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Western med sci
Has anyone been accepted to western med sci? My first sem average including MHF4U which I took in gr11 is 93.75.. I got into general and health sci but not med sci yet.. I’m sort of worried
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Undergrad Pre-Med Program
I'm currently a Grade 12 student at Pickering High School in Ajax. For my university applications, I applied at multiple places. 
UFT Scarborough and Downtown for life sci
Waterloo-Biomed sci
York-Biomed sci
Queens-Life Sci
Mac-Life Sci
I will probably finish with an 87 average, and now its time for me to start making decisions.  Everyone in my family has done Engineering, so they don't  know much about any of these Life Sci programs.
My average was low this year, due to unpredictable circumstances, I usually have a low 90.
Which one do you guys think is best to get me to a med school. Any other advice regarding the unis and this program would be appreciated. 
Thank you

Medical School Admissions Course
Looking to get a competitive edge on your medical school application? Want practice for the medical school admissions interview? Seeking tips on how best to review for the MCAT and plan out your journey to medical school?  

Experienced Education is hosting a medical school admissions course run by a Canadian MD and CANADIAN ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE member to give you those tips that prep session companies may be missing.  

Course includes 12+ hours of instruction, including a PERSONALIZED medical school application review or a 15-minute mock admissions interview.  

Discounted tickets are available if you sign up in a group of 3 or more! Purchase tickets on eventbrite: https://medschooladmissions-canadianmd-experiencededu.eventbrite.ca

If you have any questions feel free to reply here or send an email to seminars.experiencededu@gmail.com
Mac Health Sci Application
Hey guys, so I'm done the first 2 questions of the sup app. and I'm having a little difficulty answering the third. Are we writing about possible factors that inspired the physicians to further investigate the condition? Or are we stating our own conclusions as to why we think the migrants may have developed it? 

This can also be an advice/question thread for any of the questions/process of writing the application!!!
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Is being a cancer survivor a merit for getting in health science program?
Hi all I am a grade 12 student who is planning on applying to Mcmaster Health Science as a first choice. Ive got an average of 90-93 and i took about 7 AP courses and planning to take all of them. 
The point about this post is to ask u guys some useful infos concerning cancer survivor scholarship or its merit on getting into meds school. 
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Western Med Sci: Just finished 3rd year, cumulative 4.0, AMA
Basically what I said above. I just finished my third year at Western Med Sci! I know choosing a university is tough (I had a really tough time choosing) and trying to determine how you'll do at university is stressful, but let me know what questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them! 

Also, despite being in third year, I can definitely answer questions about first year and all other years. I've been pretty engaged with helping out first years, so I know a decent amount about all years (or at least I like to think I do haha).

Update: I just got into med school, so feel free to ask those questions as well.  
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McMaster iBiomed AMA (first year)
Ask me any questions you have about iBiomed,  res life, first year,  the culture/atmosphere at McMaster, or the admissions process for any of the following program that I applied to...

McMaster health sciences (I was rejected):
U of T life sci (deferred to Scarborough)

Accepted to
Western Medical science
Mac Life science
Western Health sci
Queens Science
Ottawa biomedical sciences
Ottawa health sciences
Carleton biomedical sciences
Waterloo life science

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Western University Medical Sci
Hi! Just wondering if anyone has gotten into medical sci at western without grade 12 physics and how the physics course was in first year? I have taken grade 11 physics and wondering if I should take grade 12. 
Also wondering if it's better to take health sci or medical sci. My guidance counsellor told me health sci, but now looking into it I'm leaning towards medical sci because I want to go into medicine. (doctor) If anyone knows anything lemme know !!
Can I get in to Western?
Hi, I’m currently a grade 12 student scheduled to graduate in 2019. I want to get into western for life sciences, either the general or medical science program. Im really anxious about whether or not I can get in. These are my marks so far in grade 11, and the ones I expect for grade 12:

Grade 12

English: 80
Biology: 93
Chemistry: 94
Advanced functions: 92

Grade 11

English: 69
Biology: 89
Chemistry: 89
Fitness: 93
Physics: 91
Functions: 93

By second semester mid terms I expect to have an average of about 90-92.

My extra curriculars are 4 clubs (stage crew, key club, gaming club, and robotics club) and about 50 hours.

As you can see, my extra curriculars aren't anything special, and my English mark will bring down my average quite a bit. This has me worried, so I would appreciate any information you guys could give me regarding my chances to get in.
I'm going to be applying as a 101 applicant mid November.


Current Grade 12 marks:
First Year iBioMed | Ask Me Anything!
Hey guys, I'm a current first year iBioMed student and just like you I wasted a lot of time last year on yconic :') but it really helped me make a decision  to choose the right program! So, if you have any questions about first year iBioMed (the program at McMaster), more specifically about things like:
- Academics and Grades (GPA)
- McMaster in general 
- Why I chose iBioMed
- or anything else?!?!

Pls don't hesitate to ask below!

