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Why is nursing so competitive nowadays?
When my mom went through to become an RN (1989) , she only had to do 3 years at a college, and was granted acceptance to all of the schools she applied to even after failing math and nearly failing chem lol. Today, it seems as though you have to have the smarts that would have been needed only from a medical student back then! What has caused for such a discrepancy!?
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University of Guelph Admissions
Does anybody know if Guelph counts your pre requisites in the top 6 average? Or do they just take your overall top 6 U or M courses? I am applying to biomed and HK
What program/degree is most practical in the healthcare field?
Hi everyone, 

I'm in the process of trying to pick a program that will lead me to a degree that will benefit me and my potential career goals in the future. 

I know that I want to work in the healthcare field, and as of right now, my ultimate goal is to get a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy to become an Occupational Therapist. But in the case where that's something I don't want to end up doing during my years in undergrad, what program will be most practical for me to get a direct job after graduation? 

I'm interested in rehabilitation and directly helping people improve their lives. I like science, but I find social science to be more interesting and applicable. I've been looking into programs like Kinesiology and Health Sciences/Studies, but not sure if that's something practical to do. I would like to work in a hospital environment and was considering other careers like Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Social Worker, Physiotherapists, Life Coach, Guidance Counselor etc. 

I want to get into a program and get a degree that will be useful if I pursue a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy, but will also allow more job opportunities in the health care field with the degree alone.  

Thanks in advance for the advice and the info! I appreciate it! 
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Brock University Public Health Coop
Hey everyone! I'm in my first year undergrad at BrockU for Public Health Coop. I was like you guys on yconic last year trying to get answers to questions about programs, so I thought I could help out as much as I can with those who are interested in my program or related. Study hard and diligently, as this is a very important year for you! Ask away!

Note: A piece of advice for anyone interested in my program, although data management is not recommended I highly recommend that you take that math course as it will help with first year stats which you have to take.
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Ask a first year Mohawk-McMaster nursing student
Hey guys, I know what it was like to be in twelfth grade and not have any information on what the MoMac program was about, so if anybody has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. For some really odd reason, there seems to be no information at all about this program, so I came in not knowing what to expect; that being said, I'm happy where I am and I am happy I chose this school. I'm in first year and I'm living off campus, about an 8 minute walk from school. I can also probably answer most questions about the McMaster site because both programs are extremely similar. 

Common questions I had last year:
MoMac students have to take 3 Mohawk electives and 3 McMaster electives. Will the Mohawk electives take place on the Mohawk campus?
Nah, ALL courses in the program, including Mohawk electives, take place on the McMaster campus. These courses will take place in the Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) building on the McMaster campus. 

What's the difference between MoMac and McMaster?
Honestly, there's not much of a difference. The average acceptance for MoMac was a couple of percentages lower, but the programs are almost identical. You'll have some of the same classes with Mac students, although not all, but you'll definitely learn the same information and take the same tests. You also have to take 3 Mohawk electives and 3 McMaster electives, instead of the usual 6 electives a Mac student would take - but in my opinion, this is better because the COLLAB courses are easier and ONLY reserved for MoMac students. Also, keep in mind that you're not allowed to live in residence.

Are you treated differently?
For the most part, no. You learn the same stuff, and people know that. Regardless, there are always going to be people that look down on you because you're in the "easier" stream. But it's not hard for both program sites to get along together, and people from both programs are amazing and wonderful. 

What is the program like?
The program is amazing so far. The profs are extremely nice, and the classes are, for the most part, interesting. If you have any specific questions on this, feel free to ask. 

Do MoMac and McMaster students have any classes together? 
In first year, both sites have Anatomy and Physiology together (they have it with the upper year Engineering students, second year Health Science students, and first year Midwifery students) in the same lectures with the same profs. Other than that, they are mostly in different classes. 

What average do you need to go into the program?
My entering average to the Mohawk-McMaster program was an 89%. That being said, I have friends who entered with around an 85%. I guess it's not a very consistent acceptance thing. For the McMaster site, the end-of-year cutoff was at a 91.5%. I hear they're introducing a new CASPER test this year so your average doesn't need to be as high, but you need to do well on the test. I don't know much about this, so I probably can't answers questions about the test. 

How hard is the program?
For me, personally, the program isn't that hard. I've been slacking a lot this semester, focusing on having fun and experiencing the new University life and life away from home kind of thing (hence I'm doing this... don't want to study for exams). I've done the bare minimum work possible and I'm still achieving fairly high grades -- I haven't seen much of a drop from my average in high school. That being said, it's all personal, and it's how well you can adapt to the new environment. Some people are really struggling, so it's all up to the individual. The important thing is to be realistic about your abilities, because I know high school is known for inflating grades. Anatomy and Physiology (HTH SCI 1H06) is brutal, and it's definitely hard; there's a lot to memorize and understand, and you're competing with a lot of smart individuals. I found Psychology and the other courses a lot easier if you have good time management. Overall, I don't find the program too hard at all; this may change later, haha.

Things to know:
You get both a Mohawk and McMaster student ID so it's like having dual citizenship. You can join clubs and memberships from BOTH schools, so you technically get the best of both worlds. That being said, I've never once stepped onto the Mohawk campus because it's not necessary and it's quite far from Mac. 

You pay your tuition to Mohawk and they handle all your financial details, but you feel more like a McMaster student. 

You get just as much opportunities as McMaster students to participate in student life and to be a part of MUNSS (McMaster University Nursing Students' Society). 

