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How hard is it to get into Waterloo FARM program and what are some programs similar to it?
First Semester  
Computer Science: 89  
Advanced Functions: 88  
Religion: 85  

Second Semester  
Calculus: ~  
Accounting: ~  
Financial Security: ~
English : ~  

I don't have the best grades in the world and it's quite bad to be honest. None of my courses that I'm currently taking are in the 90s. Is it extremely hard to get into Waterloo's FARM program? What are some programs similar to what FARM program is offering for trash like me?
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Guys can I get accepted with these marks?
Am trying to get into waterloo computer engineering, (its my first choice) my parents want me to get in and I dont want to let them down, my marks go as follows:

ENG4U: 50 (it was a hard course but my teacher passed me so I got the credit, it doesn't matter for computer science i was told, only since/math)
SPH4U: 62
SBI4U: 68
SCH4U: 61
MHF4U: 55
MCV4U: 67 (67 the second time, I failed this course the first time but I improved)
TEJ4M (comp eng course): 74
Music: 70

I have extracurriculars such as participating in online gaming shows, dont know if that matters.
I think am pretty good at computer engineering (i got a good mark on it), can I get accepted to waterloo? I was thinking of signing up for university of toronto but its been my parents dream for me to attend waterloo since its got a good reputation.

Thanks in advance.
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Are my marks good enough for Waterloo, UofT, McMaster??
Are my marks good enough for Waterloo, Queens, UofT, McMaster, Queens?
I'm interested in Computer Science and Software Engineering programs.

ENG4U (English) - 90%
SPH4U (Physics) - 95%
MHF4U (Advanced Functions) - 76% (I know its low, but I am going to try to bring it to an 80)

Next Semester Courses:
MDM4U (Data Management)
MCV4U (Calculus & Vectors)
ICS4U (Computer Science)
SCH4U (Chemistry) - Repeating @ Night School
HHS4U (Families in Canada) - I heard its an easy course, however I might change it to another course.

- App Development Club at my school.
- Volunteer for Mayoral Campaign.
- Web Development Internship.
- Created a few Websites for Businesses
- Part Time Job
- Going to Participate in Waterloo's Euclid & Computing Contests.
- Currently Developing an App.

Also, instead of taking HHS4U should I repeat Advanced Functions?

Should I take bird courses?
I want to get into UTSG computer science. I have a 91 average right now. For next semester, should I drop physics/chemistry and take easier courses to boost my mark? Do they take into account that physics and chem are harder courses than let's say data or philosophy?

Thanks in advance.
Will a low grade 12 english mark hurt my chances of getting accepted to University of Ottawa comp sci?

I didn't do well in grade 12 english and got a 66. I want to apply for computer science and they require a minimum average of 70% in MCV4U and MHF4U, here are my marks so far:  

ENG4U: 66%  
FSF4U (gr 12 french): 65%  
SPH4U (physics): 75%  
MCV4U: 90%  
MHF4U: 87%  
ICS4U (comp sci): 92%  

My average for all my courses is 79%, and my average for my 3 prerequisites (advanced func, calculus and english) is 81%. I meet the requirments, but I've been told that they wont accept any marks below 70% (ive got 60s in french and english), so what are my chances of getting accepted to uottawa comp sci?  

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Waterloo Computer Science Applicants 2019
Hi everyone,

Just like the previous threads on Waterloo CS applicants I'd like to see what the competition for the CS program is this year and the chances of me getting in.

I am currently in Grade 12. My average in grade 11 was 94% with very little EC's (science club, tennis and badminton). 

Marks from grade 11
Functions - 98%
Physics - 95%
Chemistry - 92%
English - 91%
Food and Culture - 94%
Computer Science - 95%

I expect a 96% avg this year and am going to be participating in more EC's such as robotics, programming club, badminton, tennis, chess club (co-founder), and soccer if i make the team. Is this enough to make it in? And I took the 12U foods course, will it affect me negatively due to it not being a science course?

Also please share your avg's and EC's!
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Computer Science Waterloo 2019 Applicants
First semester midterms are upon us, we all now know where we can go for post-secondary. I want to focus this thread on students applying to Computer Science at Waterloo starting in September 2019. Start by posting your grade 12 marks (earned/projected) and all extra curricular you are involved in, in-school our out-school. Good luck!

My grade 12 marks (projected): 
1. 93% English (Projected)
2. 95% Adv. Fns (Projected) > 87% at midterms - I know, it's terrible :( 
3. 99% Calc. & Vectors (Projected) 
4. 100% Computer Science (Projected) 
5. 99% Accounting Mixed (Projected) > 97% at midterms 
6. 98% Communication Technology Mixed > 98% at Midterms 

Other courses:
1. Families in Canada, 90% at midterms, trying my best to get a 95%+  

1. Student Council Executive Minister of Finance, Records and Relations 
2. DECA Vice President of Communications 
3. Lead Designer of Annual Yearbook (and President of Yearbook Committee) 
4. Business Specialist High Skills Major Student 
5. Robotics Club 
6. Grade 9 and 10 Math Tutor 
7. Math/Chess Club 
8. Eco Club 

1. McDonald's Part-Time Job - 8 months 
2. Online Graphic Design business - 2 years. (avg. $2,000 sales per month, send receipts, and file all sales, everything on my own) 
3. Basketball Coach (Local City Recreation Centre) 
4. 3 month experience (to-date) in Python (working on small projects/games to demo) 
5. Learning other programming languages on the side. 