Just for starters, last year I applied to:
- Mac Health sci 
- Western Med Sci & IVEY
- Queens Commerce 
- Guelph Biomed
- Mac Life Sci
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Help! Medical Undergrad, MCAT Scores, and Applications
I am seeking help on how applying to university undergrad programs really work. Firstly, I am currently in Grade 11 in the IB program. The admissions for say Dalhousie say that a 3.00 is mandatory, and an MCAT, among other things. Is an MCAT a requirement to apply? And, when do I take it? I have read that if I take it in High School I will be at a disadvantage because I haven't taken the courses yet, but it's listed on the applications pages of many medical undergrad programs. Secondly, how do I find my GPA from an IB score? Do I use my converted Ontario mark to then convert to GPA? Thirdly, how does an Undergrad and general Uni apps work? My current perception is that you apply early grade 12, using predicted IB scores, and the ones already resulting from the exam (in my case Chemistry and Business) in Grade 11. Then, you submit a CASPer or a Personality Evaluation, and an MCAT? I'm really looking for a view on how the process works. So, MCAT or no, GPA from IB, and how to apply. Thanks so much for reading, I know that this blob of text is probably an eyesore to look at!
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Western med sci
hey guys, 

with my current average, I am really unsure about whether or not I will be able to get in the med science program. Does anyone else know alternative ways to enter the program in later years and the requirements as well. 

HEY GUYS!!!!, 

I am currently an IB student who has completed grade 12 math and chemistry. My current avg is a 88 and I really wanna get into western med science. So do you think I should redo  my math courses and chemistry online as a private school?  Does anyone know if western cares about  private school. 

Thank you!! 
Undergrad Pre-med options
I have noticed that Brock offers something called "med-plus" along with Trent offering a pre-medical stream, and a premed specialization on your degree? Are these kinds of things just propaganda? Do they serve any real benefits? Does anyone from Trent even go to med school??
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hey everyone, if you receive a Loran award, does it require you to move outside your province for uni?? Does that mean I should apply to universities outside of my province just in case?
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Transfer from Western Medical Sciences to McGill Life Sciences
Hello everyone! I'm currently enrolled in Western Med Sci. I put a lot of time and thought into picking my university, and, after being rejected from McMaster Health Sci, I figured Med Sci was probably the next best program for an aspiring pre-med. I never even applied to Life Sciences, mainly because I felt Montreal was too far from my home in Toronto, and because of price and unfamiliarity with the city. However, after spending a couple weeks in Western, while I do like most of my classes and have been putting in the work, I feel like I can't do my very best or step out of my comfort zone here for four years. I want to transfer out, and I'm applying to McMaster (mainly because Health Sci is obviously very appealing to me) as well as McGill (because it seems like the next best change to my current situation), but my question is about the transfer process at McGill. All my courses are equivalent to Life Sciences courses, but I hear it's still a nightmare to work through transferring there. Has anyone transferred? Or perhaps is familiar with the process? Has anyone also considered transferring out of a first year Science program, then done it/changed their mind? Any thoughts would be very helpful. Thank you!
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UBC vs McGill Medical School
I've heard great things about both schools but would like some input from people who have gone through this dilema before. Are there any benefits of choosing one over the other in terms of class size, university/program funding, equipment, campus life, reputation, etc.

Thanks, Victor
Western Med Sci Minimum Grade Requirement
I am interested in applying to Med Sci this coming year. As I was checking Western's website, I came across this: "Students applying to Western from a Canadian secondary school outside of Ontario must obtain a minimum 80% average, as calculated by Western, and have the pre-requisites for Medical Sciences to be considered for admission to first year on the basis of a Grade 12 Diploma."  


I thought it asked for low 90s... Has it always been like this or has the entrance standard dropped?

I really hope it is a typo.
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UWO Med Sci Admission
Am I right in saying that if one has a 93+ average (with all the pre-requisite courses) then he/she is 100% guaranteed entrance to UWO Med Sci, considering UWO only considers marks but not anything else?
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Biology 12 Average
Hey guys,

I recently finished Biology 12 and got a final mark of 92. I'm a bit worried because I'm going to apply for Science so 92 might not be competitive enough. What do you guys think? I have heard that it is hard to get high 90s in Bio 12 though. Would you guys recommend retaking it during the summer? 

Thank you!
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Western Med Sci vs. McMaster Life Sci
Which program is better in terms of getting a better GPA, research opportunities and mainly going to med school? I know Mac Health sci is super competitive so I am trying to choose between these 2 programs.
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Med Sci vs Health Sci
Hey guys

I want to apply to both Western Med Sci and McMaster Health Sci, but I was wondering in which of the two programs is an undergrad more likely to get a higher GPA? I know both are very stressful and competitive programs, but what are the major differences between the two regarding how well students normally do academically?

Also, since my end goal is Med School, would you recommend that I apply to a Health Sciences program at a smaller university like UoAlberta or something? I heard that in those universities, you have a better chance at getting a higher GPA. Is this a myth?? If anyone has any advice, please share it with me. Thank you so much
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Health Science/ Life Science Hopefuls
Those of you going into grade 12 this September and want to go into life/health sciences,  which universities are you going to apply to and why? what's your career goal? 
I'd love to hear your responses!

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