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Laurier for Communications
Laurier university is my dream school, I applied to their communications program but my average currently is a 79%, I'm really afraid I won't get in. Their cut off range in 2017 was 73%. Do you guys know anyone in the program and if so, what was their average?
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Canadian Universities- Do they look at you language 11 mark?
I was wondering if Canadian universities care what grade you got in your language 11 class. In french 11 I scored 20% below my average because I took it online and put no effort into it. Do they care about the grade or will they just check that I completed it? I know they check your grade 11 marks for early admission but that's only if you haven't completed the grade 12 equivalent course. The main universities I'm concerned about are UBC, SFU, and Queen's. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Dental School
So i have attended the OUF this year as im currently in grade 12 and heading to uni next year. i went to the U of T presentation that was talking mainly about graduate studies. It talked about dentistry and how they dont care what undergrad program i take as long as i get a VERY high GPA and pass the DAT. This made me wonder, would it be better to go to a university that is less competitive to get a higher GPA? should I choose easier programs to get the high GPA? during the presentation, they also mentioned that most people who get into dental school have a GPA of 3.9 or higher. 3.9 is a VERY high GPA. 

Im just looking for opinions and recomendations from peraonal experience cuz im struggling to make up my mind and decide because at the same time, there is a chance of me not getting into dental school and so i need a plan B. 
First year University
I was just wondering, for those who had high 90 averages in highschool, how was you experience during ur first year of uni? 

if you're in a science related program, health science program of mcmaster, or in any other science program in an onatrio university, how competitive is your program? how difficult is it compared to your highschool experience (i know it depends on the person but i just want to hear people's opinions).and any advice for uni in general would be appreciated! THANKS!!
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Can I bump my grades up?
Hi, im currentley in grade 11. Just to begin with if you are here to brag about how "stupid" or "dumb" I am, just click off this please. I'm here trying to be honest and translucent about my high school career, so please respect that and put that in mind. I'd say im pretty smart, but it really depends on what kind of teachers I have, since they matter the most for my education. All the courses I am taking are university courses. 
rn I have chemistry grade 11, english grade 11 and math (grade 10, but still academic, since I was behind.) Not going to say my exact marks but they are mid 70s now (All of them). From other's experience, or more specifically the people who were once in my situation (guessing not a lot) do u think I can still manage to get 80s? I am aiming for early acceptance. Program that im trying to get into is software engineering, since I have grown up with a computer one and have some experience with computer languages and such. Also, any idea what kind of "extracurricular" activities I can get into that are related to the program? Again, please if you have an advice post it, if not don't waste my time and yours. Thanks for reading this and I hope it wasn't so long...
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Thinking, communication and application on assignments
How Do I score 100 in these 3 assessments? The definitions on the rubric are very vague (e.g through, high degree etc.)
Biology 12 Average
Hey guys,

I recently finished Biology 12 and got a final mark of 92. I'm a bit worried because I'm going to apply for Science so 92 might not be competitive enough. What do you guys think? I have heard that it is hard to get high 90s in Bio 12 though. Would you guys recommend retaking it during the summer? 

Thank you!
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What are the best combination of Grade 12 courses?
I have to do 5 courses which are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Functions and Calculus.
I can choose 3 courses per semester, so which courses are the best combination?
Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Functions or Biology Chemistry and Physics or Advanced Functions, Physics and Calculus? Or what else?
Planning Gr.12 schedule
I'm a grade 11 student in BC and I'm trying to plan what subjects I'm going to be taking next year when I'm in gr 12.

Right now I have:
Semester 1: Law 12, psychology 11, socials 11, pre-cal honours 11
Semester 2: English 11, french 11, photography 11, physics 11

Next year in Gr 12 I'm planning to take:
Eng 12, Precal 12, Chem 12, Bio 12, AP Calc, plus 1-2 other easy courses and spares

Do you think my gr 12 year is going to be hard if I take all of these courses? Because I'm wondering if I would have enough time for university application stuff I have too much workload in gr.12 year. Is it better to take some of those in Gr.11 year so I have more room and flexibility in Gr 12 year? If so, I can take french online and take one other Gr. 12 course next semester in gr.11. I'm thinking of taking pre-cal 12 or bio 12.

Please recommend the best option for me!!

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Pre-cal 12 vs biology 12 - help!!
I'm a grade 11 student in BC and I have some questions about what Gr.12 courses are the easiest to take in Gr.11. I already took chem 11 in gr.10 first semester (had 92%) so I have some extra room to take a grade 12 course.  
I'm thinking of studying biochemistry/biology/or chemistry in university.  

The current schedule I have right now are:  
1 semester - Socials 11, Law 12, Pre-cal 11, psychology 11.  
2 semester - Physics 11, English 11, French 11, Photography 11  

I want to take french online and take either precal 12 or biology 12 instead in the second semester. This way I only need to take Chem 12, eng 12, AP cal plus precal 12 or biology 12 in grade 12, depending on what I take in Gr.11.
I want to know how hard and time consuming the courses are because I'm pretty busy with extracurricular activities.  

So my questions are
: 1. Do you recommend taking precal 12 or bio 12 in grade 11? Or is it better to take it in Gr.12?  
2. Which subject is harder (in terms of understanding the material)? Precal 12 or Bio 12?  
3. Which subject is more time consuming?  
4. Do you recommend taking bio 11 prior to taking bio 12? (it isn't required in BC)  
5. Is pre cal 12 harder than pre cal 12?  