Overall, I spend on average 30 hours a week on extra curricular while being a full time student and still maintaining a 95%+ average. I developed a huge passion for computer science last semester while taking the course (ICS3U)  and further researched but careers and I just got locked-in. I honestly don’t think I will get in because I’m taking English in private school, however, the school is Ministry inspected (i don’t think they care about that, private school is private school)
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cs/software eng universities
I have Waterloo, UofT and uOttawa as my top three, does anyone have any input on any other good schools for cs/softEng or even ECE other than the three I listed? Co-op available to the program would be preferred.
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Is anyone else applying to Carleton's comp sci program?
I just applied to the Carleton's Computer Science program and I was wondering if anyone else is applying to this program.

My grade 11 average was 85 and I'm estimating my grade 12 average to be around 83. It's quite close to the cutoff so I was wondering if anyone else have gotten in with these marks.

Some answers I'm looking for are:
-What was your Grade 11 average?
-Approximately what do you think your Grade 12 average will be?
-Did you apply for Co-op?
-Did you apply for the Honours program?

I applied for the honours computer science program specializing in software engineering.
If someone is currently in this program or a program similar to it, I would also love to hear about it.

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Computer Programming Courses
Hello there. I had an urgent question I wanted to ask. I am currently in grade 10 at my local high school. I am looking to go into a computer science/software engineering field. My school offers both computer science and computer engineering courses, both of which I was looking to get in my Grade 10 year to increase my knowledge of computer engineering with these elective courses. However, due to a timetable clash with my required courses and inadequate spots, I wasn't able to get any of those two courses. My question is that if the same happens in Grade 11 (the timetable clash), after which I will not be able to take the Grade 12 courses in these fields,  my chances of being accepted at University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, Ottawa University, or McMaster University decrease? If so, then what should I do to increase my chances of being accepted into these universities?

Furthermore, I was looking for alternatives to the computer science and computer engineering courses. I looked into several different institutions such as Udemy as well as self-teaching myself some programming languages to strengthen myself for acceptance into the university. Some courses I looked into were:


Which course should I start with? I also searched up some books online too, which I have listed below:

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner (by Michael Dawson) -https://www.amazon.ca/Python-Programming-Absolute-Beginner-Third/dp/1435455002

Prelude to Programming: Concepts and Design (by Stewart Venit and Elizabeth Drake) - https://www.amazon.ca/Prelude-Programming-Concepts-Design/dp/1292042575/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1537076863&sr=1-1&keywords=Prelude+to+Programming%3A+Concepts+and+Design

Kindly guide me which course or book I should start with for this year. Are there any other options available for me to compensate for the loss of these courses? Thank You in advance! Please reply asap.
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Should I drop chem if I want to go to waterloo for CS?
As I was talking to my guidance councillor about universities, she checked Queens, UofT and waterloo and they all said that the only prerequisites were english, Advanced functions, and Calc for some of them. Then she told me that since I have chem, physics and calc next semester, I could end up dropping either of the sciences since they are not prerequisites. My question is: do places like waterloo care if I have more sciences? Will I have a higher chance of being accepted if keep chem? (I will still be able to achieve a high mark in the class, but dropping it would reduce a lot of stress and give me more time to study for my other classes)
About summer school
I want to go to UBC, UT, or UW for computer science or something like that.
Unfortunately, my grade 11 mark is pretty not good. 
So, I want to retake the course at summer school!

Do I have disadvantages without money or time?
Is it really helpful and can I get more score if I do well?

Also, could you rank the universities in computer science or software engineering between UT, UBC, UW? 

planning on going into CS - do i need sciences? if so, how much???
I'm currently in grade 11 but want to take 2 spares next year, so I'm fast tracking. Last year I fast tracked 11 bio and functions, this semester I have 12 functions. I want to fast track something next semester too; I currently have 12 bio for next semester but am planning to switch into 12 pop culture (U level course, average booster) instead. my plans for next year courses are:

-Data Management
-Computer Science
-One science

I want to go into comp sci so I figured I don't really need science (I know physics can be useful but it's not really helpful on paper), but people keep telling me I shouldn't back myself into a corner in case I decide to change my mind. 

