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Queen's Engineering Acceptances 2019
Hey I thought I'd start a discussion for Queen's engineering acceptances this year.
Please post the following:
When you got accepted?
What was your admission average? 
What program? (General or direct entry to electrical and computing)
Anything else you want to add
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HI guys... So I am applying to these universities...:

Queens U Engineering
Western U Engineering
Ryerson U Chemical Engineering
UofT Mineral Engineering
McMaster Engineering

My Grade 11 final average is a 92.38%, and currently my midterm marks for Grade 12 are:

Advanced Functions: 98%
Health Science: 92%
Computer Technology Engineering: 95%
English: 83%

My questions are:

What are my chances of getting in to all of the Universities listed above? 

Is my English mark gonna drastically affect my chances of getting in (not really good at the subject so...)?

Is the McMaster supplementary application (video interview) hard? (really nervous for this)

When do they usually start to send out acceptances?

Thank you for your time! Please answer my questions if you can! :)
ENG4U in Summer?!
I know this might be a bit too early for this but I was wondering if universities would care if I did ENG4U in the summer. My friends keep telling me stuff like “they’ll decline your application” or “summer school is a bad choice!” I know that Waterloo is the only university that cares but would any other university care about summer school??  How about summer school in a private school?
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Ryerson Chemical Engineering co op placement
So I'm a chemical engineering student at Ryerson and I want to pursue a career in petroleum engineering post graduation. I was just wondering if anyone has information on how easy it is to get co op at a petroleum engineering firm if you're a Ryerson chemical engineering student looking for co op. Any info will help, thanks!
Will I get into uofa with a 80% Average?
I applied at the faculty of arts and sciences in psychology a week ago almost. the competitive admission average for arts stated low 70s to low 80s but I still did not get accepted into arts with early admission. My friends have already received their offers. Also, does the admission average go down after early admission, is there a chance I can still get into arts or sciences in psychology?
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Engineering job experience programs
Are there any major differences between the internship program at queens (quip), the one at Toronto (PEY) and the coops at Waterloo and Ottawa?
I plan on going into chemical engineering
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U of T Engineering Interviews
Hi everyone, 

I am a grade 12 student looking to apply for U of T's engineering (specifically chemical) program this year. I looked online and saw that a student profile has to be submitted and part of that is the video interview. I was wondering what kind of questions they ask and how much they weigh the interview. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 
Grade 12 Help !!
I have basically all sciences second semester of grade 12 and Im planning to go into engineering. If I have all sciences second semester and only have AF this semester, how will the universities accept? Will they use some grade 11 marks, I.e. Grade 11 Chem mark because grade 12 Chem is second semester 

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Engineering chemestry vs chemical engineering
does anyone know the difference between the two programs at queen's? I cant really find much on the website. Is one harder? are they both chemical engineering degrees?
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Chemical engineering in Canada
I'm looking to apply to chemical engineering this fall. It seems that a lot of universities in Canada offer this type of program so does anyone know the major (if any) differences between them.
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What marks are needed to be accepted to UofT Engineering?
I'm going into grade 12 this fall and I want to know what marks I have to achieve to be accepted into UofT Chemical, Mechanical, Computer or Civil Engineering?
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Ryerson Chemical Engineering Coop or McMaster Btech Automotive Engineering Technology
Got into both, currently have mac accepted. I have till July 6th to change my mind. What would you guys do and what are the pros and cons of each?
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Waterloo VS MIT
Hey, I'm currently in grade 11 and going into my last year of high school so I've naturally started to explore my university options. I know I want to be a chemical engineer in industry and not so much research but I was just wondering about the comparison and contrast between Waterloo and MIT seeing as there wasn't really anything I could find on it.

Could anybody tell me if it would even be worth to go for MIT? In terms of tuition costs, I don't live in Toronto so either way it would definitely cost quite a bit. Also, are there any other university options that are worth considering? 
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Program Pre-Requisites
Hi there, I am a grade 12 student graduating this year, however, over time my interests transitioned from business to engineering, and I now require 3 Prerequisite courses that I initially did not. In order to apply for engineering programs at Universities, I need to obtain the following courses:

-Physics 12 U
-Chemistry 12 U
-Calculus 12 U

Unfortunately, I did not take any sciences in grade 11 as I was "set" on working in business, however, that ideology has changed and I now face a new obstacle. 

