? Thank you!
I'm considering going to law school in the future after I finish my undergraduate. If I do my undergrad at WLU Poli Sci, because I just got into that - would that be okay? 

Is political science hard at WLU?

When does one start prepping for the LSAT?

Do you guys know any good law schools in the GTA or Ontario in general?
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Best School for BA and Possibly Law School Afterwards?
Hey! I am currently trying to decide which university to attend. I have been accepted to Queens for a BA and Laurier for a BA in political science and a law degree from the University of Sussex. I have heard lots of negative things about Laurier's program, what are your thoughts on it? After I receive my BA I would like to attend law school. I have also heard lots of good things about the University of Ottawa and was wondering if I should also apply there for a BA in political science and history? I also applied to Western for social science but have not heard back yet. My final question is what school/program is best if I would like to become a lawyer in the future?
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Hey everyone!!
I need someone to tell me honestly my chance at McGill Poli Sci with these grades, I've been still waiting for admissions :)

French: 97%
AP psych: 93%
Philosophy: 98%
Law: 91%
Families in Canada: 96%
English: 90%
Challenge and Change in Society: 95%

All U level courses, adds up to a 94.2% ish average

please no rude comments, I am applying from Ontario and have been waiting since December. 
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Don't know where to go for uni
Hey guys, 
    So I've been accepted into all my programs from different schools but I don't know which school I should go to in the fall. My general field is Social Sciences then hopefully into Law School but I've heard bad things about each school and I don't know what to do. 

          UofT (St. G)
- the best school in Canada
- it's DT!
- very diverse
- WAAAY to hard
- no social life
- too big 

- solid exchange programs
- great internship opportunities
- prestigious but not that hard
- party
- my ex
- scared the girls there are prettier than me (sounds shallow not gonna lie)

- schools beautiful
- free living 
- exchange programs
-looks good for resumes
- I'm black and I've heard the school is predominately white and deals with some racist scandals 

- the best program for me: PoliSci w/ Law degree in England (might not help me with a job here tho)
- small and intimate 
- hick nation 
- Waterloo is boring 

Lol so sorry for the long list but please help I'm in dire need of help

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Am i f****d?
The more i think about university the more i get worry about my future. Here is my dilemma. In grade 10 my math teacher forced me to take math applied because he didn't think academic was the right class for me. At the time, i didn't know or care about the difference or the impact it can have on your life. Now i find that i can't apply to any programs that require math (adv func, calculus etc). This really closed a lot of doors because now i can only apply to arts programs which are useless most of the time. I applied to mostly poli science as that's the only path i see myself taking without math. The problem is that i know i will dislike poli science as i am more interested in business and i know i'm not the the poli sci type of guy. What do you guys think i should do.
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House of Commons Page Program 2018-2019
Hello, there are many threads about this program from the past years so I decided to create one for this year. 
So interviews are happening right now, how’s it going for everybody so far? 
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House of Commons Page Program 2018
There are threads from the past years so I decided to create one for this year! 
So far, it’s time for the interviews, how’s it going so far for everyone?? ^.^
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herq or pols
has anyone taken POLS classes or HREQ classes. I have taken both and like both. but am having trouble deciding whether I want to dbl in POLS or HREQ. what is better and more interesting and social based rather then theory
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Political Science -- what University?
Queen's Western or U of T for social science?  I'm looking to study a combination of political science, economics, and history. I know most say it doesn't matter, but just looking for some opinions.

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Carleton PAPM vs UOttawa Polisci
For students considering/have applied to either of the two programs & for those in either program - hows the experience in both? Which is better?

I'm trying to decide between the two programs - 
Carleton offers a specialized program with specialized opportunities and a chance to build a network with a smaller student community going into the same field as you.

UOttawa offers French Immersion along with their program which is a huge advantage if you're going into politics. I believe it's your basic PoliSci program, nothing specialized but what really gives it that extra edge is to add in french immersion and co-op.

If you're debating between the two, feel free to leave a comment below w/ your thoughts!
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Carleton, UoOttawa or Queens
Ive been accepted to Carleton and UoO for political science and I'm still waiting on a response from Queens. Got an entrance scholarship from both. I would love to know which school is best for the program that i want to study.
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University of Toronto St. George Poli Sci (Political Science) Admissions???
Hi everyone! I applied to the Poli Sci (part of Social Sciences) program at U of T St. George in November and have heard that a few of my friends have gotten in with 90+ averages so far for February (first round of admissions).

I have an 85.6% average (top 6 courses) and am wondering how likely it is for me to get an offer during the 2nd round of admissions in March, or even an offer at all. 

For everyone that has already been accepted first round, would you be able to share the following:
1) date of application
2) top 6 average
3) date of acceptance

Will I be able to receive an offer with this average of ~85%? Has anyone already gotten in with mid-high 80s?
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Best University for Political Science
Hey everyone,

I'm having a lot of trouble deciding which university to go too for Political Science. I've already been accepted at the following universities for this Program:

1) University of Ottawa
2) Queen's University
3) University of Toronto
4) Western University

For the University of Ottawa, the program includes co-op. Also, I have been accepted into Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Which university is best for studying this field and also which one will increase my chances of getting employed?
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