Should I take more than one science? Does it really matter that much? Which science(s) should I take? (Keep in mind one of the reasons I don't wanna take too much science is bcus im already taking a lot of math and i dont want my workload to be super heavy; wanna keep those freebie courses)
UTSG Computer Science/Waterloo Software Engineering Admission
I am a Grade 12 Student at a relatively large public school in Ottawa, and I am wondering about my chances of admission to UTSG CS and Waterloo SE/CS. My stats are as follows:

Grade 11 (Top 6):
Chemistry 3U: 94
Anthropology 3U: 98
Computer Science 3U: 96
Math 3U: 90
French 3U: 90
English 3U: 93

Grade 12:
Advanced Functions 4U: 99
World Issues 4U: 99
Human Growth 4M: 99
Calculus and Vectors 4U: 96 (Projected) 
English 4U: 96 (Projected) 
Chemistry 4U: N/A
Physics 4U: N/A
Data Management 4U: N/A
Interdisciplinary Studies Artificial Intelligence 4U: N/A 

Queens Computing 2018 - Competitive Average and Conditional
For all queens students doing computing, i know it says on their website that you need an 83 but what is the competitive average. What did you get in with and what did u need to keep?
University Of calgary 2019 early admission
I currently in grade 12.
Chem 20 -82
Computer Science intermediate (5 Credits) - 94
math 20 ap - 96
physics 20 ap - 93
english 20 -73

Would i have a shot at software engineering or computer science at the University of Calgary? and would i get an early admission offer or not based on these marks?
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Will I get into uofa with a 80% Average?
I applied at the faculty of arts and sciences in psychology a week ago almost. the competitive admission average for arts stated low 70s to low 80s but I still did not get accepted into arts with early admission. My friends have already received their offers. Also, does the admission average go down after early admission, is there a chance I can still get into arts or sciences in psychology?
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Waterloo Mechatronics/Computer Science/Computer Egineering admission chances for 2019
Hello everyone I am going into grade 12 this coming September and I am very scared and nervous of my chances of getting into certain programs/universities that interest me. I am hugely interested in the mechatronics egineering program at University of Waterloo but I would also like to get into computer science or computer egineering program at Waterloo if I were not admitted for mechatronics. Could someone please tell me if I have weak/decent/strong extracurriculars and what would be a good enough average to get into one of the three programs I mentioned.

These are my expected or earned  marks for my courses
Advanced functions - 85%(earned and ik its horrible had a teacher not to my liking who really made it harder on us compared to other teachers)
Calculus and vectors -90% to 95% (expected)
Physics- 90% to 95%(expected)
Chemistry - 90% to 95%(expected)
Computer science - 98% to 100%(expected)
English- 90% to 95%;(expected)
Two spares for 2019 school year 

My extracurriculars 
-Volunteer at retirement home once a week  for three to four hours to help host or lead mental/physical activities for the elderly that determine if there physical or mental condition is staying the same, improving or getting worse.(almost two years)

- volunteer at a thrift store once a week for four hours where all proceeds and money earned goes to helping animals in need and the towns animal shelter(almost two years) 

- job at cineplex movie theatre 2-3 shifts a week with one shift being 8 or more hours(almost one year)

-member of my schools Ecocrew once a week for 1.5 hours (almost two years). We  Help educate students and school about environment while trying to introduce better ways to recycle or get rid of waste at school, organize fundraisers, events and contests and get new eco friendly equipment for school. I am the communications advisor and  make announcements for our school and in charge of the Twitter account (almost two years)

- member of my school chess team practises are once a week for one hour and we participate in various tournaments with other schools (almost two years)

- part of the math club/matheletes at my school  where we meet once a week for 1.5 hours trying to solve various difficult math problems while studying for various  Waterloo math contests like the Euclid and Canadian senior math contests. We also help tutor other kids who might be struggling with their classes. (almost three years)

- will be joining the prom crew for grade 12 which we plan/organize our schools prom also advertising the event and trying to sell tickets.  Will also be joining the av crew were we set up assembly’s for our school by organizing the seating plans, setting up equipment like projectors, sound tech, microphones and lighting. 

Other stuff: 
Will be writing the Canadian senior math contest, Euclid contest, the Canadian computing contest and will be preparing and hoping to get into atleast top 25% for each. Wrote the Fermat in grade 11 but didn’t do that well.

Ask me Anything: Ivey HBA Transfer 2018 from another university
Not going to say my university of transfer.
It's from an Ontario university but it's not Toronto or Waterloo.

I've been in your position before. I really just want to help students make better decisions towards their careers so that they can one day contribute more effectively in their communities. 

I'm the  OP for this post linked below. I really encourage that you take a read on that one too! 

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How good is Wilfrid Laurier Computer Science?
I live in Milton and I'm in grade 12. A Laurier University will open in Milton and they're planning on enrolling their first students in September 2019. I'm wondering how good Laurier’s Computer Science program is. It'd be great if I could get an answer back. Thank you!
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Comp Sci at Laurier and Western?
How is the comp science program at laurier and western? Anyone have experience with these school programs? I've heard western's program is slow, but how is laurier? are they worth applying to for comp sci
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Business Intelligence

Please, I am starting Business Intelligence - Data Analysis and Reporting at SAIT by January and would like to take advantage of available scholarships and bursaries.

Kindly provide assistance on how to go about it.


Computer Science at UTM
I was wondering what average I would possibly need to get into Computer science at UTM and Ryerson. UTM is Low to Mid 80s and Ryerson is 82-88. I have English, Advanced functions, Calculus, Computer Science, International Business and Physics. My projected mark is an 85-87 average, is this good enough? If theres anything youd like to share about this please do, any past averages that you have got into either programs or anything related.