I was wondering if there are any college courses/programs that will provide me with equivalent courses to the one's I listed above. If not, I may just have to take the courses online or at a local private school. Please, if anyone has anything to share, good or bad, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for listening 
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Engineering Programs
Hi, I am currently in grade 11, and I'm confused on which engineering program I should apply to. The three engineering programs that I find interesting are Chemical, Civil, and Nuclear Engineering, I am still confused because there is a lot of false and misguiding information out there.

My grade 11 average is a flat 90%, and I'm confident in myself that in grade 12 I can get a 92-94% average. The universities that I am interested in are Waterloo, UofT, Western, Queens, McMaster, and UOIT. 

Can someone please help me decide which engineering programs I should focus on depending on my interests which are math, chemistry, and physics, and also economic factors such as job outlook.
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Engineering vs Architecure
I was accepted to both Engineering and Architecture at waterloo and now i am confused as to what I should accept.

I applied to Chemical Engineering because it is something I've always had interest in. 

Architecture was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while and now that the offer has arrived i am lost.

Thoughts? What would you choose?
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UW medicinal chemistry or UO chemical engineering?
I got accepted by university of Waterloo-medicinal chemistry program and university of Ottawa-chemical engineering. I am interested in chemical engineering but I don’t know UO if it is a good engineering school. I am thinking about switching to engineering in UW for the first year. Should I give it a try or go to UO chemical engineering?
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Western Engineering Acceptances 2018
Hi there, I applied to Western Engineering and my grade 12 marks are as follows:
English 85% (final)
Advanced Functions 82% (final)
Physics 90% (final)
Chemistry 90% (final)
Data Management 93% (final)
Calculus 88% (Estimation, have not received midterms yet)
Biology 94% (Estimation, have not received midterms yet)
History 94% (Estimation, have not received midterms yet)
English, Advanced Functions, Physics, Chemistry and Calculus are all prerequisites, and assuming 94% in either Biology or History is my next highest mark for my 6th grade 12 course, (my top 6 including the prerequisites becomes an average of 88.17%)
Does anyone know the cut-off for engineering at UWO last year?
Will I be accepted? (I could not fill out the CONNECT profile for engineering because I applied after the deadline for this optional form). Will it hurt my chances?
If anyone has been accepted already, what was your average and break down of marks by course?
Thanks :)
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Waterloo Engineering 2018
My name is James, and I've been accepted into chemical engineering at Waterloo. I am currently trying to decide where to go, I've been accepted into Waterloo chemical eng, U of C general eng, and U of A general eng. I live in Calgary and am contemplating if Waterloo is worth the move. I am currently leaning towards Waterloo because of the coop which has an excellent reputation. However, I have some concerns regarding chemical engineering coop, and the economy, as well as Waterloo's reputation for being a lonely place. 

If I do go to Waterloo I would love to get to know some of my classmates and upper-year eng students for advice, and so when I get there I know at least a few people. I would also love some different perspectives regarding waterloo eng vs U of C eng, moving away from home, res life, tips, anything really. 

Thanks for any help in advance. 

How is McMaster Engineering I?
I've been admitted into McMaster engineering without my physics mark and I was initially ignoring this offer. I applied to both eng and lifsci but now the eng program seems more appealing to me. I really like the concepts of engineering but i SUCK at physics. I really don't know if i have a chance of survival with all the 95s around me in first year :CC but still I don't want to run from it because I can work harder and overcome it 

so I'm still debating, 8 days before clicking the button of fate

I'm doing horribly in physics and English with 86 and 85 respectively and those are the only 2 courses that drag down my average. My physics teacher is terrible he doesn't teach at all so I'm concerned about how much I actually am learning compared to other schools. I did terrible in adv with 92 but now i have a 97 in calc. I'm taking the AP program at school but i still want to know whether it is enough to survive first-year math, especially with my physic marks and all that.

Again, do I have a chance of surviving? Thoughts and insights appreciated!!

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