The atmosphere of McMaster is absolutely fantastic. So many people are passionate and if you take the time to be involved, it will be the most amazing experience ever.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!! 
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Lakehead Nursing 2016!
Hey everyone! I was just wondering how many people have been admitted into Lakehead Nursing. It seems like there are maybe 1 or 2 people, but I know there are more!! Might go there next year, and wanted to know some potential classmates :)
Nursing Programs 2016
Hi there! 
I am currently in grade 12 and as the deadline to accept an offer is quickly approaching, I was hoping for some help in making a decision about which program to accept. 
I currently have a 95% average for my top 6 12U courses and I've been offered admission to nursing at Ryerson (Main site), Trent, Western, Queens, and McMaster. 
So some questions I have for anyone in these programs currently or future nursing students that are capable of answering: 
1. What University did you pick/are you picking and why?
2. How is the course load, profs, support system, placements, etc (current students)?
3. How are the campuses/res life?
Any pros/cons or insight at all would be helpful. 
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Brock U: Public Heath Program + More!
Hey guys,

I received my acceptance at Brock U for Co-op Public Health and I was wondering if anyone had any reviews on the program. As well as residence and meal plans. I most likely will choose Brock U btw.

Also, if you got accepted, give a shoutout to your program!
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UWaterloo Health Studies Co-op program
I've been accepted to the Bsc Health Studies Co-op program at University of Waterloo..I plan on pursuing med school after my bachelors and I just wanted to know how the program is and if its a good choice?
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Queen's University Class of 2020 Acceptances
I know it's super early...but may as well. Comment here when you get into Queen's, and let us know what program you got into and the average you had when applying!
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IB and University
Just wanted to create a thread for IB students around Canada, for their top listed universities and programs, along with whether they have submitted their applications yet. 

If any IB student has already received a conditional offer based off their predicted grades, they can post here as well. 

Finally, for any former IB students: how is the university workload in comparison to the IB program (specifically the Full IB Diploma, not "partial")? 

Would you say IB was, in hindsight, worth it or not? Did IB prepare you well for university? 
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U of T Life Sciences Application
I am a student applying to U of T Life Sciences for Fall 2016, outside of Ontario. 

I've already uploaded my high school transcript, and my application has been received.

For anyone else applying or those who are already U of T students, is a supplementary application, like essays or volunteering, required as well? Waterloo asked for an AIF, and I am uncertain whether U of T is similar in that regard. 
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Marks For RPN??
Hello! I am currently in my last semester of grade 12. I have taken University level courses all through out high school but, i plan on going to college for Nursing. Last semester i had an 85% average in all U level courses and i had an 82% average my grade 11 year. I applied to durham, george brown, centennial, seneca and humber (durham is my school of choice) but i still haven't heard anything back. I know that RPN is a highly competitive program so i was wondering if you think i will get in? Also if you know anything about this program (from any of the above colleges) or have taken it yourself i would love to her anything you have to say about it! thanks!
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Mac Health Sci, Mac Life sci, or Laurier Heath Sci
I want to go to med school after my undergrad, so people have told me to go to a smaller uni so that I can get to know my profs to so research with them, get a high GPA for med school, and have a bigger impact since it is a small uni. Laurier offer coop for health sci students, have jobs on campus and lots of research opportunities. But for some reason, people like mac health sci although there isn't much research and no coop? your thoughts? Thanks!
grade 11 sucked but managed to get 85 in mid terms. is there a chance that I can get an early acceptance?
so I was expecting 90 in finals but in my pre boards I got 85% but I have finals in March and I will get the result in may end. I'm not satisfied with my current score. I wanted to apply for UBC Mcgill and other premium universities, education system here in India is really messed up and very difficult. :( and my grade 11 result wasn't that good.
Grade 12 Course Selection
So, it's time for me to pick my courses for grade 12. The programs I'd like to go into the most would probably be Health Sci or Nursing @ Mac and maybe Med Sci @ Western or some other health/medicine related program- I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm currently taking advanced functions so I'll already have one grade 12 math done. Here's my schedule so far:

ENG4UAP (english)
SCH4U (chem)
SBI4UAP (bio)
MCV4U (calc)
LVLCU (latin)
PSK4U (kinesiology)
MDM4U (data)

I'm not sure whether or not I should take calculus because I know it's required for Western Med Sci but I'm also not sure if I'll be applying to that. What is the course's difficulty like? Also, I'm not sure whether taking the AP courses would be worth it or not i comparison to the regular 4U course. Thoughts? I'm going to keep latin for sure because I know it's an easy course and it can bring my average up. Also, I'm not sure whether or not to take kinesiology; I figured it would give me a better understanding of the human body and would be helpful to me in post-secondary and it might also bring up my average as well if it proves to be easy enough. 

Thank you in advance for any answers! All are appreciated! 

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Grade 12 Biology in Summer School
I plan on going into health science/life science for university then go into pharmacy.

I'd like to be less stressed next year when applying for university because I know Biology is known to be quite difficult.

How difficult is the content in comparison to at school? Should I take chemistry 12 instead? Should I even take biology?

I'm still in the process of taking bio 11 right now; I don't have any marks for reference but grade 10 science I had an average of 92 and a 91 in chem.
Should I expect similar marks in biology 12 in summer school as how I do in grade 11?

I won't be doing any extracurriculars/taking a trip anywhere over the course of the month.

Also, what sort of marks should I be looking at to get into a program that offers high GPAs when applying for school of pharmacy? 
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Western Health sciences
What is the average for health sciences at Western University? And is it a good program that will lead to job opportunities?
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Health sciences
I was just wondering if anyone knows how much the cutt off average would be for Lauriers health science program, I know last year it was 80%. And also For example if it was 80% last year and let's say you had an 78% overall average and filled out the abs form would they consider your application or would it not matter? Thank you!