Please share your opinions!!
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In Grade 12, is it better to study SCH4U (Chemistry) and SPH4U (Physics) together or SBI4U (Biology) and Physics together or Biology and Chemistry together? I have taken Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Functions right now and planning to do Biology and Ca
In Grade 12, is it better to study SCH4U (Chemistry) and SPH4U (Physics) together or SBI4U (Biology) and Physics together or Biology and Chemistry together? I have taken Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Functions right now and planning to do Biology and Calculus next semester.
MHF4U Advanced Functions
Hello, I'm going into grade 11(starting school tomorrow) and I'm taking grade 12 Advanced functions this year, since I completed MHF3U in grade 10. How big of a jump is it from grade 11 math to grade 12 math? I reviewed most of the units over the summer, but I'm not sure what to expect. Most people I've talked to said it wasn't very hard, but I would like to receive more opinions. 

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one course in private school?
Hi, I got my timetable for grade 12 and I have the hardest marking ever Physics teacher for grade 12. I will try to change it but if I can't is going to private school for one course the better option? what are your suggestions?
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Grade 11 Schedule
What would be a good balanced schedule with these grade 11 university courses?
World Religions
Also, do you have any tips, tricks, or advice for grade 11? Whatever it may be, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Grade 12
Hi. In Ontario grade 12 curriculum how many courses on average would a university bound student take? Thank you.
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Okay. Last minute I decided to drop bio. I used to dream of becoming a doctor but now that I actually research more and more of it, I don’t think I’m a good fit for that career. I like math and working with numbers more in general. Business is also interesting to me. I’m going to take physics instead because chem and physics are needed for the eng fields which I may want to go into. My question is which option sounds more ideal?
Sem 1: physics 
Sem 2: chem and functions
Sem 1: physics and chem
Sem 2: functions
I’m good at both math and chemistry and I NEED to have physics in first semester. Which option would you pick?
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Uni only consider TOP 6 subjects ?
Can universities see all my mark history of grade 12 ? Or do I have the option of turning in only my top 6 averages?
For Example: I have a 90+ average in 6 courses, however in physics I have a 65. Will that affect my chances of getting into the program?. ( Physics is recommended and not required in that specific program )
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Is it possible to learn calculus 2 during the summer
I have a textbook by morris kline and I am currently doing the tangent lines and stuff... Pretty easy so far...(Cant wait for integrals!!!!!). His books made me understand more on why you would apply restrictions and, and how it would look like on a graph Overall, Great read.
How do you know if you are fit for something?
I will be finishing this summer class with a possible 87. I always wanted to be a university professor for math even tho during the semester I got a 43%(retook it) and Got an 86.1. The reason why I got this grade is because I slacked off I took a college class then transfer to U thinking that it would not be hard at all.. My dumb ass fault. Anyways, I would like to know from the info I provided If I even stand a chance.

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Grade 12 Transferee and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
Hi! I am an incoming Grade 12 student and will transfer at All Saints CSS in Whitby. I have a question pertaining to the OSSLT, do I still need to take it? Also, are there anyone who also transferred prior to their senior year? I am from another province and I am nervous about Ontario's curriculum, is it hard?
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Grade 12
Any advice, lessons, tips, or anything that would be useful to help me next year? 

my current average in grade 11 is 93% (I was aiming for higher :( ) I'm very stressed about next year because I am taking all the tough courses. My schedule for next year is; 

 -Semester 1: Bio, chem, advanced functions, English 
 -Semester 2: physics, calculus, business, and social justice. 

 On top of that, I will also be a part of student council as I will be a grade 12 rep. I am also a school senate and a prefect (which is another school leadership/representative thing).

I need some tips and advice on how to maintain a high average and being able to succeed as I am aiming to become a dentist in the future!

(you might've seen this on another thread, but people seemed to turn it into a "you can't read" and "go do some research" thread instead of giving some real advice.. so here I am trying again! I rlly need some good tips.
How many hours spend on studying
For those who were in grade 12, or going to grade 12 and have 80+%. How many hours did you spend on AVERAGE on homework+ studying each day. Is losing some sleep at night to do extra studying worth it ?
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Should I do an extra year in high school or should I go to university after grade 12?
My first semester of grade 12 was bad because of family problems and I was going through depression for a while; due to that my marks were very low in the first semester. 

Data Management-73%
[Physics-34%](Which I dropped afterwards so it technically doesn't count)

But my second semester, my grandparents helped me overcome that depression, and I did very good in all my courses.

International Business-92%
Advanced Functions-92%
Computer Science-85%
Calculus and Vectors-87%

But due to my first semester being so bad I only got accepted to one program and that was my last choice out of the 7 programs I applied to. The program is at lakehead university orillia campus; environmental sustainability (coop)
My parents are very strict and closed minded though, and they said only stupid people go back to high school for an extra year. They even told me I'm a failure and they said they don't care what I do anymore because I'm a failure in their eyes. I'm not going to let their words get to me, as I still have to make grandparents proud, they're the ones who helped me through my depression.

I don't know if I should do an extra year at high school to retake English and other courses for a higher average, or if I should just go to lakehead orillia environmental sustainability (coop) 
Please help me make this decision.
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